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Song of the Amazon is a 1991 American animated musical fantasy adventure film produced by DreamWorks Animation and released by DreamWorks Pictures. It featured the voice talents of Ned Luke, Linda Larkin, Donnie Wahlberg, Chris Rock, Tim Stack, Jim Belushi, Charo, TBD, TBD and David Bowie. The film follows the story of seven animals friends from the Amazon rainforest who dream to becoming famous singers in Rio de Janeiro.


Song of the Amazon was released on May 17, 1991, with mixed critical reception it received. The film’s box-office grossed with $166.5 million internationally.



Characters and cast

  • Capuchy, voiced by Ned Luke (speaking) and Jordan Knight (singing), a young music-loving Capuchin monkey
  • Ateli, voiced by Linda Larkin (speaking voice) and Tiffany (singing), a female spider monkey who is Capuchy's love interest
  • Tupi, voiced by Donnie Wahlberg, a squirrel monkey who is Capuchy’s older brother.
  • Color, voiced by Chris Rock (speaking) and Tevin Campbell (singing), a red poison dart frog
  • Pace, voiced by Tim Stack, a three-toed sloth
  • Oodnose, voiced by Jim Belushi, a grouchy tapir
  • Conga, voiced by Charo, a conga-dancing iguana
  • Kevin R. Avenue, voiced by Bob Newhart, a human explorer
  • Larguirucho, voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, the owner of the concert.
  • Panthor, voiced by David Bowie, a black jaguar and the main antagonist.
  • TBD


Production on Song of the Amazon began in 1985, where Dora Wilson and her team of artists took a research trip to South America for their glimpse to take on South American culture and wildlife, particularly the Amazon rainforest. TBD



  • Song of the Amazon
  • Don't Let Love Go
  • Party Animals
  • TBD



  • (Capuchy arrives at Ateli's home)
  • Ateli: Oh, Capuchy! Good morning. Glad you're just in time to be there.
  • Capuchy: Yeah, just like I never forget. Here're the flowers as your dating gift.
  • Ateli: (takes a now broken flowers from Capuchy) Thank you. These look.... uh... quite of.....
  • Capuchy: (sighs in dismay) Yeah, I know what're about say. Awful, after this clumsy rush I been through, made me monkeying around if you know what I mean. Sorry about that, it seems that so much for a perfect gift you asked me to give it to you.
  • Ateli: (smiles as she throws destroyed flowers to the waste basket) Oh, Capuchy. Flowers don't mean anything as my gift. It's only you, (flirting Capuchy) as my perfect gift.
  • Capuchy: You do think so?
  • Ateli: I always know so, love. (kisses him on a cheek)
  • Capuchy: (coy) Gee, that's sweet of you.

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