Friendly is a 1968 American animated musical comedy adventure film produced by DreamWorks Cartoon Studio. It follows two siblings, 14-year-old Sammy and 12-year-old Sally, who rescue a jackalope from hunters, take him as their pet and name him Friendly. They then went on a quest to find Friendly's original home, Jackalope Warren, while facing a bunch of unsavory characters in their journey, including the hunters.


In the woods of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, two children, Sammy and Sally DeThough, along with their family, are having camp together. While there, Sally tells her family about her dream to find the existence of a jackalope and prove it to everyone, including her classmates who treated her as a laughing stock during the report, which leaves her family in disbelief. At night, Sally decides to prove her family if the jackalopes exists as she decides to venture out alone in the woods to find one, only to get lost along the way, where she gets chased by a wolf, until suddenly got saved by a male jackalope named Friendly. Upon trying to find her way back to the camping site, Friendly suddenly gets captured by the forest's most-wanted hunter named Rough and his henchman Clutzy, who then takes the helpless jackalope to Rough’s cabin, where he plots to sell him to the taxidermy shop. As Sally sneaks to Rough's cabin trying to rescue the jackalope, she unfortunately got caught by Rough and Clutzy. Sammy rescues both Sally and the jackalope and they escape Rough's cabin.

After hiding from Rough and Clutzy, who are on the search for the jackalope and the two kids, Sammy and Sally decides to take the jackalope back to the campsite to show their parents. TBD



While arriving at the swimming hole, Sally, Sammy and Friendly have her fun time swimming with the otters and collecting snail shells, until Sally encounters her classmates, including her arch-rival Ellis, who keeps on provoking her about her jackalope report, as they, for the fun of it, throws mud at Sally and attempts to place a leech on her forehead, just before Friendly shows up to stop her bullies to save her. While most of Sally’s classmates are impressed Sally’s discovery of Friendly, Ellis, on other hand, tries to cut off Friendly’s antlers to make him unbelievable to be existed and Sally to be thought as a lunatic. Off course, after the tug-of-war fight between Sally and Ellis, Ellis then falls down onto a hollow log where she gets attack the angry colony of wasps, driving her, Sally, Friendly and the rest of the kids to scurry away, until they finally escapes them safely. At evening where a party is taking place, Sally, Sammy and the rest of the kids and teens to join Friendly for a dance (in the musical number “Jackalope Hop”), TBD


Characters and cast

  • Friendly - A jackalope and the main protagonist who can only speak to Sally and other animals. Voiced by Sid Raymond.
  • Sally DeThough - Sammy's 12-year-old sister. Voiced by Susan Conway.
    • Doris Drew also provided the singing voice for Sally.
  • Sammy DeThough - Sally's 14-year-old brother. Voiced by Frankie Avalon.
  • Rough - The main antagonist who TBD. Voiced by Pat Buttram.
  • Clutzy - Rough's comic-relief, yet good-natured henchman. Voiced by Mel Blanc.
  • Mr. DeThough - TBD. Voiced by John Astin.
  • Mrs. DeThough - TBD. Voiced by Lucille Ball.
  • Ranger Johnson - TBD. Voiced by Don Adams.
  • The Narrator - Voiced by Marvin Miller.
  • Mrs. Applecross - a grouchy lady who is a next-door neighbor to the DeThough family. Voiced by June Foray.
  • Mr. Applecross - TBD. Voiced by Daws Butler.
  • Ellis - Sally's arch-rival. Voiced by Eve Plumb.
  • Mr. William B. Moose - A fat and clumsy but well-meaning and good-hearted man who is the city's mayor who is tricked by Rough into believe that Friendly is a threat. Voiced by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
  • Acorn - a grey squirrel who is Friendly‘s neighbor. Voiced by Tedd Pierce.
  • Deli - a female hare who is Friendly's love interest. Voiced by Julie Bennett.
  • Weaston - a rude-tempered male hare who is Deli’s former mate and Friendly’s arch rival. Voiced by Paul Frees.

Additional voices are TBD


During with her feature film partnership deal with MGM, Dora Wilson had pitched an attempt to produce an animated film about a jackalope in early 1940, after she was inspired by a Jackalope taxidermy she bought from TBD. The attempt for the film, under the original title The Last Jackalope, would’ve focus is story in the Old West, where a young cowboy finds a rescues a helpless jackalope who got orphaned after hunters killed his family, which lead him to be last of his kind. So the cowboy must take good care of the creature for protection. However, in 1942, the project got stopped following the box office failure of Headin’ South, a year after the attack of Pearl Harbor.

