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Zenon: Supernova is a space-action series loosely based on the DCOM Zenon Trilogy from 1999-2004 and the books. It stars 19 year old Zenon Kar who got kicked out of the Galactic Rangers Academy for his troublemaking schemes and now lives with her best friend, Nebula and her parents. At a young age, her parents were taken in an attack by an unseen force and she spends her life trying to find them.

Zenon Kar(Unknown)

Nebula Wade(Adriyan Rae)

Edward Plank(John Marshall Jones)

Season 1

  1. Pilot: A Star is Born - 9 year old Zenon Kar joins her parents in leaving the homeworld of Earth to live on a newly built UNSA Space Colony Ark, to become scientists. a month after they arrive, they are attacked by an alien creature and kidnapped, leaving Zenon all alone. 10 years later, because of her antics that got her kicked from the Galactic Ranger Academy, Zenon is then forced to work the observation center with other people.
  2. Trial Bases - Zenon is tasked to partner up with a new student named Margie on an scavenger hunt across Moonbase, where she learn a secret about her. Plank is briefed on a conflict happening on Mars as a terrorist group named SDF make their appearance.
  3. Paradise Lost - Zenon and Nebula play hooky to attend a Proto Zoa concert on Syton-4, but after space pirates derail them, they have to fight their way out of the jam with the help of an Android. Plank later finds out about it and sends the Rangers to get her back. The Android later shapeshifts into a human and blends in the Ark.
  4. Fleet Week - As punishment for running off, Zenon accompanies Plank down to Earth for attend Fleet Week, where she later meets her Aunt Flora. They later get attacked by the SDF as they make their declaration for War. The Android downloads all information on Zenon in order to remember his mission. Nebula tries to get the attention of Ranger Davion Kincaid.
  5. Just a Z Thang - Zenon gets invited to a party hosted by the Kincaids, as she later meets her ex, Chris at the bar. The Android follows her in secret, as he later finds Zenon drunk and surrounded by some other guys. Nebula gets some shocking news and Plank's superiors question one of the SDF men.
  6. Cold Fusion - After saving her life, Zenon helps the Android(now named Connor) to blend in with the other Ark citizens. Nebula tries to move on from the events that happened. Margie later meets Zenon.
  7. Messengers - During Observation class, Zenon hears a weird signal coming from somewhere in space, figuring it could be her parents contacting her. Plank sends the Rangers go on a mission to one of the Moons of Jupiter with Davion leading the squad, but trouble comes when they're ambushed by a parasite. The station later gets bombed as 5 people turn up dead.
  8. After Effect - After the bombing, the entire station is put on lockdown as Plank and General Locke must find the culprit before he strikes. Zenon learns Margie is missing after the bombing, and as she is on the trail looking for her she finds out Chris has her hostage and is also the triggerman working for the SDF. Later, The SDF set their sights on Earth as their leader, Shay Korvac, promises a New World Order as he conquered several planets.
  9. Reverb - Plank and the Rangers band with Zenon, Connor and the Marines to take the fight to the SDF. But they're later led into a trap by Shays forces, leaving earth to Shay as he uses a Doomsday weapon to command earth to relinquish control to him.
  10. Breakdown - After escaping the cells, Connor assembles all the criminals in the system to repel the SDF forces as he later frees the gang from the force field. They later attack the mothership as Zenon and Connor take down Shay and his weapon. But a failsafe activates and starts falling to the surface. Connor then go down there to destroy the weapon manually, which almost kills him as he lands in the water. Later, Zenon and her friends earn a medal for her deeds, and a spot on the Rangers(which she declines).

End Credits: Conner inadvertently gives off a signal that gets found by a race of Techno-Organic beings called Arkons, who realize one of their own is still alive and in the Milky Way.

Season 2

  1. Twilight, Part 1 - After the saving the earth from SDF occupation, Zenon tries to deal with her newfound fame, while Connor catches the eye of a newly hired scientist named Dr. Solara. Plank gets a visit from his superiors to tell him of the SDF splinter groups running around. Later Zenon gets a visit from beyond as she is revealed to be her half-sister Dasha who's come to find her parents.
  2. Twilight, Part 2 - Zenon and her friends tag along with Dasha to investigate the last planet Zenon's parents were last seen at, Elion, where they run into alien lifeforms guarding a pod holding a human inside. After fighting the horde, human in the pod is Zenon's mother, Raya.
  3. Welcome to Mars - With the last of the SDF groups eradicated, Mars becomes a thriving planet for tourism as Zenon, Dasha, and their Mom visit as they catch up on lost years. But the trip gets scary when rogue martians attack after the suffering they experienced from the SDF. Plank meets with Nobucorp CEO Hiroshi Nobusaka on the concept of expanding their outreach farther to other planets.