Yonggary vs Seamanter is a 2025 film about Yonggary and Seamanter it is the final film YonggaryVerses Phase 1 and is the 4th installment of the YonggaryVerse it will be released on May 16 2025


After the events from Yonggary Monster From The Deep Yonggary meets a monster that stands in his path called seamanter they fight in a climactic battle at Garden Grove under the controll of Queen Roasted


  1. Yonggary
  2. Seamanter
  3. Grassis
  4. Demon-Saven
  5. Mecha Apron Dragon


  1. Clementine Prior
  2. Nick Samuel
  3. Jason Lucas
  4. Ana Tom
  5. Eun Thomas
  6. Queen Roasted

Rated R For Blood and Gore,Strong Violence,Language,Scary Images and Use of Tabbaco

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