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Zippy is an American animated television series, being created by Brandon Greene and Kyla Greene. It is produced by Disney Television Animation and it premiered on Disney Channel on May 6, 2022. It is the longest-running Disney Channel show with 366 episodes.


In a world where humans and chibi-like people called "zip people" live together, the series centers on Zippy, a fun-loving, carefree mannered goofy, devil tailed flame zippling and his pals including: his dumb best friend Wet Willy, quiet and shy smart girl Ceela, and beautiful girly girl Jenny and their misadventures in Ziptown. Weather it's hanging with their friends including: outgoing, confident and talented singer Zoomie, his food fiend brother Jolly, and enthusiastic and outgoing little sister Pinky, and their human friends including: mild-mannered Billy and energetic and happy-go-lucky Frankie, eating at The Burger Shack at the mall owned by a cheapskate zip person Walter D. Red, irritating their sour neighbor and Burger Shack cashier, Tom, becoming superheroes, and getting into crazy shenanigans around Ziptown everywhere they go. The show features a subplot of Zippy's dog, Flambo and her baby sister, Jane who embark on various adventures outside of the comfort of their house when their family's away. The villains of the show are What's-It's-Face who is a psychopathic goofy criminal mastermind prankster with a warped, sadistic sense of humor and his henchmen which include: Russell, a black crow, Hazel, a female zip person mime, Von Papperorth, a fiendish mobster, and Freddy Bear, a big dimwitted teddy bear. There's also Dr. Whiskers, a one-eyed cat and his minions Baby Bert and Floppy, a radioactive bunny who are the archenemies of Flambo and Jane.


Main characters

  • Zippert "Zippy" Fireblade (voiced by Pamela Adlon) - a fun-loving, carefree mannered goofy, devil tailed flame zippling and the titular main protagonist. He has many talents. He can carry a tune, crack a joke, or hit a mean fastball. If there’s fun being had or an adventure afoot, he's probably at the center of it.
  • Wilbur "Wet Willy" Rivers (voiced by Dante Basco) - a pleasant, lazy, dim-witted, unmannerly, and naïve water zippling who is Zippy's best friend and the deuteragonist. He is rather unintelligent and can make poor decisions that get both him and his pals in trouble. Willy's attitude is usually relaxed and easygoing, but when someone is mean to him or any of his friends, he can get angry.
  • Ceela Davis (voiced by Laura Marano) - a blue smart girl zippling with severe stage fright and a quiet, shy personality and the tritagonist. She is a master tinkerer and scientist and can build anything from a domino maze to a fully functional airplane using only spare parts.
  • Jennifer "Jenny" Ross (voiced by Dove Cameron) - a green perky and energetic zippling who is Ceela's best friend and the tetartagonist. She is very into fashion and loves acting and singing and is very confident and enthusiastic when asked to do either of them.

