World's Dumbest Video Game is a video game based on the TV Series: World's Dumbest... It's for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, and PS Vita.


The game is very similair to Rabbids Travel Through Time, You play as one of the celeberite cast members or a certain character that could be dumb. Each character gets a signature move. Here are a couple of modes that are playable.

  • Animal Encounter Mode: Encounter Animals...the dumb way.
  • Bracket Showdown Mode: It's a showdown with Brackets.
  • Brawler Mode: A mode similair to the game "Backyard Wrestling".
  • Competition Mode: A tournament like-mode.
  • Criminal Mode: Be the dumbest criminal ever.
  • Driver Mode: A mode similair to the game "Mario Kart".
  • Dummie Mode: Do the dumbest things in this mode.
  • Employee Mode: Try not to do dumb stuff in this mode.
  • Prankster Mode: Pull pranks on other oppenents.
  • Performer Mode: Perform dumb songs, dances, or other stuff!
  • Shopper Mode: Collect the most stuff to win!
  • Thrillseeker Mode: Do the most risky things in this mode.
  • Tourist Mode: Act like a tourist in this mode.

Playable Characters

Celebrity Cast Members


Dumb Characters


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