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Wolfwalkers: Legacy is an upcoming animated fantasy adventure film directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart. It serves as a spiritual sequel to 2020's Wolfwalkers and the fourth and final installment in the planned Wolfwalkers (franchise). An international co-production led by Cartoon Saloon and Mélusine Productions, The film will voice an Ensemble cast Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Art Parkinson, Colin Farrell, Joanna Lumley, Lucy O'Connell, Denise Gough, Jon Kenny, Fionnula Flanagan and Eiza González. The film follows a young English-Irish boy, Robbi Goodfellowe who sets off on a journey along with his young sister Amelia Goodfellowe to discover the world of "Wolfwalkers" after being told by their grandmother, Robyn Goodfellowe (now a 77 year old elder), when a new villain is set to kill all wolfwalkers to save humankind, but Robbi, Amelia and a new friend have to save them all along with Mebh Óg MacTíre (also an elder) before it's too late.

Ideal Plot

In 1716 Ireland, Business Worker, Stephen Goodfellowe, and his wife, Caoimhe (Queeva) didn't pay any rent for their old home. They find a new home to settle in, Their son Robbi who is not used to their new home neither was Amelia, Their daughter and Robbi's sister but to their surprise that their home they moved in is their grandmother's home, Robyn Goodfellowe (now 77 years old) who is their grandmother and Stephen's mother. Robbi sneaks out of the house to explore outside while the family's settled in their new home, Robbi saw a wolf in the far distance but got caught by his father for thinking he's wondering off Ireland.

Robyn tells Robbi and Amelia a story about how she became a Wolfwalker at age 12 and met her friend Mebh Óg MacTíre outside her old home in Kilkenny, which their friendship grew bigger when Robyn and her father Bill Goodfellowe decided to stay with them to identify themselves as Wolfwalkers. at the time when there Adults Robyn goes to the town of Kilkenny where she used to live before she bumped into a random lady named Eileen Blavatsky who offers her a Trip to live in Dublin, Ireland for her gratitude, Robyn refuses at first but accepts. Mebh hearing the news but doesn't want to accept the fact that Robyn will be far away from the pack and thinking this as a big mistake, their friendship gets strained due to Robyn's plans, after she moves to Dublin Mebh was hurt by thinking Robyn abandoned her for a better life, Stephen as a child secretly followed Robyn in her human form but surprised she found him with her, on the way there she already felt guilty for leaving Mebh behind. Robyn still feels that guilt sometimes because she sees her as her Sister but their not related. With Stephen's anger with the thought that his mother is telling his kids that Wolfwalkers are real, he made his kids to go to their bedrooms they had a talk trying to get his mother to understand that Wolfwalkers aren't real but a silly old myth that are in children's stories which hurt Robyn, she gets angry at Stephen for thinking there myths and they had a big argument but Caoimhe stops them from fighting with Robyn saying "I've been there but you haven't!".

The Next Morning, the family was having breakfast with Stephen's silence after the argument. Amelia sneakily goes outside to the forest to enjoy nature but she encounters the wolf from before when Robbi saw in the far distance, Robbi follows his sister to see what's going on. Robbi finds out and tries to protect his sister but the wolf bites him thinking he could be threatening his own sister, Robbi and Amelia go back in the house with Stephen and Caoimhe's panic to notice the wolf bite on his arm which Robyn knew the bite is from an unknown wolfwalker. Stephen was going to find a doctor but Robyn urges him not too instead they find someone else to see what Robbi experienced after the wolf bite, Robbi explains everything he experience that the bite gave him power to see the wolf was actually a boy and strange visions in his eyes after trying to save Amelia from the wolf, Stephen thinking his son is making it up to fool him after what Robyn told him and scolds them both to not go near the forest or they will die and grounds them with isolation and house arrest.