Supporting characters


  • Zoomer "Zoomie" Tinker (voiced by Ross Lynch) - an outgoing, confident, and music talented trinagle tailed blue zippling. He can sing, dance, and play all sorts of instruments. Overnight, he becomes an internet sensation by playing in the band called The Zippers in a music video directed by his brother Jolly.
  • Jollity "Jolly" Tinker (voiced by Calum Worthy) - a food fiend purple zippling who is an aspiring director with an odd personality and an unusual fashion style. He is Zoomie's brother and his favorite food are burritos.
  • Pinkamena "Pinky" Tinker (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - She is an over-achieving and enthusiastic zippling and Zoomie and Jolly's little sister. She has a crush on Wet Willy and tends to do good things that may help people or be nice to them. Pinky is the only sibling with no tail.
  • Amber Newman (voiced by Tara Strong) - a southern belle zippling with feisty side and Pinky's best friend and 8th member of the group. She is handy with a harmonica and never backs down from a challenge. She may have appear to have a crush on Zoomie. She's got a quick wit, curious nature, and a heart of gold. She was introduced in the fifth season.
  • Flambo (voiced by Patton Oswalt) - a flame zip German Shephard and Zippy's dog and Jane's best friend. He is featured as the star of the B-Plot for some episodes of the series alongside Jane, Dr. Whiskers, Baby Bert, and Floppy.
  • Jane Fireblade (voiced by Brenda Song) - Zippy's self-assured and fearless 9-month old baby sister and Flambo's best friend with the spirit of an adventurer.
  • Walter "Wally" E. Red (voiced by Clancy Brown) - a red cheapskate zip person and owner of The Burger Shack. He lives with his wife, Lillian and his daughter, Piper. He is obsessed with money and will do almost anything to make a profit, even if it means overworking his employees (including Darren). The only people who have more control over him than money is his family.
  • Samuel "Slugger" Jackson (voiced by Jason Marsden) an energetic orange zippling who is friends with Zoomie and Jolly and is very into horror and sci-fi movies. His real name is Sebastian.
  • Jack and Mack Tatum (voiced by Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse) - green zippling twins with completely opposite personalities, but they still love and respect each other.
  • Zalow Fireblade (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - Zippy and Jane's sister who is a go-getter of the school, she loves her friends and family, she loves exercising.
  • Zane Fireblade (voiced by Justin Felbinger) - Zippy, Zalow, and Jane's brother who often engages in some of Zippy's crazy adventures with Zalow, even if she disagrees with some of his ideas, as he likes her support.
  • Debra "Debbie" Fireblade (voiced by Kerri Kenney-Silver) - Zippy, Zalow, Zane, and Jane's mother. She works as a librarian, but was notorious in her youth for her wild, partying, and rebellious nature.
  • Gregory "Greg" Fireblade (voiced by Brian Hull) - Zippy, Zalow, Zane, and Jane's father and Greg's husband. A skilled construction worker, he is overprotective and cautious, having nearly his arm in a hay baler accident.
  • Carl (voiced by Matt L. Jones) - a traffic officer zip person, who got promoted to King of Police and a graduate from Chicago's Cop College.
  • Sharron (voiced by Ron Funches) - a pretty, groovy, and girly party zip person. She has her own group of friends called the S-squad which includes Brenda, Emily, and Mia. She is very bratty and selfish. However she is shown to feel guilty about somethings.
  • Cornelius McZipper (voiced by S. Scott Bullock) - the richest zip person in Ziptown who is Mr. Red's best customer aside from Zippy and his friends. He speaks with a British accent and wears a tuxedo. Zippy and Wet Willy frequently get on his nerves despite being loyal to each other. He spends much of his time taking care of his mother, who is a living portrait he calls "Mumsie".
  • Franklin Zippington (voiced by Nika Futterman ) - What's-It's-Face's nephew who helps Zippy and his friends thwart his uncle's evil plans. Deep down he sees good in him like Zippy does and would talk him into join him to stop bigger threats.
  • Lillith "Water Lily" Rivers (voiced by Grey Delisle) - Wet Willy's little sister. She has a nerdy personality and enjoys comic books and action figures. She often makes sure his brother doesn't do something dangerously stupid.
  • Mr. Boomers (voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley) - a manly white zip person who loves money as much as Mr. Red. He is the owner of Munchers' Diner. He created several schemes to earn money and compete with Mr. Red every time. Mr. Boomers' uniform is a blue hat, and an apron. His catchphrase is "Boom-yummy!"
  • Principal Zippwood (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - The stern, but well-meaning principal of Zipperdale Elementary School, the school that Zippy and pals go to.
  • Jerry (voiced by Brandon Greene) - the Ziptown neighborhood's postman.


