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There are many internet phenomenon related to DreamWorks' film and television properties, particularly its animation library.

Dreamtoons franchise

Headin´ South

The Adventures of Hijitus

All Dogs Go to Heaven



DreamWorks' 2001 animated film Shrek and its two direct-to-video sequels had an internet fandom who ironically liked them. The viral video, "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life", was based on a homoerotic story on 4chan depicting the titular ogre engaging in anal sex with a (presumably young) boy.

Puss in Boots

Sailor Cat and Sailor Fish, Jimmy Two-Shoes, The Pet Adventures of Lego and The Doggies

Bee Movie

Sped-up or slowed-down clips of the film have become viral on YouTube. One upload by "Avoid at All Costs" exceeded 12 million views as of December 2016. The video and videos like it were taken down by YouTube in June 2017. From September 2013 onwards, a few Internet users posted the entirety of the Bee Movie script on sites like Tumblr and Twitter.

How to Train Your Dragon

Harvey Street Kids

The Berenstain Bears

Captain Underpants


Cartoon Animal Town

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