Woody Woodpecker 2 - Woody's Return it's an Animated Computer Grafic/Live Action/Family/Comedy/Romance/Drama Movie direct from Alex Zamm, it's the sequel of the Live Action Brazilian 2017 movie, with protagonist the character created by Walter Lantz.

Human Characters:

  • Graham Verchere As Tommy Walters - A young musician boy with make friendship with Woody.
  • Timothy Omudson As Lance Walters - Father of Tommy.
  • Emily Holmes As Linda Walters - Mother of Tommy.
  • Chelsea Miller As Jill Ferguson - A young musician girl and friend of Tommy.
  • Jakob Davis As Lyle - A young boy, a drummer and friend of Tommy
  • Navia Robinson As Leni - An african-american young girl, that become Jill's New Friend.
  • Jordana Largy As Samantha Barltett - A Ranger of the park of Pine Groove.
  • Robert Downey Jr. As Amos McLhean - An evil TV presenter who wants to capture Winnie, Knothead and Splinter, helped by Buzz.
  • Emma Stone As Isabella McLhean - Wife of Amos, Ladylike, vain and wicked like him.
  • Aidan Gallagher As Ronnie McLhean - Putative son of Amos and Isabella, but he's not like they, he will betray them, he will go to the good side, and fall in love with Leni.
  • Tori Kelly As Hannah Campbell - Maid of the McLhean's family, she's not wicked like they too.

CGI Characters:

Eric Bauza As Woody Woodpecker

Selena Gomez As Winnie Woodpecker

Will Arnett As Buzz Buzzard

Nancy Catwrithe As Knothead

Tara Strong As Splinter

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