  • William "Billy" Peterson (voiced by Jake T. Austin) - a kind-hearted, mild-mannered, intelligent, and levelheaded 13-year old boy who usually get Zippy and his friends out of sticky situations. He is always looking for fun, and thinking about the well being of others.
  • Frankie Maddison (voiced by Jenna Warren) - an energetic and happy-go-lucky 12-year old girl with an optimistic and tomboyish personality and Billy's best friend. She is full of energy as she loves sports (specifically baseball) and skateboarding. She appear to have a crush on Billy.
  • Thomas "Tom" Woodrow (voiced by Jason Earles) - Zippy's neighbor and a cashier at The Burger Shack. He loves to paint self-portraits and play his trumpet. He is usually grumpy because nobody recognizes his artistic talents. He often gets annoyed with Zippy's antics and optimism, but truly appreciates Zippy's friendship at times.
  • Tiffany "Tiff" Malcolm (voiced by China Anne McClain) - a fun, sassy, funny, friendly, quirky, stubborn, lively, wacky, enthusiastic, energetic, but smart 14-year old girl who is friends with Zippy and his pals. She has a crush on her boyfriend Tyrone. It is currently unknown where her father is.
  • Amanda "Mandy" Taylor (voiced by Anna Akana) - a kind, hardcore 13-year-old girl. She is a cheerleader captain and A+ student at Zipperdale Elementary School. She tries to be kind at times, though most of the time, when she is kind, she uses her kindness to use people to her advantage. But she deeply cares for others and their feelings. Amber has a huge fangirl crush on Zoomie. She has 4 cats, Lily, Tiger, Bella, and Peanut.
  • Nicholas "Nick" Marshall (voiced by Bradley Steven Perry) -a geeky 12-year old boy who is one of Zippy's classmates and is just as cautious as Billy.
  • Allison "Allie" Jones (voiced by Mia Talerico) - one of Pinky's human friends and classmates from her school. She is normally a shy, but has a strong will. She speaks only in barely audible whispers when she first meets new kids. Allie has a deep adoration for animals and would regularly sneak her pets to school in her backpack, and she volunteers at an animal shelter.
  • Helen Maddison ( voiced by Stacey DePass) - Frankie's mother and a professional plumber for Maddison Plumbing. She used to be a part of the Power Badge Girls.
  • Steven "Steve" Maddison (voiced by Zachary Bennett) - Frankie's father and also a professional plumber for Maddison Plumbing. He loves music and was previously a Wilderness Teen Ranger. Thus, he knows a lot about nature.
  • Lucy Malcolm (voiced by Ana Ortiz) - Tiff's mother. She is the owner of Garbage, a zip cuisine restaurant in Ziptown.
  • Cody Carpenter (voiced by Jeremy Shada) - a new friend of Franklin, one of the first kids to be friends with him, and He has autism.
  • Lillian Red (voiced by Tara Strong) - Mr. Red's wife and Piper's mother who handles the business side of The Burger Shack business. She is an extreme choleric and would nag him for his cheapness.
  • Ms. Walker (voiced by April Winchell) - Zippy and pals' elementary school teacher. She is strict and sometimes very controlling teacher with a somewhat low, raspy voice. It's clear she has a soft side and tries to be patient with the children but some of them drive her crazy (mainly Wet Willy or Jolly). Her favorite students are Ceela and Amber.
  • Mr. Calvin Thompson (voiced by Dieter Jansen) - the landlord who runs the building that Zoomie and Jolly live in. He is a very uptight person and is quite timid. Usually, when something goes wrong, he usually hyperventilates as shown in most episodes and is usually getting the short end of the stick. In one episode, he is shown to have a very small brain.
  • Danny (voiced by Nolan North) - the landlord of Ceela and Jenny's complex. He sells exotic milks, and is the uncle of Svetlonnie.


