Inspiration came from the Disney/Fox merger.

ViacomCBS flagship franchise (with Columbia and TriStar)

Image of ViacomCBS' selected row of films as its flagship franchises: Top Gun for Paramount Pictures, Sherlock Gnomes for Paramount Animation, Wonder Park for Nickelodeon Movies, Star Trek for CBS Entertainment Group, Ghostbusters for Columbia Pictures, and Short Circuit for TriStar.

ViacomCBS has succeeded Viacom and CBS Corporation since 2019, and Sony Pictures Entertainment has been the owner of Columbia Pictures and TriStar since 1989. But what if ViacomCBS bought Columbia and TriStar from Sony Pictures and had them be the adopted sister companies to Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, and CBS Entertainment?





  • If ViacomCBS will be able to buy Columbia and TriStar, they'll be able to distribute their own films again like they did back in their heydays; way before Sony Pictures Releasing took over distribution in 1995.
  • If the company buys Columbia, it will have its own spun-off divisions:


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