SpongeBob & Company is an American web television animated crossover comedy special exclusively on Netflix, based on Stephen Hillenburg's animated works, such as Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants and his animated shows for DreamWorks Studios, Sailor Cat and Sailor Fish, Rocky the Shrimp, Jimmy Two-Shoes, The Pet Adventures of Lego, The Doggies, Young Agents, and Awesome Six, as well as the Dreamtoons character Biscuit Dog. The special was produced by United Plankton Pictures, with association with Nickelodeon Animation Studio (Viacom) and DreamWorks Studios (Comcast) and distributed by Netflix.


SpongeBob & Company was released on November 21, 2019, and received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the animation, humor, and voice performances.


Patchy the Pirate subplot

A tribute ceremony show The Stephen Hillenburg Tribute Show, held in Hollywood, is hosted by Patchy the Pirate, along with Potty the Parrot, who honors the works of Stephen Hillenburg and is expecting his appearance at the end of the show.


After the special and the wraparound subplot, Patchy realizes that Hillenburg didn't showed up in the show and later got a message when he learns that Mr. Hillenburg does not appear in his show is due to his death (which was the reason which the ceremony show was created). He then beings to complain about it since he was the only person who didn't know about his death, until then gets attacked by a bearfish.

Main plot



Voice cast

Live-action cast

  • Tom Kenny as Patchy the Pirate





  • Originally, Hillenburg himself was strongly against spin-offs and crossovers for his shows, but despite that, after his death, animators at United Plankton Pictures and DreamWorks Animation Television began production on the special in order to make a tribute to him. As such, this had received a lot of negative backlash from many fans at first, but after its release, fans began to accept and love the special.
  • Due to using one-shot characters instead of recurring ones in every episode, Animal City is the only Hillenburg series that is absent in the special.


  • Some non-SpongeBob characters: (repeated line) Did anyone tell that stupid starfish that his voice is similar to Homer Simpson's?

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