  • What's-It's-Face (voiced by Mark Hamill) - the main antagonist of the series. He is Mr. Red's arch-rival and Zippy's archenemy. He is a psychopathic goofy criminal mastermind prankster with a warped, sadistic sense of humor. What's-It's Face usually threaten his henchmen for failing him or their stupidity. He tries to cause chaos and mayhem to take over Ziptown. His abilities as a master conjurer allow him to effortlessly escape from the asylum many times, making him even more of a threat. His real name is Lawrence "Larry" Zippington III and a former star of the show as a clown before his chemical accident.
  • Dr. Whiskers (voiced by Dan Povenmire) - the secondary antagonist of the series. He is an evil anthropomorphic one-eyed scientist Persian cat who is archenemy with Flambo, who both he and Jane foil almost all of his semi-evil schemes, though a few turn out to be successful. He use to be a human scientist named Dr. Howard Whitaker and Dr. Slick's former partner and friend.
  • Shadow (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) - a black crow and one of What's-It's-Face's henchmen. He is loyal to What's-It's-Face and appears to be just as evil and cruel as his boss, being snide, greedy, selfish, uncaring, murderous, deceitful, manipulative, traitorous, arrogant and cunning. However, Russell is the more aggressive of his minions, as well as the more vocal and easily frustrated unlike What's-It's-Face who despite being more ruthless, is also more laid-back and sometimes reasonable.
  • Hazel (voiced by Kelly Osbourne) - an eccentric and extravagant mime and What's-It's-Face's self-proclaimed girlfriend and henchwoman. She is rather obnoxious and spoiled, and whenever she sees something she wants she demands Von to get it for her by going "I want it! I want it! I WANT IT!!!". Hazel appears to be the brains of What's-It's-Face's minions as Von and Freddy are not so bright and lacks magical abilities.
  • Von Papperorth (voiced by Alan Tudyk) - a fiendish mobster and one of What's-It's-Face's henchmen. He comes up with the most plans to destroy Zippy or his pals, but failed numerous times. He is the only human in What's-It's-Face's crew.
  • Freddy Bear (voiced by Brad Garrett) - a bumbling anthropomorphic teddy bear and one of What's-It's Face's Henchmen. He has only one button eye and messes up What's-It's-Face's plans and gets threatened for it. It He is the former star of a kids TV cartoon and is What's-It's-Face's old teddy bear when he was a little kid.
  • Baby Bert (voiced by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh) - On of Dr. Whiskers' minions and Dr. Slick's adopted son. He has rivalry with Jane. Dr. Whiskers takes him under his wing to help him with his scheme. Bert use to be a full grown adult before he was with Dr. Whiskers' invention.
  • Floppy (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - A radioactive bunny and on of Dr. Whiskers' minions. He was originally a regular bunny but was mutated to try to destroy Perry the Platypus; he has since become Dr. Whiskers' assistant.
  • Edith Distel (voiced by Mindy Sterling) - an intelligent, and snobbish chef. She is Mr. Red, Mr. Boomer, and What's-It's-Face's rival and always best them in everything, and they despise each other. The 3 chefs are constantly arguing and never get along. But What's-It's-Face and Edith form in alliance together to defeat Mr. Red.
  • Kendall McConnie (voiced by Brianna D'Aguanno) - the school's most popular girl and Frankie and Amber's rival. She dislikes Frankie and always jealous of her when she tries to best her at everything.
  • Melvin (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - An obese comic book nerd. He is unmannerly, arrogant and rude, in that he lied to Zippy about the pickles missing from his burger to destroy his confidence and get free food. He has also shown signs of being cowardly, lazy, and lacking responsibility for his actions.

Guest Stars

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Kyla Greene got the idea and based the character her imaginary friend until it evolved into a character and started doing drawings of him. His brother, Brandon sees a future in her character. It was original three characters instead of four. It was just Zippy, Ceela, and Jenny. Wet Willy was added to the trio because Greene thought having an opposite element as a best friend. He created some of the characters, plot, story, and personalities. He had to get permission from her about her character or give her credit. Back in 2011, an old friend of Greene from Cordero School, Aja Smith created three characters named Zoomie, Jolly, and Pinky. They were originally going to be minor characters characters but Greene started to love these characters and added them to the Zippy team.

Zippy was originally going to be voiced by Tara Strong, Max Charles, Jeremy Shada, and Stephanie Nadolny. But picked Pamela Adlon as the final choice. Billy was originally named Christopher Higgins and was going to be voiced by Cameron Boyce. But after his death on July 6, 2019, he was replaced by Bradley Steven Perry until he changed it to Jake T. Austin. He even changed his name to Billy in reference to the character from the Gremlins films.

Kyla Greene called Zippy's species zip people to go with the name. Brandon and Kyla both came up with the Idea called Ziptown. Zippy's personality is based on Spongebob Squarepants, Archie Andrews from Archie Comics, Goku from Dragon Ball, and Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine all rolled up into one. The characters and and town were inspired by TV Shows such as Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons, Archie Comics, Sesame Street, and other Disney Channel shows.

