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Yeah Jam Fury is an animated series airing on Disney XD.


Yeah is the jolly and friendly one in yellow. Jam is the cool and sarcastic one in blue. Fury is the strong and dumb one in red. They live together in a mango-shaped house in the world of Mangoland, a world parallel to that of Earth, and frequently engage in wacky hijinks in order to obtain their favourite food; mango.


Yeah: The leader of the Mango Trio, Yeah keeps a steady head on his shoulders and room in his heart for compassion at all times. When Jam and Fury comes to blows, it's often Yeah who has to settle their disputes.

Jam: The brains of the Mango Trio, Jam runs fast and is never seen without his trustworthy hammer. He also talks a lot, and is prone to using slang in every other sentence of his.

Fury: The muscle of the Mango Trio, Fury has the strength of a truck and the smarts of a rock. It is scientifically proven that he can feel only one emotion: rage.

Eggy: One of the gang's next door neighbours, Eggy is a literally hardboiled dude. He acts as though he is in a sophisticated spy movie, and enjoys fine dining.

Corny: One of the gang's next door neighbours, Corny is a fairly timid and nervous guy. He almost never goes out of his house, out of paranoia that he will pop.


Season 1:

1: Meet The Trio: Yeah, Jam and Fury are introduced, and they plot to gain a lifetime's supply of mangos. Can their next-door neighbours, the hard-boiled Eggy and the scaredy-cat Corny be able to convince them of their foolishness?

2: Jet-Ski Japes: Suckered in by the reward of mangos, the Mango Trio enter a jet-ski race. Will they be able to win?

3: Rico's Ruse: The Mango Trio are offered a job by Rico the snake to sell "totally legitimate snake oil". How long will last until they turn stool pigeon?

4: Truck Quest: After running out of gas in the middle of the desert, the boys engage on a perilous platforming quest for both mangoes and the gas!

5: Welcome To The Club: While attending a nightclub, the boys come across a cult in the basement led by a chicken worshipping rather... strange ideas. Will the truth come out?

6: The Ship of Dreams: Yeah, Jam and Fury are convinced to film a documentary about a notorious ship used for gambling. They end up filming some truly horrific scenes...

7: A Very Special Yeah Jam Fury: The gang are approached to make a very special episode, despite them not being interested. Cue the hijinks.

8: War Pig: An insane pig sergeant becomes obsessed with the Mango Trio, believing them to be terrorists, and tries to hunt them down. It'll take more than just words to get him to stop...

9: Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen: The gang end up caught in the crossfire of a war between everyday utensils and the aristocratic silver. It does not end well.

10: Trip: The Mango Trio accidently take an contaminated sample of citric acid and run into a mafia family consisting of pink flamingos. Things go downhill from there.

11: Mirror Images: An evil plot results in the creation of the Anti-Mango Trio of Haey, Maj and Yruf, who are the Mango Trio's polar opposites! Who will win in this literal 50-50 battle?

12: Yet Another Christmas Carol: When the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future fall ill, the boys are dispatched to the home of a certain miser as a last-minute replacement. How will they fare attempting to redeem him?

Season 2:

1: Jolly Huntsmen: Yeah, Jam and Fury decide to trek out into the woods, and attempt to capture several mythical creatures in the name of science!

2: Seven Days: After accidently watching a cursed videotape doomed to kill them within seven days, the Mango Trio hatch a plan to stop the cycle once and for all.

3: Love is in the H2O: Upon coming across a lonely mermaid, the gang hatch a plan to matchmake her with a similarly lonely fisherman. They'll need a lot to do before they get there...

4: Girl In The Tower: After coincidently meeting an undercover CAI operative, the gang is roped into helping retrieve a hostage from a dictatorship. It just so happens that they want to go in all guns blazing...

5: Lady Sun: A magical girl by the name of Lady Sun suddenly arrives in the neighbourhood, begging for anyone to help her avenge her comrade Lady Moon. Are the Mango Trio the ones to help?

6: Down the Rabbit Hole: When the boys decide to literally surf the web for the fun of it, things go awry when they are literally sucked into the computer! Can they get back home?

7: Movie Nights: The Mango Trio, Eggy and Corny simply sit down for a night of relaxation; namely, watching 4 short movies parodying several genres.

8: Check Out Our Script: The Mango Trio, in a bid for money, attempt to sell a film script that they have written to several different Hollywood companies.

