Wild American Buffalo Bill Rangers,is a country wildlife heaven music live action/animated movie produced by Coltrane Mnich, who just introducing himself, and he was doing his own movies, as a writer, a producer, and an actor. It was distributed by Amblin Entertainment, Touchstone Pictures, and Universal Pictures.


Once, long ago in the west, where American plains Buffaloes roaming in the Wild West. In buffalo city in New York, a buffalo ranger from the west named Coltrane buckaroo (Coltrane Mnich), who was packing his stuff, taking the train, and heading to his place in the Wild West where he belongs, with two friends like Walter wood and Lester licorice, and where he comes face to face with the Buffaloes who were wild western animals, but they know who he is, they do recognize him, he's the one who just rescued them from the hunters, and they were friends with him. Coltrane likes to help & hang out with everyone in the town, saving, protecting, & training the Buffaloes from the Wild West, taking care of children, and drink water, hot chocolate, orange juice, lemonade, root beer, and strawberry banana milkshakes, and he likes to eat double western bacon cheeseburgers, French fries, pancakes, eggs, sausages, and an apple pie. There are some other animals in the Wild West, like a mountain lion, a coyote, a western diamond rattlesnake, a tarantula spider, a road runner, a bearded dragon, a desert scorpion, a common black hawk, a clan of black-tailed jackrabbits, a clan of black-tailed prairie dogs, a herd of elk, and a herd of American antelopes. Coltrane has to stop & beat the crap out of the villains, like General Wally farquaad (John Lithgow), and his henchmen & ferret bandits, and put them into jail, once & for all, for stealing money, & kidnaping the Buffaloes in the west. Coltrane, Willie & Lillie, & everyone in the town are celebrating with a square dance of joy. And the Buffaloes are been setting & living free, and in the Wild West.

Produced by Coltrane Mnich, David Kirschner, Steven Spielberg, and more.

starring Coltrane Mnich, the kids, John Lithgow, and more

Featuring Willie and Lillie Low-Mouse, The Weasel Ferret Bandits

Performing songs by kid rock, and Bon Jovi

narrated by Clint Black

Distributed by Universal Pictures , Amblin Entertainment, and Touchstone Pictures

starts on December 1

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