Originally, Flambo was going to be a secret agent. But it was changed because it's way to similar to Agent P. from Phineas and Ferb. To do so he added a buddy to tag along with Flambo and to have the animals and babies talk to each other while older people cannot understand them. What's-It-Face was going to be a Star Wars-like villain but was changed to a Joker-like villain. Zippy was suppose to start off as a comic book but was moved to the small screen. To let not his actor ideas go to waste he gave the roles to different characters.

Greene brought on in Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh as producers and his sister as co-director. His friend, Cameron Perez to be a part of some of their episodes. The writing team consists of original writers Craig Young, Shelia Dinsmore and J.D. Dan Smith, with newcomers being Eric Shaw, Norton Virgien, etc.

The Zippers

A fictional pop rock band The Zippers featured in the series. They debut in the first episode of Season 2 of the same name. The band was founded by lead vocalist/bassist Zippy, vocalist/guitarist Zoomie, drummer Wet Willy, electric guitarist Jolly, vocalist/keyboardist Ceela, vocalist/percussionist Jenny, and saxophonist Pinky. They we're originally called Zipitude and the band consisted of Zoomie, Jolly, Pinky, and Spud.

Main article: The Zippers


Zippy: The Movie

Main article: Zippy: The Movie

On March 3, 2024, a Disney press release announced a theatrical film based on Zippy entitled "Zippy: The Movie" produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and features the voices of Will Ferrell, Alec Baldwin, Demi Lovato, Kristen Bell, Ed Sheeran, and Jane Lynch as new characters. The film was released in theaters on June 19, 2026. The film was originally intended to serve as the series finale, but Disney ordered more episodes of the series as it had become increasingly profitable, so Kyla Greene resigned as co-showrunner and Cameron Perez left Disney to continue his Nickelodeon series, The Mel Twins. Brandon Greene stated he would remain as showrunner, adding "I'm really looking forward to taking Zippy to the next phase, and we can't wait for people to see what we have coming up."

Zippy: The Movie 2: Family Road Zip

Main article: Zippy: The Movie 2: Family Road Zip

A sequel to the 2026 film, Zippy: The Movie 2: Family Road Zip, was released on Disney+ on July 4, 2037. The series' main cast members reprised their roles.

Zippy: The Movie 3: A Zip Through the Internet

Main article: Zippy: The Movie 3: A Zip Through the Internet

On September 30, 2037, Disney announced a third film was in development. In April 2018, Cameron Perez was named as co-director, and the film's original title, It's a Zippful Life, was revealed. Disney originally scheduled a release date of July 17, 2040, later moving it earlier to May 22, 2041. In October 2038, it was announced that they brought back Hans Zimmer to compose the music for the film. The first poster along with a title change to A Zip Through the Internet was revealed on September 12, 2046, with the first trailer releasing on September 14. It will be released on Disney+ May 6, 2047 as part of Zippy's 25th Anniversary.

Untitled live-action Zippy film

On August 20, 2036, the Greene siblings revealed that there have been talks for a live action/CGI Zippy film.


  • The Zoomie and Jolly Show
  • Ratman and Blu-Jay
  • The Adventures of Green Cat and Blue Dog


Zippy's Adventures of Star Wars

Main article: Zippy's Adventures of Star Wars

A three-part Zippy/Star Wars crossover, which was used as a sidebar to the events of the Original Trilogy was aired on May 23-25, 2025. The first part of the trilogy, "Episode I: The Fourth Awakens", aired on Disney Channel on May 23, 2025; the second part, "Episode II: Vader's Gonna Vade", aired on May 24; and the last of the three parts, "Episode III: The Jedi's Last Stand", aired on May 25. The characters from Star Wars will reprise their roles from both the films and Clone Wars series such as James Earl Jones (Darth Vader), Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon Jinn), Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Tom Kane (Yoda), etc.