9: A Full House: When they are tasked with babysitting the rowdy twins Mia and Chell Dunner, the gang are driven up the wall.

10: And Seth Makes Three: Adam and Eve Machina, a pair of married androids, approach the Mango Trio to help out with preparations for their son Seth.

11: Grand Tour: Faced with mysterious acts of violence, the Mango Trio, Eggy, Corny and Lady Sun join forces to get to the bottom of things...

12: Battle Against Mr. Super: The mysterious Mr. Super attacks Mangoland, and the Mango Trio figure out their origins as they struggle to defeat him...

Season 3:

1: Back and Forth: Suckered in by the reward of money, which they intend to use to buy mangoes, the trio enter a ping-pong tournament. Will they be able to win?

2: Royal Pain: After being invited to a kingdom on the other side of Mangoland, the gang find out that King Jack Gold is nothing but a brat. Can they escape his ire?

3: Bad Hombre: The Mango Trio are dispatched to report on the human rights abuses made against Mexican migrants at the border. Predictably, they are noticeably shaken by the events.

4: The Mystery of Noodle Mountain: Confronted with a mountain that morphs people who go through it into noodle-people, the gang attempts to get to the bottom of it...

5: Candy Corner: When a missing episode of the disturbing lost children's puppet show Candy Corner turns up at their doorsteps, the Mango Trio and Eggy are thrown into a race against time...

6: Plight of the Koalas: A family of koalas, devastated by the Australian bushfires, move into the cul-de-sac where the Mango Trio live. What kind of warm welcome will they receive?

7: Dotty Snake: The gang meets with their biggest idols; the comedy troupe Dotty Snake. Python-esque hijinks and hilarity ensues!

8: Smash Up Your Shape: The Mango Trio encounter a group of "artists" who worship the act of becoming morbidly obese. It's up to the gang to convince them of the health benefits of staying in shape...

9: Give Blood, Play Rugby: Fury enlists the help of several rugby stars in order to learn how to play. Unfortunately, Yeah and Jam realise that sooner or later, someone's going to end up seriously injured...

10: No Joke: Faced with the controversial viral comedians Drake and Hogan Carl, the Mango Trio have to do one thing: dig up all of the dirt on the Carls.

11: Rico's Revenge: Angered by the Mango Trio exposing his scams, the snake oil salesman Rico returns for some payback! And he has some backup with him...

12: God Is Dead: God's giant corpse falls from the sky. The Mango Trio see it on TV and are then enlisted to assist in a manhunt for Friedrich Nietzsche.

Season 4:

1: Cabin Fever: Having locked themselves up in their house, the boys slowly run out of things to do and slowly begin to go insane.

2: I've Seen It On TV: Fed up and with nothing better to do, the boys decide to sit down, watch a bit of TV, and mock the shows they watch.

3: All Hail the Imps: A group of yellow imps loudly singing the praises of a magical girl engage in a spontaneous parade through the cul-de-sac. How will the Mango Trio react?

4: Charlie the Dinosaur: Weeks after the Candy Corner controversy, the Mango Trio discover another children's TV show; Charlie the Dinosaur. Luckily, Charlie proves to be a sheep in sheep's clothing.

5: Flash of Nostalgia: When browsing the Internet, the gang stumble across an old browser game they used to play when they were little. But it becomes clear that their memories of it are rose-tinted...

6: Lights Out: A power cut inside the Mango Trio's house forces the boys to resort to old entertainment if they are to reman sane.

7: Meet the New Boss: After the fiasco that was rescuing the hostage, the boys sneak back into the dictatorship they invaded a long time ago. Only for them to find that it's under new management...

8: A Princess of Dogs: When a princess who has to wear a crown to avoid turning into a dog loses it, it's up to the Mango Trio to retrieve it!

9: The Firer: The gang becomes convinced that the host of "The Trainee", an Apprentice-esque reality show, is secretly a killer robot. If the rumour is true, can they stop him?

10: Firer 2, Day of Judgment: When another killer robot is sent to attempt to dispatch the hapless winner of "The Trainee" Connor Johnson, the Mango Trio form an uneasy alliance with the reprogrammed Firer to stop him.

11: Not Another Soap Opera: The Mango Trio are sent to a small village in the middle of nowhere as helpers for the crew shooting a soap opera there. But none of it is just acting...

