Act 1

Scene 1

(DreamWorks 55 Anniversary logo)

(DreamWorks Pictures Presents)

(Roboy logo; in CGI, as the letters flies around the screen before revealing the title. And then a camera zooms through the “O” to enter the futuristic metropolitan city, as the camera continues to move forward through the city, in the CGI perspective)

Female voice-over: (narrating) A hundred years forward in the future, year 2089, to be precise, to begin my story. Well, actually not only my story, but you’ll find out who in the moment. So then to start with, I lived in the metropolis city of Manhattopolis, formally called Manhattan, case you’re confused, a war caused the old Manhattan to become more advanced, more technological made everything different that change our lives for entirety. (The camera then stop to apartment building) So as story starts off, as it was yesterday, it was another usual spring season, where nothing’s unusual going on today, (the floating bus appeared for a stop) only except that I’m late for school.

(Horn honks is heard as the scene jumps up to the window where a teenage girl appears in the scene, waking up from her slumber, yawning and gazed down before goes on her frantic shock)

Teen girl: (gasps) My bus’s here already this early?! At 6:30?! It should be arrive at 7:00. Oh, my gosh! Must be quick! (TBD) Dad! The bus have arrived! You should’ve wake me up earlier ago!

Her dad: Sorry, Glinka, hon’. You know how busy that your old man is going through day and night.

Glinka: (annoyed) You always said that time to time. (Horn honks is heard) Oops. My ride is gonna head off for school! I have to go now!

Her dad: Glin’, wait! What about your breakfast I set up for you?! I made a super-duper atomic-made pancakes for you!

Glinka: (run towards the door) I don’t have any time, pops! Maybe I’ll eat that during supper after school. I’m gonna be late! Bye! (zips out the door)

Her dad: (annoyed as he looks at the pancakes; to himself) Urgh. Why’s too hard to understand my daughter won’t able have her time to experience my inventions all the time? All it is is rush, rush for her.

Female voice-over: (narrating) This is my father, Professor Loc Venter Roman, he is known to be the inventor that worked hard every year. (Then scene cuts to outside where Glinka runs towards the bus, before her luck come too late as the bus drives off after other kids aboard the bus. Glinka stops and looks on on her TBD) And, oh yeah, this girl here? This is me, my name is Glinka. Glinka Roman.

Glinka: (sighs) Oh, no...

Glinka (voice-over narrating): Of course I didn’t have my any luck to catch up the bus, far as I notice for sure that I’d never catch up to school in time. Unless....


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