Dillon Rhodes as Trevor Cails/Chains-amutant who can control chains from his hands and body

Colton Ragland as Milo Crosli/Professor Clone-a scientific professor who can form clones of himself

Nolan Massey as Daylen Kardama/Shadow

Sebastian Moondragon as Willard Heefster/Boulder

Autumn Hudgens as Lady Crawler-Nightcrawlers sister

Anna DaSilva as Rebecca Lauthlin/Lady Spell-a woman who can use magic


Sierra Sykes as Evelynn Crosli - Milo's wife who despite being non mutant still aids the X-Men team.


Joe Ross as Mister Colorless-A mutant supremest who is able to temporarily take a human's color, turning them into mindless slaves until their color is returned

Amaris Olivia as Tasha Undergree-Mr.Colorless's assistant who can levitate

Mauricio Escario as Andre Val Mooksin-anti-mutant senator

Dylan Herrin as Conner Ruchson/Obliterate-a new mutant Andre is working on to wipe out the X-Men but he can't control his power and starts to wipe out everything


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