Tiger's Tale is a 1999 American animated adventure musical film produced by DreamWorks Pictures, loosely inspired by the popular Indian story The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal. It was directed by Jules Bass, Kelly Asbury, and Rob Minkoff.

It was released on August 6, 1999, TBD.


In this film adaptation, set in the jungle of India, a lonely young Brahmin boy named Bryo was born with an ability to talk to animals and, along with his animal friends, must set out to help a lost tiger named Regit find his lost family while also protecting him from a ruthless hunter named Nisthor.



  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Bryo the Brahmin, a young orphaned human male Brahmin who has his ability too understand and talk to animals.
  • Tom Cruise as Regit the tiger, a bengal tiger TBD
  • Max Casella as Jack the jackal, a wise-cracking and sarcastic jackal.
  • Kevin McDonald as Wingo the parrot, a timid and anxious Rose-ringed parakeet
  • Brad Garrett as Shield the buffalo, a tough, yet clumsy water buffalo bull.
  • Pat Hingle as the Narrator
  • TBD as Sona, a girl who is a tiger keeper and Bryo’s love interest.
  • TBD as Albi, a female albino tiger who is the love interest of Regit.
  • TBD
  • TBD


DreamWorks began on its development for an animated feature film based on The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal in 1995, during the time the studio were also in the development of The Prince of Eygpt. DreamWorks artists began on an research trip down in India to study and do sketches of the beauty atmosphere of the Indian wildlife, to fit for the film. TBD

Differences from the original story



  • From the co-director of The Lion King, the producers of The Last Unicorn, and the songwriter of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat comes the tale of Tiger’s Tale


  • The film was produced by Arthur Rankin, Jr., along with Jules Bass, which was under the production name-unit Rankin/Bass (despite its closure in 1987). And also Rankin’s second animated feature produced in 1999 following after Warner Bros./Nest’s The King and I, which was released the same year.
    • It marked Rankin/Bass’ eighth and last animated film produced for DreamWorks Animation.


  • Regit: (to Bryo) I hope Wingo will find a shelter for us. Take a look at those clouds. (dark clouds approaching in sky) The storm is approaching this way.
  • Shield: Yeah. That cloud is coming fast. That bird-brain had better find the shelter before we‘d wiped out.
  • Wingo: I’m back.
  • Jack: Wow. That wasn’t so long for you.
  • Bryo: Sign for our safe shelter, Wingo?
  • Wingo: Nah, I went to pee.

(awkward silence as Bryo, Regit, Shield and Jack looks each other in exasperation and disgust)

  • Jack: (to Wingo) Just keep looking for our shelter, bird.
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