YouTube High
YouTube High logo
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Schedule Monthly
Genre Teen comedy
Publication date TBD 2019 - present
No. of issues TBD
Main character(s) Mark Fischbach
Seán McLoughlin
Eileen Montgomery

YouTube High is an American teen comedy comic book series, being published by Dark Horse Comics since TBD 2019.


This comic reimagines YouTubers as high school students and teachers as they deal with normal high school stuff.



  • Mark Fischbach - the TBD new student at YouTube High who TBD.
  • Seán McLoughlin - Mark's slacker best friend who TBD.
  • Eileen Montgomery - a TBD exchange student who TBD.


  • Malinda Kathleen Reese - TBD
  • The Gregory Brothers, consisting of:
  • Rhett McLaughlin - TBD
    • Link Neal - TBD
  • James Rallison - TBD
  • George "Joji" Miller - a TBD Japanese student who has an affinity for music and TBD.


  • Lloyd Ahlquist - a TBD drug-dealing bully who TBD.
    • Peter Shukoff - Lloyd's TBD best friend who TBD.
  • Malcolm Ray and Tamara Chambers - TBD
  • Filthy Frank - a split personality of Joji who is rather mischievous and loud-mouthed and TBD.
  • Pink Guy - another split personality of Joji who awkwardly exists at the same time as Filthy Frank and, unlike him, TBD.


  • Principal Felix Kjellberg - the TBD principal of YouTube High who has a deep hatred of the Indians for TBD.
  • Vice Principal Ian Hecox - TBD
  • Prof. Matthew Patrick - the TBD math teacher who TBD.
  • Prof. Gabriel Brown - TBD
  • Prof. Anthony Padilla - the TBD English teacher who is Ian's best friend and TBD.
  • Prof. Brian Hull - TBD
  • Prof. Michael Jones - TBD
  • Prof. Illyssa Levy - the socially awkward art teacher who TBD.
  • Prof. Doug Walker - the school's scary detention teacher who despises Seán due to the TBD.
  • Prof. Brock Baker - the kinda dumb P.E. teacher who is obsessed with TBD.
  • Lily Singh - TBD
  • Rosanna Pansino - the school's lunch lady who TBD.




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