Zippy vs. Marvel

Main article: Zippy vs. Marvel

A crossover between Zippy and Marvel Entertainment, titled "Zippy vs. Marvel" would air in May 2030. It features Marvel Comics superheroes Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and Thor and the villains the Doctor Doom, Loki, Venom, Abomination, and M.O.D.O.K.. It is the second animated crossover between Marvel and Disney since the acquisition of Marvel Entertainment by Disney in 2009.

Mission: Kim Possible

Main article: Mission: Kim Possible

Greene made a deal with Bob Schooley to create a Zippy/Kim Possible crossover. This is the crossover episode in which Dr. Drakken, Shego, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Wade and Rufus appear.

Zippy, Phineas, and Ferb

Main article: Zippy, Phineas, and Ferb

Greene and Dan Povenmire have said that they would like to do a crossover with his and Marsh's Phineas and Ferb characters with Greene's Zippy's characters. The entire cast was confirmed to reprise their roles.

Zippy Goes to Big City Greens

Main article: Zippy Goes to Big City Greens

Chris Houghton announced that he and Greene will do a crossover with Zippy meeting the characters of Big City Greens. The Characters will reprise their roles respectivly.

Zippy and Mickey: Baseball All-Stars

Main article: Zippy and Mickey: Baseball All-Stars

Disney announced a Zippy/Mickey Mouse crossover. The plot is loosely similar to Space Jam in which Zippy and pals are enlisted by Mickey Mouse and friends, with the training of Bob Uecker, who recently retired to help them win a baseball match against the Drolax Trio and their race who intend to enslave them as attractions for their theme park. The cast of the Mickey Mouse reprised their roles such as Bret Iwan (Mickey Mouse), Kaitlyn Robrock (Minnie Mouse), Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck), Bill Farmer (Goofy), etc. Uecker voices himself as a guest star.

Zippy and The Mel Twins

Main article: Zippy and The Mel Twins

Greene and Cameron Perez reunite together for a crossover of their characters Zippy and The Mel Twins. Both creators directed the special. They were released on both Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. This was the first crossover to be released on 2 different tv channels.

Video Games

  • Zippy: AllStar Guardians
  • Zippy Go-Kartz Go!
  • Zippy: The Movie Game
  • Zippy: Ziptastic Voyage
  • Zippy: Adventures in Time


Main article: Zippy: The Musical

Zippy: The Movie was adapted as a stage musical in 2032 by director Jennifer Lee. Zippy: The Musical premiered in New York in 2023 and opened on Broadway at the Palace Theatre on December 4, 2024. The musical opened to critical acclaim, and tied for most-nominated production at the 2036 72nd Tony Awards with twelve Tony nominations.


The popularity of Zippy inspired merchandise from Plush toys to posters. It was reported that the franchise generated an estimated $8 billion in merchandising revenue for Disney. Zippy is viewed in 170 countries speaking 24 languages (mainly Japanese), and has become "a killer merchandising app". The title character and his friends have been used as a theme for special editions of well-known family board games, including Monopoly, Life, and Uno.

Kids' meal tie-ins have been released in fast food restaurants in many parts of the world, including Burger King in Europe and North America, as well as Wendy's in North America, and Hungry Jack's in Australia. A McDonald's Happy Meal tie-in with Zippy-themed Happy Meal boxes and toys was released in Europe and other international markets in the summer of 2027. In Australia, the advertisement for the McDonald's SpongeBob Happy Meal won the Pester Power Award because the ads enticed young children to want its food because of the free toy. As a tie-in beverage for the DVD release of Zippy: The Movie, 7-Eleven released the limited edition Zippy face Slurpee in March 2025. Coca-Cola released limited edition SpongeBob SquarePants Pirate's Booty snacks in 2013.




  • Zippy is the third longest-running animated Disney Channel original series. The first being Kim Possible and the second being Phineas and Ferb.
  • Because Kyla is the actual creator of the chatacter Zippy, he let him work with her as both co-creator and executive producer.
  • It was originally going to start off as a comic book or strip.
  • It is the overall Longest-running Disney Channel original series. The first being Wizards of Waverly Place.