Lady Xerestia is the daughter of Master Xehanort and the upcoming main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts Warriors and other series of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.


After her father's death by Sora and his friends, she was born in the same place where her father was and become a Keyblade Master. Now Xerestia will avenge her father's demise and team up with Xehanort's minions and comrades to terrorize the dimensions just like their lord, she now leads Organization XIII of her own army.


Xerestia has tan skin with golden eyes, pointy ears like her father, and prominent slightly thick eyebrows. She has silver hair tied in a side ponytail wielding a hair accessory with a blue gemstone and three feathers (2 white and one sky blue). Sometimes on her face she wears a half blue masquerade-esque mask, her lip gloss is grayish-purple. Her outfit consists a long sleeved neon grayish-teal leotard with a diamond shaped silver brooch attach to the teal collar she's wearing and purple cuffs at the end of her sleeves, she also has a layer around her waist covering her bottom in the back. Xerestia wears purple long kneesocks and short futuristic military-like boots, there are visible transparent futuristic wings attached on her back.


Xerestia is an emotionless, very stoic, and unsympathetic young girl. She is only focusing on avenging her father to defeat Sora and his team. Like her father, she is cold and power-hungry. Xerestia is well intelligent and skeptical of plans she makes for her comrades, as well as being cunning, callous, and pragmatic like Xehanort of achieving her goals.


When she was little, Xerestia was trained by her father's spirit and become a skilled Keyblade wielder.


  • Xerestia is the current antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Xerestia was given her dad's heart to survive, she can also call upon her dad to communicate with him if she likes.
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