The Magic Flute is a 1977 American animated musical fantasy adventure film adapted from the opera play of the same name by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, produced and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.


The film retold with anthropomorphic animals which it follows the prince, Tamino, along with his sidekick Papageno, who finds a magical flute as he is persuaded by the Queen of Night to their journey to rescue Princess Pamina from the captivity of King Sarastro.


Somewhere in the distant kingdom, a handsome prince named Tamino is preparing to marry the beautiful Princess Pamina. He ventures through the woods only to be attacked by a giant serpent. After three female swans save him by killing off the monster, a crow named Papageno, who likes to communicate with other birds, finds the unconscious Tamino. Tamino wakes up from his coma, and to his amazement thanks Papageno for killing a serpent and saving his life, as he thinks the crow is the one who killed it, not knowing who really killed it. Though confidentially Papageno isn’t responsible for defeating a serpent, he decide to TBD


  • Rod Taylor as Prince Tamino (dog)
  • Henry Gibson as Papageno (crow)
  • Helen Reddy as Princess Pamina (poddle)
  • Eleanor Audley as The Queen of the Night (panther)
  • J. Pat O'Malley as King Sarastro (lion)
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  • Tamino: (amazed upon seeing the serpent is laying on the ground, lifeless; to Papageno) Why, kind sir, were you the one who is responsible of killing that dreadful giant serpent?
  • Papageno: (confused) I'm sorry, but what serpent?
  • Tamino: (points the dead monster) Over there.
  • Papageno: (turns to look at it) Yikes! (hops on Tamino) W-w-whatta beast! How that happened there?! Is it dead?
  • Tamino: (gently drops Papageno down) Yes, it is dead, And you did killed that beast, didn't ya? (Papageno looks again to the serpent in his confusion) Well, come on, bird fellow. Be truthful to me? Did you killed it? Don't hesitate to answer.
  • Papageno: (hesitantly) Uh..... Yes?
  • Tamino: Yes? Jolly! (hugs Papageno) You have no idea I'm so impressed that you rescued my life from that furious blood-killing creature.
  • Papageno: (released from Tamino's hug) You mean it?
  • Tamino: Quite. How could I ever serve anything you deserve for the sake of my gratitude?
  • Papageno: (thinking) Anything? Like gold?
  • Tamino: Anything like gold, lad. You name it.
  • Papageno: (impressed; to himself softly) Anything like gold, huh? Why golly! I like that. This guy thinks I'm a hero. Might as well just play along for him. (to Tamino) You have my word, sir. You have no idea how much I appreciated your gratitude for me saving you from the nasty teeth of that ugly-looking serpent. So all you need is your trusty assistant to watch after you and protect you from any other danger that can be larking around this surround world.
  • Tamino: Does that make you my bodyguard?
  • Papageno: Uh, yes. Precisely, of course. After all, how hard can it be to never act like a cowardly chicken to do so?
  • Tamino: Then it's sattled.
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