In 1959, Dora Wilson revived the jackalope project, but switched into a live-action film and changing the plot. However, after 500 rabbits are brought in the studio for the auction to play the jackalope, neither the rabbits were able to be filmed on set, especially they were uncomfortable with fake antlers that were wore on top their heads, as Wilson realized that rabbits are complex for her workers to handle and train them, as she said her best, “if we can’t film the story about a jackalope, why not draw the story about a jackalope?”, hence returning to produced an animated feature based on the mythical animal.

The production didn’t start until 1964, where Bill Peet, who was kicked out from Disney, was brought to join with Wilson’s animation productions, including the animated jackalope project, as a writer, character artist, TBD.


For the voice casting, while many American voice actors’ voice tracks were recorded at Dora Wilson’s main studio, the Canadian then-child actress Susan Conway’s voice track for Sally were recorded at the RCA Victor studio in Toronto. Originally, Phil Harris was suggested to voice Friendly, until get replaced by Sid Raymond since Harris was already casted as Baloo in Walt Disney's The Jungle Book.


While four of the songs were written by Leslie Bricusse, one song “The Clock Song” was written by the Sherman Brothers and “Jackalope Hop” was written by Andy Kim.

  • Unusual in this Woods (sung by Sally and chorus)
  • You’re Friendly (sung by Sally, Sammy and Friendly)
  • How Unusual (sung by Friendly, Sammy and Sally)
  • The Clock Song (sung by Friendly and Sally)
  • Jackalope Hop (sung by Andy Kim and his band; where Sally, Sammy and other kids join along dancing with Friendly during the swimming hole scene)
  • Home is Where the Heart Is (sung by Johnny Cash)

Television series

In 2014, DreamWorks Animation Television, Klasky Csupo and Netflix produced and released a short-lived animated series based on the film, which is as a midquel. The series only ran from August 17 to September 6, 2014 with only eight episodes, due to following negative reception it got received.


  • Both Sammy and Sally DeThough were inspired by Dora and Mike Wilson when they were their ages and the beginning where the DeThough family camping in the Wyoming forest was inspired by the time where Dora Wilson’s family also went to their camping vacation at Wyoming, as well as other areas in the Rocky Mountain area like TBD.


  • Sally: (repeated lines) How unusual.

  • Rough: (laughs evilly) Ah, yes, Clutzy, my compadre. We’re in luck that we finally able to capture this rarest little jackalope, worthing 50/50.
  • Clutzy: Yeah, 50/50. Worth of carrots too. Ha ha ha! Get it?

  • Friendly: (repeated ears) Flappin’ ears!

  • Rough: (To Clutzy) As far I know of a personality of yours, it’s no wonder you’re name is "Clutzy”.

  • Sally: Oh! Hide, Friendly! (both of them lays low in the bushes to hide) They’ll spot us!
  • Friendly: (confused) Who?
  • Sally: Them! (Friendly turns to look as the camera narrowly pans to the right where Sally’s classmates playing volleyball together) They are my friends from school. You probably wanna know why I’m hiding from them, aren’t ya? They’ve been picking on me. And I would love to reason you why, but I know by chance that you won’t believe me when I say it.
  • Friendly: Oh, come on, Sally. I know you can tell me! (he snuggles her, pleading)
  • Sally: (giggles) Okay. I’ll reason you. They just don’t take my dream too seriously about my search of an jackalope like you. They are treating me like a laughing stock, especially Ellis, believing jackalopes are nothing else more but figments of people’s imaginations. But only if there’s the way to prove my friends that I’m not, so they will believe me. But how will I prove them? How will I able to make them surprised to see you anyway? (gasps and grins enthusiastically to her solution as she hit on her hand with her fist) Of course! Of course I’m gonna surprise them! How do I think of this before? Friendly, since you’re the one who caught my eyes, this will be a my chance to give prove to my friends the point that jackelopes like you are not just figments to imaginations anymore, once you’ll surprise them right before their eyes. Now you stay put to wait here, and not to jump out from this bush until I place my friends here for the signal, okay
  • Friendly: (saluting) Yes, madame!
  • Sally: Good boy. This is so wonderful that my friends will be so sight to expect you now! They’ll be surprised and I'm really sure of it! You have no idea how excited I am! (walks off to her classmates, leaving Friendly hiding behind the bush) Hi-yah, gang!

(Sally’s friends turns to gaze her to their amusement)

  • Ellis: (taunting about Sally) Well, well. Take a look who we expected, guys, miss little looney-kooky potential herself. Ha ha! So “Silly”, where’s that jackalope you reported us at school now? No, wait, wait! Don’t tell us. Let’s us guess: inside your looney-kooky head, am I right? (gently knocks Sally’s forehead two times. Ellis and the other kids burst with laughter)
  • Sally: (annoyed as she rubs her forehead) Lay off, alright, you guys? Because this won’t be comedy anymore once I found a jackalope in front of my own eyes.
  • Ellis: (sarcastically) So you did, huh?
  • Sally: Yeah. Because I know he would exist and no longer for being a figment of people’s imagination, as my chance to prove you wrong. Especially you, Ellis.
  • Ellis: And how would you prove us about that little fairy tale?
  • Sally: You’ll just see once I show him to you right before youreyes!

