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On January 14, 1971, it was announced that MGM was in talks with 20th Century Fox for a possible merger. This plan was never implemented. But in our alternate history, we imagine that if this merger was successful and MGM and 20th Century Fox merged into one company.

List of changes

  • The merger was to end on June 15, 1971.
  • The combined company will be called MGM-Fox Media (1971-1980) and News Corporation (1980-2019).
  • MGM-Fox Media will not sell MGM Records to PolyGram.
  • MGM Records and 20th Century Fox Records will merge to form MGM-Fox Records.
  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino would become MGM-Fox Grand Hotel and Casino, which would not have been sold by Bally Manufacturing and renamed Bally's Las Vegas.
  • Following the merger, MGM-Fox Media will acquire multiple film studios.
  • Their first purchase after the merger will be RKO General (together with the RKO Pictures movie library).
  • They would then buy Columbia Pictures in 1980 (which in this alternate history would not have bought Coca Cola in 1982 and Sony in 1989) and United Artists. TriStar Pictures would have created it anyway.
  • After that they would have bought Hanna-Barbera and New Line Cinema (which in this alternate story Turner Entertainment would not have bought, and Warner Brothers would not have owned the MGM library until 1986 and the WB library until 1950) and in 1998 Hanna-Barbera would be renamed MGM-Fox Animation.
  • 20th Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios and Sony Pictures Animation would not exist, and their projects would be done by MGM-Fox Animation.
  • They would then buy Marvel in 1989 (and own the entire library of Marvel superheroes), Pathé in 1990, Cannon Films in 1997, and Lucasfilm in 1999.
  • Many MGM films would not have been canceled. For example, Betty Boop was released in 1994, while Sonic the Hedgehog: Wonders of the World came out in 1997.
  • MGM did not file for bankruptcy in 2005 because MGM-Fox Media was very wealthy and was the 3rd largest film studio in the United States after Warner Brothers (2nd place) and Disney (1st place).
  • Fox Kids were called Jetix from the very beginning. The channel would not have been shut down and sold by Disney in 2001 along with Power Rangers, What's with Andy and many other franchises.
  • Disney will only buy Marvel and Lucasfilm together with Fox and MGM.
  • Disney will buy Studio Ghibli in 2006 along with Pixar. In return, MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation will buy Bandai Namco Holdings (Sunrise), Toei Company (Toei Animation), Nippon Animation, Sega Sammy Holdings (TMS Entertainment) and Asatsu-DK (Nihon Ad Systems).
  • MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation would purchase Bagdasarian Productions on 2011.
  • In 2013, Disney will buy Sesame Workshop and The Jim Henson Company.
  • Comcast and Apple will compete to buy MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation in addition to Disney.

Alternative purchases

1. What if Disney buys MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation?

  • Actually Disney bought 20th Century Fox, but in this story Disney will buy MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation.
  • After Disney acquires MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation, it will become the largest entertainment industry in the world.
  • This purchase will be the most expensive purchase for the company in the 21st century. Disney will spend $105 billion on it, not $72 billion, as in reality.
  • Disney acquired all assets other than Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News, MGM-Fox Grand Hotel and Casino, as well as assets of the current News Corporation (2013-present).
  • Disney will own 36% of the Hollywood film market.
  • Any assets not acquired by Disney will be transferred to New Fox / Fox Corporation.
  • 20th Century Fox will be renamed 20th Century Studios and so on, just like in the real story.
  • Disney will be a remake or TV series on Home Alone, The Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Ice Age, Rio, The Ugly Duckling and Me!, Kaput and Zösky, Minuscule, Scooby-Doo and many other MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation franchises.

2. What if Comcast buys MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation?

  • The franchise for MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation will be transferred to Universal, and MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation will become a subsidiary of Universal.
  • MGM-Fox Animation, Illumination and DreamWorks will be merged, although they will remain a separate company. Plus, just like DreamWorks got a new logo, it will get a new logo.
  • Ice Age will receive a PG-13 reboot in 2021, distributed by Universal Pictures.
  • Comcast will own 28% of the Hollywood film market.

3. What if Apple bought MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation?

  • Apple would enter the realm of the film industry.
  • MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation will remain in the Big Five, but MGM-Fox Media / News Corporation will be renamed Apple Pictures Entertainment.
  • The releases were primarily aired on AppleTV+.
  • Apple will own 16% of the Hollywood film market.


The article will still be updated. In the comments you can add your ideas, what if MGM and 20th Century Fox did become the same company in 1971.