Zootopia 2 is a 3D animated action/adventure March 4 2021. The film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The film is directed by Byron Howard and Matt Groening.


Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps the European Rabbit

Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde the Red Fox

Idris Elba as Chief Bogo the Cape Buffalo

Nate Torrence as Benjamin Clawhauser the Cheetah

Jack Black as Joseph Brenner the Perentie Monitor

Steve Carell as Mark the Ostrich

John Malkovich as Rafe Lazarou the Komodo Dragon

Ben Stiller as Gustav the Nile Crocodile

John Goodman as Eric the Greater Flamingo

Wanda Sykes as Florence the Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Bruce Campbell as Frank the Great Horned Owl

Jerry Stiller as Adam the American Lobster

Jessie J as Cynthia Peafowl the Indian Peacock

Tom Kenny as Freddy Slithers Snakeson "Fancy Snake" the Albino Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Owen Wilson as Tom Peafowl the Indian Peacock

Paul Briggs as Hugo the American Crocodile

Hank Azaria as Willy the Saltwater Crocodile

Sofia Vergara as Jacob the Geoffroy's Spider Monkey

Martin Lawrence as Horace Hutan the Sumatran Orangutan

Hiroyuki Sanada as Kenta Macashi the Japanese Macaque

Clement Von Frankenstein as Professor Cass the Southern Cassowary

Patrick Warburton as Robert the Southern Cassowary

Will Ferrell as Oliver the Blue and Yellow Macaw

Wallace Shawn as Reggie the Emu

Bill Hader as Roy the Mallard Duck

Elijah Wood as Edward the Hoopoe

Patton Oswalt as Liz the Eastern Collared Lizard

Matt Stone as Arthur the American Bullfrog

Ian Holm as Kyle the Fire Salamander

Frank Oz as Murray the Eastern Newt

Jason Lee as Clearo Sharkson the Great White Shark

Danny Devito as Don Pengton the Southern Rockhopper Penguin

Seth Rogen as Dennis Penguinton the Emperor Penguin

Chris Rock as Pete the Adelie Penguin

Julia Roberts as Kelly Penguinton the Emperor Penguin

Nancy Cartwright as Kobe Penguinton the Emperor Penguin Chick

Matt Damon as Geoffrey the Green Iguana

Scott Menville as Casey Geckoson the Tokay Gecko

George Clooney as Sid Chickenson the Brown Leghorn Rooster

Maya Rudolph as Hannah Chickenson the White Leghorn Chicken

Pamela Hayden as Riley Chickenson the White Leghorn Chick

Cody Cameron as Albert the White-backed Vulture

Nicolas Cage as Professor Corvus the Common Raven

Robert De Niro as Bruce the Common Raven

Dave Foley as Jake the Common Raven

John Leguizamo as Harry Kiwison the North Island Brown Kiwi

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Helen Honeybadger the Honey Badger

Alec Baldwin as Joe Komodo the Komodo Dragon

Ron Funches as Jeremy Giraffeson the Reticulated Giraffe

Michael J. Fox as Hershel the Boreal Woodland Caribou

Bill Fagerbakke as Holden Hipposon the Nile Hippopotamus

Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Hopps Judy's mother

Don Lake as Stu Hopps Judy's father

Raymond S. Persi as Flash Slothmore the Brown-throated Sloth

Kristen Bell as Priscilla Tripletoe the Brown-throated Sloth

Octavia Spencer as Penelope Otterton the North American River Otter

Terry Crews as Emmitt Otterton the North American River Otter

Tommy Tiny Lister as Finnick the Fennec Fox

Tommy Chong as Yax the Domestic Yak

Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big the Arctic Shrew

Leah Latham the Fru Fru the Arctic Shrew

Brad Pitt as Koslov the Polar Bear

John DiMaggio as Jerry Jumbeax Jr. the African Bush Elephant

Jesse Corti as Renato Manchas the Black Jaguar

Shakira as Gazelle the Thomson's Gazelle

Alan Tudyk as Duke Weaselton the Least Weasel

Mark Rhino Smith as Officer McHorn the Black Rhinoceros

Peter Mansbridge as Peter Moosebridge the Alaskan Moose

Gita Reddy as Nangi the Indian Elephant

Josie Trinidad as Dharma the Nine-banded Armadillo

Josh Dallas as Rick the American Yorkshire Pig

Frank Welker as Officer Pancho the Tree Pangolin

Mandy Moore as Cassidy the Tabby Cat

Will Smith as Leon the Green Iguana

China Anne McClain as Lela the Snow Leopard

Cayetano D. Flores as Katona Danger Florcat the Black Cat

Tom Hanks as Dunston Orangutan the Bornean Orangutan

Tim Allen as Keegan Chimpson the Common Chimpanzee

Kevin Michael Richardson as Jack Gorillaton the Western Lowland Gorilla

Will Arnett as Chuckles the Wolverine

Tim Curry as Trottimus Walruston the Pacific Walrus

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