(As meanwhile, Friendly is still waiting for Sally to show up behind the bush)

  • Friendly: (to himself) Golly, I felt pretty bad for Sally on how she was in the ridicule by her friends about me. But as far I can recommend how desperate she is to prove her friends about my existence, I hope they are friendly to me once they greet me.

(However, Friendly’s ears and antlers starts to shake to feel a signal of something as he is gazing around to his curiosity until stops to see a beautiful female rabbit catching his smitten eyes. TBD)



(Sally walks outside, with her pajamas on and her hair TBD, to Friendly's enclosure as she carries a meal for Friendly)

  • Sally: (yawning) Friendly! Good morning! I made you breakfast. (As she arrives at the enclosure, she, in her shock and concern, discovers Friendly is gone) Friendly? Friendly?! Oh no! (drops Friendly food as she looks around to find him) Where are you, boy? (gasps once she then spots one of the fence planks was left open, and realize that Friendly had already left to find his real home last night) Oh gosh. (she storms back inside the house before the scene cuts to Sammy sleeping before Sally enters and shakes him) Sam'. Sam'! Wake up!
  • Sammy: (still asleep) Not now, Sally. It’s too early. We’ll take Friendly back to his own roots later.
  • Sally: (blows a whistle through his ears cause to wake up) Sam', come outside!
  • Sammy: (yawns) What’s a matter?
  • Sally: It's Friendly. Gone! Outside!
  • Sammy: What?!
  • Sally: (yanks him out from his bed by an arm) Come on, big brother! Let get outside and see!
  • Sammy: Alright, alright! Please don’t try pull off my shirt!

(Two kids rushes outside to Friendly's empty enclosure)

  • Sally: Now do see what mean?
  • Sammy: Golly, he is gone for sure. But I don’t have clue where would he be. Do you, Sally?
  • Sally: Sure do. (Points him to the open plank) See for yourself.
  • Sammy: Well I’ll be. He sure did found the way to make his escape through there, didn't he?
  • Sally: Yeah. He did. He's probably on his way back to Jackalope Warren right now.
  • Sammy: Oh? So is that so?
  • Mr. DeThough: What was we heard about Friendly, kids?
  • Sammy: He's gone, pops!
  • Sally: Through this opening on bottom of our fence!
  • Mr. DeThough: Really? Well where is he?
  • Sammy: Assumedly, he is heading through that woods to find his way to the real home, at Jackalope Warren.
  • Mr. DeThough: Oh. That’s good. So seems to me that we don’t have to take him back once he goes off by his own.
  • Sally: We don't know, dad. He may not remember where it is. We must look for him or else he’ll get in to trouble.
  • Mr. DeThough: There’s no need to, Sally. That where he belongs, right?
  • Sally: But there're hunters who are on his trail.
  • Mr. DeThough: Oh, I bet Friendly will handle by himself. After all, he has antlers.
  • Sally: But the single jackalope has no match for those hunters; they'll outsmart him easily. This’s why we gotta go to the woods and look for him for safety. He'll might get hurt.
  • Mr. DeThough: No, Sally. It's over. You must face why how depressed he was yesterday, the Jackalope Warren is his real home. Like, I said before, that's where he belongs. And he is a wild animal, and wild animals don’t belong as pets. Friendly will be fine. (leaves back to the house, leaving Sally and Sammy still to worrisome)
  • Sammy: How did you like that? He didn't take us seriously, Sally. He has no idea what trouble Friendly may get into.
  • Sally: You maybe right. But since our folks won’t able to help for searching for Friendly, it looks like you and me will have to, in our own way.
  • Sammy: You mean finding him by ourselves?!
  • Sally: It's the only chance we can do.
  • Sammy: Sister, are you sure of this? Because I don't think we are recommend to go out to that woods. It's no safe place for the two of us, you know. Besides mom and dad will not let us leave to there.
  • Sally: We gotta try, big brother. There’s no choice. And if we don’t get Friendly out of trouble, who else will? He'll may get hurt or die out there too. But I wonder where he is now.

(Sally and Sammy went outside to find Friendly)

  • Sammy: You know, Sally. If our parents finds out we are not really going to your friends' house, they'll ground us.
  • Sally: They won't I bet, once we are heading off to find Friendly somewhere without them noticing where we are gone. So let's the trail, we have our long journey ahead us. Friendly's counting us.
  • Sammy: I gotcha, sister, I gotcha.
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