One Night, Robbi was having a strange vision that all wolves may have war with random soldiers he hasn't seen before which he told Robyn about his visions, Robyn tells Robbi that he may have Psychic abilities which wolfwalkers don't have which is a special and rare thing to find for themselves. After Stephen and Caoimhe went to find a new job Robyn encourages Robbi to enjoy freedom and find the wolf who bit him who could be a wolfwalker which Robbi excitedly agrees on, Robbi goes to the forest to find the wolfwalker but 3 black wolves appear trying to attack Robbi but the boy who's the wolfwalker scares them off to go back to his den the boy and Robbi make eye contact for the first time and the boy uses his powers to the heal the bite, the boy leaves without saying a word after healing Robbi's bite, Robbi follows him to see what's going on with him but the boy coldly stops him that Robbi should go back to his own kind and never come back, so he did.

It was getting late, Robbi sneakily gets in his bedroom to go back to sleep, Robbi later starts dreaming of his wolf form evolving to him but woke up with a big shock which woke up Amelia at the same time Amelia asks him what is wrong but Robbi hides the fact being a wolfwalker and came up with a different subject instead they went back to sleep. Next Morning Robbi sneaks out of the house to meet the boy again back into the forest, but he discovers wolfwalker's magic inside of him after the bite, he fell into the boy's den he also notices his spirit jumped into his human form which Robyn said about the wolfwalkers are true not a myth. Robbi runs away finding out that the boy saw him, the boy catches him from not getting away back in the cave the boy lits up fire and interrogates Robbi by asking him how did he find his home, Robbi admits that he bit him and starts to see the vision of a wolfwalker which caused him to find his den where he lives in, the boy gets taken aback and introduces himself as Mael Níos Óige MacTíre, with Robbi introducing himself as well. Robbi and Mael's friendship grew very strong and talk about things that they have so much in common their grandmothers, there strict households and being alone in the house which Mael said his grandmother is not back in the den but maybe taking a long time to find food, Robbi also tells her that his grandmother is the only family member that could believe things that exist, they promised they meet each other again in their wolfwalker forms.

Later that day, a troop of soldiers led by an army leader named Minerva who is on a case to find the wolves' paw prints but only to hunt them down since they were dangerous to the human kind but also obsessed to find the existence of wolfwalkers instead she found a necklace with a picture of Amelia and Robbi which is actually Amelia's necklace whom she left behind during her encounter with Mael in his wolfwalker form. Minerva informs the necklace to her Right hand man Padraig who is actually Robyn's bully in Kilkenny but gets replaced by a new kid as the new ringleader for the street children and now joins Minerva's team of soldiers to hunt the wolves down since he still aware what the Lord Protector said to him about the wolves. Minerva follow the paw prints but were interrupted by Mael's powerful howl which Padraig suggested Minerva to go back which she agrees on. Robbi sneakily goes back in the house without his parents knowing after their grounded with being in house arrest, Robbi talks to Robyn in private about the boy and tells her she is right about the wolfwalkers not being a myth, while Robyn is about to ask Robbi a question Stephen comes in and let the both know dinner is ready, for dinner is a creamy beef and barley soup which Amelia dislikes while eating their supper Stephen asks a question to Robbi if he ever sneak, Robbi refuses but Stephen accuses him for lying which caused a big argument at the table Robbi accuses him back for not being responsible for his own kids and thinks he only thinks where liars just because the money he makes is his family, Stephen in shock and Robbi storms into his room with anger and thinking he hates his own dad and only cares about money. Caoimhe talks with Robbi in his room letting him know that Stephen wants to work hard to provide the best he could for his family and still cares for both of their kids in his heart, Robbi refuses to listen at first but asks his mom a question if she ever met a friend who's different, Caoimhe would probably get along with her.

