The Christmas Tales is a 1947 American animated anthology film produced by Dora Wilson Productions for MGM. It features six stories that relates to Christmas. It also live action scenes before introducing to each animated segments.

It stars Mel Blanc in the role of a widowed father of two children.


On the night of Christmas Eve, an widowed father tells six different Christmas stories to his children before putting them to bed before the arrival of Santa Claus.


  • The Little Elf - TBD.
  • Christmas Pie - Inspired by the nursery rhyme Little Jack Corner, this segment focuses about TBF.
  • Christmas in Summer
  • Wooden Pup - a story about a toy wooden puppy who comes to life and explorers the world around and then being brought over to a young boy for Christmas.
  • The Christmas Fair - TBD.
  • A Christmas Carol - a comical retelling of Charles Dickens' classic story about a grumpy and mean-spirited elderly man who is visited by three ghosts in Christmas.

The following additional stories were included in the 1967 release:

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (originally the famous Chuck Jones television featurette produced in 1966; the narration is redubbed by Mel Blanc, while Boris Karloff and June Foray remain their voices of The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who)
  • TBD


Voice cast



  • DreamWorks' first animated/live-action hybrid film
  • DreamWorks' first animated package film and its first package film in general
  • DreamWorks' first post-war film
  • DreamWorks' first seasonal film
  • It is the second and last animated DreamWorks film to be co-produced with MGM Cartoon Studio.
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