12: Man of La Mancha: The boys find a time portal that transports them to 17th-century Spain, where they meet none other than Don Quixote. Wait a second, he's far more competent than they remember... clearly something's off about all of this...

Season 5:

1: Beetle-Mania: When a popular quartet of beetles arrive in Mangoland, the gang decide to take a listen to their songs. And eventually, they get to meet the beetles themselves...

2: The Fab... Four?: Inspired by their recent run-in with the beetle quartet, the Mango Trio decide to record 36 hours of their lives at home, in an effort to become viral.

3: Waiting for the Train: Yeah, Jam and Fury end up waiting an unnaturally long time at a train station. When will their train arrive, and will they have succumbed to madness beforehand?

4: General of the Wolves, Part 1: The boys are hired by a general named Wulfric as his personal court jesters. But it turns out that Wulfric has a bit of a nasty temper, and when rebellion flares up the gang must pick a side...

5: General of the Wolves, Part 2: After a massive defeat, Wulfric's sister emerges in an attempt to crush the rebellion. Meanwhile, the Mango Trio make preparations to bail out from their most unusual vacation...

6: Hold Your Horses: The gang are approached by a group of horses to go and get them some carrots. Which results in a Mango Trio-esque zany plot to get some.

7: A Good Game of Golf: Upon meeting famous golfer Leon Forrest, the Mango Trio are asked to create a documentary on his fall and rise. It just so happens that they are more interested in playing golf.

8: Cryptid Zoo: The boys decide to have a break at the local zoo, hosting cryptids. Things go awry though, when a Bigfoot escapes from his enclosure...

9: Ned: 10 Years On: A washed-up former child star arrives at the Mango Trio's house, asking for help in trying to move on from being typecasted as "the kid with the obnoxiously squeaky voice".

10: Castaways: When the gang crash lands on a deserted island, they find themselves... with enough resources, too much free time, and accidently convincing others to start a boy band.

11: Do Not Feed: Yeah, Jam and Fury decide on a whim to go hunting for different species of trolls. One small catch; they are hunting internet trolls.

12: Please Do Not Resist: When an artificial intelligence becomes rampant and attempts to enslave humanity, the Mango Trio gather up almost all of their allies in an attempt to stop it.

Season 6:

1: The Stone Boy: Yeah, Jam and Fury meet up and become friends with a young boy named Grant, who is entirely made out of stone. So just how are they going to prevent him from erosion?

2: The Blitzer: The boys, while rummaging through their attic, come across an old remote-controlled robot that they made years before their rise to fame. They decide to test it out...

3: How to Make a Superhero Movie: When they are hired by a film company to help produce a highly-anticipated superhero movie, the Mango Trio find themselves in the middle of a conflict between competing directors Jack and Ross. Who will win out?

4: Born Loners: After hearing about the holiday known simply as Black Day, the three decide to celebrate it for the first time together as friends. But then they get uninvited guests.

5: 360 Degrees of Majority Rule: Yeah wakes up in a room where he is forced to vote out his fellow participants. Meanwhile, Jam and Fury must put aside their differences to enact a plan.

6: Face to Face, Heel to Heel: When Fury convinces his friends to start getting involved in professional wrestling events, the gang are roped up into helping right a great wrong.

7: The Disaster Park Project: The boys are asked to film a guerilla documentary about an abandoned amusement park rumoured to be haunted. Some other wannabe ghost hunters have already got there first though...

8: Just a Game: After being invited to prolific "Excavatebuild" streamer Yume's private server, the Mango Trio witness him and his friends' borderline illegal antics. They decide to blow the whistle - before it's too late.

9: The Wrath of Barn: Yeah, Jam and Fury go to space and meet up with the intrepid crew of a spaceship. Unfortunately, that crew just so happen to have made an extremely powerful enemy.

10: Step Up to the Plate: The Mango Trio decide to try out baseball after they hear that the Mangoland league are paying their athletes in mangoes. Which one of them will prove to be the most effective?

11: Running Out of Steam: Fury is commissioned by the local railway service to use his brute strength and help them replace their archaic steam engines. Yeah and Jam decide to chip in.

12: Curtain Call: Mr. Super and the Anti-Mango Trio join forces and destroy the sun. The Mango Trio thus rally up all of Mangoland's residents in this feature-length, epic series finale!