At Night, Robbi transforms his spirit into a wolfwalker he is excitedly hyped about it and sneakily goes out the window to find Mael, Amelia in surprise and secretly follows him, on the way to his den, Mael was already there standing by the trees and said "I knew you would come back". They both played together happily similar how Robyn and Mebh were when there young, Robbi and Mael went back into the den, Robbi finds out that his sister followed him, Amelia was scared at first but happy to see that wolfwalkers are real, Mael in shock to find out Amelia understands what their saying, all three enjoyed visiting each other and talk about their interests and Mael said his mom died from getting killed by hunters he shows an old photo of Aine Mebh's daughter which reveals Mael's grandmother is in fact Robyn's former friend Mebh Óg MacTíre (now 74 years old) and Mael shows Robbi and Amelia to her human body sleeping just like Robyn pictured her to be, he informs them that she's all he has in the pack but not only her but the wolves as well. While it's almost morning, Robbi and Mael made a promise to be best friends forever year by year, Robbi and Amelia sneakily went back into their house back to bed while Robbi transforms back into his human form. The Next Morning, Stephen wakes up both the children with Caoimhe horrified to find out Robyn had a heart attack and collapsed, Robbi and Amelia finds their grandmother in bed woken up and lets them both know she is sick for a while and finds out she is diagnosed with a fever and a rare disease with it which is the same disease her mother had died with, Robbi tells Robyn he is now a wolfwalker and his sister is with him but doesn't know how to tell his dad about it, Robyn informs him that being a wolfwalker maybe a secret but sometimes he has to let it out, Robbi in tears knows Robyn won't last but Caoimhe lets him know that she will be here in their hearts.

In the Afternoon, Robbi made an excuse that he needs to go to bed early for a big day tomorrow which Caoimhe is ok with, Stephen is hurt and afraid that his mother is going to die soon Caoimhe suggests him to spend more time with the kids, Stephen isn't so sure due to his strict attitude and knows his son hates him and his daughter is scared of him because he is not a real dad like many others but knows he needs to try be a good dad and be there for them, Robbi transforms back in his form and goes out to find Mebh for where she's at and finds a camp with tents, crossbows and swords, he hears a voice which is led to a muzzled wolf Robbi in shock to find Mebh tied up by soldiers and introduces himself as Robbi, when Minerva wakes up and finds Robbi with Mebh she began to use the crossbow and starts shooting at him, he runs away and hides himself behind the trees while he's eavesdropping Minerva smirking at Mebh while Mebh is about to threaten Minerva but threatens her back to kill her if she gets loose. Robbi finds Mael in his wolf form informing him that his grandmother is Caught by Minerva, Mael disappointed in tears and threatens to kill her to release Mebh, Robbi tries to stop him but Mael wouldn't listen to him. Robbi decided to follow him to the soldiers' camp, after he gets to the camp Mael is caught by Minerva, Padraig and her men. Robbi silently witnesses Mael getting tied up like Mebh, Robbi accidently made a whimper sound of a wolf while he covered his mouth with his paw but Minerva catches him and threatens to kill him. While Minerva is about to get ready to hunt them down Robyn in her wolf form comes up and attacks Minerva, Robyn releases the 3 but with Robyn's shock to see Mebh in years, Minerva started shooting at them, 4 of them escaped. On the way back to the den Robyn wanted to apologize to Mebh but denies the apology and does not want to talk about it while she is still hurt and angry at her for the time she left to Dublin, Robyn said everyone makes choices which made Mebh even Angrier they had an argument but Mael stops them.

On the way back to Robbi and Amelia's home, Stephen scared at first trying to hit them with a stick but Amelia stops him and says that the wolves are wolfwalkers, Stephen still doesn't believe but both Robbi and Robyn show him that they really are by jumping back into their human forms Stephen was about to faint but Caoimhe catches him in time. Minerva finds their house, while she knocks on the door Stephen hides Mael and Mebh in the closet. While Stephen was about to open the door Minerva points the crossbow both at him and Caoimhe to let them know that she isn't stupid enough to find the wolves in his home and accuses the both for having them as pets, Stephen denies it but Minerva threatens them she'll report them to the guards especially their daughter, they had no choice but to let them in to check their house to see if Minerva is right. Mebh couldn't take it anymore and starts attacking the soldier, Robbi, Mael and the others ran out of the house while Minerva and the soldiers are chasing all them with their weapons. While Robyn is about to take on the soldiers she is grabbed by Padraig and recognizes him as her bully from Kilkenny and starting to strangle her, after Stephen witnessing this he gets angry showing his real pure heart, he transforms into a wolfwalker to attack Padraig, killing him. Robbi, Amelia and Caoimhe are in shock to find out who he really was, Stephen finally reveals he's actually a wolfwalker all along but kept his secret from his wife and kids and pretended he didn't care, he also apologizes to Robbi and Amelia for not being there for them due to working so hard and barely got any time to spend time with the kids but he also reveals he was desperately wanting the money because they all lived in a poor life and Robyn's home is the only place to live in before they find themselves a home. Robbi and Amelia accepted his apology while Robyn and Mebh smiling at each other like old times.

