Headin' South is a media franchise produced by DreamWorks Studios debuted in 1942, which follow the adventures of a little girl duckling Janice and her raccoon friend Ringo.

The series follows with three films, a reboot, video games, comics, attractions and other media, which revolving a duckling named Janice and a raccoon Ringo who would embark together to journey for many adventures in the various southern locations in the world, either Southern California, Latin America and Antarctica.





Films Released Dates Types Produced by
Headin' South July 2, 1943 Theatrical Dora Wilson Productions
MGM Cartoon Studio
Headin' South Again October 11, 2002 Direct-to-video DreamWorks Animation
TMS Entertainment
Headin' South Pole October 10, 2010 Direct-to-video DreamWorks Animation
Sparx Animation Studios

A. Film Productions

Toon City

Wang Film Productions

Janice and Ringo TBA Direct-to-video DreamWorks Animation

Other medias


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