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Kidsgate (stylized as kidsgate) is an American direct-to-video black comedy slasher film directed, written and produced by Michael Bay, and was produced by the joint effort between DreamWorks Pictures and Platinum Dunes, which is available to watch exclusively on Netflix. The film features the cast of TBD.

The film serves as a parody of the YouTube videos containing inappropriate themes aimed to show children, with the inclusion of the Elsagate phenomenon, which the story revolves three internet hosts, and also serial killers, of the fictional inappropriate-contented "kids'" web series The Princess Ice and Super Dude Show, Princess Ice (played by Sarah Silverman), Super Dude (played by TBD) and Clowny (played by TBD), who are starting a killing spree around the small town, murdering parents for preventing their children from watching, due to their show containing adult themes aiming at them. So a group of police officers are sent to put a stop to the massacre and save both children and their parents.

During development, the working title of the film was originally pitched known as Elsagate before changing to the current Kidsgate to avoid copyright issues. Three iconic characters Elsa (Disney's Frozen), Marvel's Spider-Man and the Joker (DC Comics' Batman) was pitched as main antagonists in the film, before replacing them with original characters (but spoofing them) for the same reason.




  • TBD as Officer Sam, TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Sarah Silverman as Princess Ice, a parody of Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen as the hostess of The Princess Ice and Super Dude Show.
  • TBD as Super Dude, a parody of superhero characters, particularly Marvel Comics' Spider-Man, who is a host of The Princess Ice and Super Dude Show.
  • TBD as Clowny, a villain in The Princess Ice and Super Dude Show who portrays as a trouble-making trickster, being obsessed with profanity/blasphemy words, and also parodies the Joker from DC Comics' Batman franchise.
  • TBD


  • The creepy version of the nursery song "Figure Family Song" is heard during the film's opening credits.


  • "You never let your kids to watch enything disturbing on the internet, you won't let them to watch this movie"
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