Wynter Wilson
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Adopteez
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Emma Kantz
Performance model
Inspiration Lisa Simpson
Kim Crawford
Wednesday Addamsr
Violet Parr
Twilight Sparkle
Matilda Honey
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Intelligent, knowledgeable, observant, well-talented, no-nonsense, brilliant, practical, logical, generous, optimistic, respectful, friendly, kind, polite, mature, confident, responsible, economically aware, short-tempered, straight-talking, focused, hyperactive, emotional, cynical, a little bit naughty, sarcastic, sensitive, agitated, studious, honest, caring
Appearance Average, fair skin, short blonde hair
Occupation Singer
University student
Alignment Good
Home California (formerly)
Orlando, Florida
Relatives Chester Wilson
(adoptive father)
Marga Wilson (adopted mother)
Travis Wilson (adoptive brother)
Casey (adoptive sister)
Lucas Wilson (adoptive cousin)
Elaine Savage (adoptive aunt)
Albert Wells (adoptive uncle)
Dana Wilson (adoptive grandmother)
Luke Benwards (boyfriend)
Allies Michael, Ryder Mate, various Disney characters
Likes Singing, working, studying, English, mathematics (including calculus and geometry), reading, economics, hanging out, parties, games, reaction videos (formerly), and playing guitar
Dislikes being messed up with, Travis's antics and forgetfulness, Casey's great mischief, reaction videos, being grounded, anything slimy, her clothes getting dirty, being treated like a kid
Powers and abilities Her intelligence and strength/Brain power
Guitar sound waves
Weapons Her archery tag bow and arrow with a soft foam ball

Wynter Wilson is the first adopted child and only American of the Wilson family. As the lead character, she is the brains of the family and organizes things often.


Wynter is a kind-hearted, mature, and friendly person. Being a responsible person, she makes sure everything is alright and constantly thinks twice ahead before encountering any trouble.

She is a straight-A university student as she loves studying her favorite subjects, English, math, history, and reading books like the other family members and comes up with clever plans to solve problems.

She used to do reaction videos, but not anymore, as her most favorite thing is singing and playing her guitar to many song covers and her original songs which delights audiences.

Despite all this, she can be agitated when she gets excited to see her friends and attend parties, but can also be sarcastic and cynical when things don't work.


  • Her favorite day is Wednesday, which has the same name from the Addams Family character she is inspired from and whom Olivia Holt would also play in future Addams Family projects.
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