Toyland is a 1948 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Dora Wilson Productions, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is based on the 1903 fairy tale/operetta Babes in Toyland by Victor Herbert and Glen MacDonough.

Toyland was released theatrically on December 5, 1948, being the first animated feature to be fully produced by Dora Wilson Productions, and the first animated feature to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures. It received positive reviews and was a commercial success at the box office.

TBD. A live-action/CGI film remake was released on 2019.


The film follows two young orphaned children who discover themselves in a fantasy world of toys while escaping from the villainous Barnaby who plans to (reserved of Nephelodeon)


Setting in 1900s London, where it revolves two young orphaned children named Jane and Alan, who, after the death of their parents, live their lonesome and homeless lives in the streets during Christmas wintertime. Jane suddenly finds a book which somehow got dropped behind and contains Mother Goose nursery rhymes, thinking it's perfect for her young brother. The duo takes shelter where Jane reads the book to Alan.



  • Jane (voiced by Carol Coombs) - the film's main protagonist who TBD
  • Alan - Jane's silent and deaf young brother who talks through sign language. His hiccup sound effects are done by an uncredited Mel Blanc.
  • Tilty (voiced by Ed Wynn) - a goofy and fun-loving giant drinking bird perpetual motion device.
  • Barnaby (voiced by Charles Judels) - the film's main villain who TBD
  • Contrary Mary (voiced by Adriana Caselotti) - TBD
  • TBD
  • Mayor Jack (voiced by Frank Graham) - TBD
  • The Master Toymaker (voiced by Leo G. Carroll) - TBD
  • The Train Conductor (voiced by Mel Blanc) - TBD
  • Choo-Choo (voiced by Ray Turner, which was generated by an early version of the talk box called Sonovox) - a locomotive.








Critical response


  • Toyland is DreamWorks' first independently-produced animated film.
  • It was DreamWorks' first film to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures.
  • This is the studios' first adaptation film.
    • Also, it was DreamWorks' first animated film to be based on a fairy tale.
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