Worlds of Eden (エデンの世界 Eden no Sekai) is an upcoming 2D beat'em up-side-scroller-action RPG game developed by Jupiter and published by Bandai-Namco for the Nintendo Switch eShop download services for a 2020 release. It follows the adventures of gold-hearted Yoshio who is chosen by an ancient prophecy to fight and stop the Arzack Empire from conquering the multiverse, with help from many characters from different franchises.


This game is slightly close with having game play the same as Kingdom Hearts, but it also functions as a 2D beat-em-up side-scroller. The player, with Yin and Yang from Yin Yang Yo! as his companions, ventures across the fabled Tower of Worlds and enters dimensions based off of movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books, protect them from evil hands, and help characters with their problems.


18-year-old college-bound Hideo Katashi is a kind and bright young man, and doesn't like to fight. But then, out of the blue, an evil dimensional organization called the Arzack Empire attacked his world, starting with his hometown in Kyoto, Japan. Unable to defend himself and those he cared for, Hideo is granted a magical sword deemed Chosen One he uses to fight Arzack's goons. While Arzack spread their invasion across many more countries across the globe, a dimensional rift sucks Hideo in. He then finds himself in Eden Land, a village formed and inhabited by those who lost their homes and worlds to Arzack over the years. The villagers see Hideo as the ultimate hero and savior of the entire multiverse according to some prophecy. While exploring, he is befriended by Yin and Yang, who too has their world at war with Arzack recently. And, to defeat Arzack and to save his world as well as everyone else's, he was assigned by Eden Land's king Argos to storm the entire Tower of Worlds by traveling across every dimension under attack by Arzack and defeat their operatives and allies from other worlds they made. They team up with characters to fight the evil empire.


Worlds and Characters

Weapons, Items, and Summons




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