Zootopia: Humans Coming For Us is an upcoming CGI-animated comedy action/adventure, sequel of Zootopia and Zootopia 2: Savage Retuns, to be released 10 October 2022. The movie is by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The first Zootopia franchise's film with humans and a two protagonists.


In the month of Halloween, Nick and Judy discover news paper that's in Zootopia and they discover a bad news and say. Nick, Judy and his friends discover the most hero, Flackjack and his henchmens! But when Zootopia is destroyed for his clothes, food, etc..Nick and Judy must save Zootopia and stop humans from destroying it.



Zootopia: Humans Coming For Us/Transcript



  • Slogans based in poster:
    • 1st theme slogan - "Humans coming for Zootopia".
    • 2nd theme slogan - "Zootopia Heroes will have to stop all this Cruelty of Animals vs Humans".
    • 3rd theme slogan - "This is Zootopia Apokalypse".
  • The first Zootopia franchise´s film with humans.
  • This film is last Zootopia sequel.
  • Shaggy Molestone, Leopold Badger, Madge Honey Badger, Otterton Family, Rossie and Woodchuck Boy returns in this Zootopia film.
  • The 3nd feature film of Zootopia franchise.
  • This film is inspired in Epic Monkey Year, 2016
  • The first sci-fi episode from "Zootopia" franchise.
  • The first Zootopia franchise's film with a two protagonists.
  • Disney got sued by Cartoon Network because they used a character with the name "Uncle Grandpa", which is used in a Cartoon Network show, ''Uncle Grandpa''.
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