Wings To Change Is A 1995 Film.



Someone Into

Anywhere In Your Dreams

Blue Moon

Voice cast

Henry Corden as Berries Bear (character)

Russi Taylor as Judy Bear

Robert Hays as Tinky Winky

Susan Boyd as Hannah Bear

Mark Schiff as Sheriff Huckleberry, Comedy Huck, Deputy Huck and Lawman Huck

Tom Hanks as Bull Terrier

Jim Varney as Patrick

John Ratzenberger as Bridge Bear

Tim Allen as Clifford Bear

Greg Burson as Salt Bear, Genie Garden Bear Yo Yogi, Cousin Thomas and Cactus Yogi

Don Messick as Cousin Boy

Rob Paulsen as Sugar Bear

Charlie Adler as The Truck Driver


Randy Edelman


March 30, 1995

Home media releases

March 17, 1998 VHS February 1, 2005 DVD

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