While Robyn and Robbi are about to get back into their wolf forms, Minerva shoots Stephen with her crossbow and Robbi in dispair while the soldiers are tying up Robyn, Robbi, Amelia and Caoimhe while muzzling Mebh, Mael and Stephen. Minerva knew about Robbi and the others are wolfwalker material except for Caoimhe and Amelia also Minerva reveals to Robyn that Minerva is actually the daughter of Eileen Blavatsky who offered her to Dublin, but the offer is actually a trap for Robyn just to get her identity exposed and Eileen is secretly a "bounty hunter" and later she died by giving birth to Minerva and never knew her mother very well. Stephen breaks free from the muzzle and accidentally bites Minerva's arm screaming in pain, Stephen frees the others but Minerva starts to feels dizzy and starts to see the vision of a wolf, she started to faint and collapse. While Mebh is about to get the wolfwalkers far from the forest, Stephen gets attacked by Minerva now in wolf form and more powerful she also betrays her men by scaring them off, Minerva and Stephen started to fight but Stephen was not strong enough due to the injury of the arrow. While Robbi is about to run away with the rest but he stopped, they all looked back at him, Stephen smiles softly at Robbi and lets him know that "he have always loved him and his sister, no matter what", Minerva kills Stephen by sacrificing himself in front of Robbi and the rest while they run off, Robbi breaks down in tears hugging Robyn and the others which they started to tear up too.

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Ideal Cast

  • Louis Ashbourne Serkis as Robbi Goodfellowe, the main protagonist.
  • Art Parkinson as Mael Níos Óige MacTíre, the secondary protagonist. a wolfwalker who is Mebh's Grandson and Aine's son, Níos Óige MacTíre means Younger Wolf.
  • Colin Farrell as Stephen Goodfellowe, Robbi and Amelia's neglectful, strict and a workaholic father, Caoimhe's husband and Robyn's son who doesn't believe in wolfwalkers but he is one of them but never noticed since he was a child.
  • Joanna Lumley as Robyn Goodfellowe, Robbi and Amelia's grandmother and Stephen's mother who is secretly a wolfwalker in the first film.
  • Lucy O'Connell as Amelia Goodfellowe, Robbi's young sister.
  • Denise Gough as Caoimhe Goodfellowe (née O'Connor), Stephan's wife and Robbi and Amelia's mother, Who is not strictly and neglectful like her husband but cares for her children a lot.
  • Jon Kenny as Padraig, Former Ringleader of the Street Children and Bully when he's young and currently Minerva's Right Hand Man to help her fight wolves.
  • Fionnula Flanagan as Mebh Óg MacTíre, a wolfwalker who is a childhood friend and sister figure of Robyn, Óg MacTíre means Young Wolf.
    • Eva Whittaker as Mebh Óg MacTíre (Young)
    • Emma Tate as Mebh Óg MacTíre (Adult)
  • Eiza González as Minerva Blavatsky, the general of an army and the main antagonist.
  • Nora Twomey as Eileen Blavatsky, a lady who offers Robyn to go to Dublin but in secret she is Minerva's Deceased mother after her death of her daughter's birth and an Anti-Wolf bounty hunter.

Additionally, Sean Bean and Maria Doyle Kennedy reprises their roles as Bill Goodfellowe, Robyn's Father and Moll MacTíre, Mebh's Mother in the flashbacks but both roles are uncredited.


  • Robbi is named after his grandmother from the first film "Robyn Goodfellowe".
  • Matthieu Zeller's first produced animated movie that's not part of nWave Pictures.
  • Lucy O'Connell and Fionnula Flanagan previously worked together in "Song of the Sea" which also is by Cartoon Saloon.
  • Stephen Goodfellowe can be like Bill Goodfellowe and Abbot Cellach from "The Secret of Kells" but with a bit of neglect to his children and a non-believer.
  • Eiza González' second animated feature after Spirit Untamed.
  • This Film will star and voice an Ensemble Cast.

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