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Headin' South Again (originally known as Heading South 2) is an American direct-to-video animated comedy-adventure musical film released by DreamWorks Pictures on October 11, 2002, as a sequel to the 1942 classic Headin' South. It was produced by TBD, written by TBD, and directed by TBD.

In this story, taking place after the events of the first film, Janice (voiced by Hynden Walch, singing voice by Tara Strong), along with her parents and the rest of the ducks, are heading out to South America. However Janice gets captured by an evil anaconda named Noarms (voiced by John Hurt, and singing voice by Tim Curry) to take her away for his meal, until she got rescued by her old raccoon friend Ringo (voiced by Arnold Stang). Now Janice and Ringo has to travel through the jungle of the Amazon to get back to her flocks.


Characters and cast

  • Janice Duck - TBD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Duck - TBD
  • Ringo - TBD
  • Noarms- TBD
  • TBD





  • The sequel is still set in the 1940s, where the original Headin' South took place.
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