DreamWorks Television (or DWTV. and formerly DW Television Productions until 1986) is a television distribution and production company that serves as a division of DreamWorks Pictures, founded in 1956.





DreamWorks Jr. Television - formally known as EarlyMoon Television until 2019, a division which focuses on animated and live-action television productions aimed at newborn and preschool audiences. Founded in 2002.

DreamWorks Animation Television - the division which produces animated TV programs. Originally founded in 1954, as an unnamed television animation department for DreamWorks Animation, until it spun-off to DreamWorks Television, as DreamWorks Animation Studio Television until 1990.

  • MoonBoy Animation - DreamWorks Animation Television's division who produces adult-oriented series. Founded in 2004. Its most well-known series are Jack and Tracey and Sketch Satires.
  • Big Idea Entertainment - A children's animation studio knowing for producing the VeggieTales series.
  • Bullwinkle Studios/Jay Ward Productions - DreamWorks Animation Television's division who produces animated series based on Jay Ward cartoons.
  • Harvey Entertainment - TBD
  • TBD

Television programs


TV series

Title Years Network Notes

Title Years Network Notes

Title Years Network Notes

Title Years Network Notes
Champs 1996 ABC
High Incident 1996–1997 ABC
Majority Rules 1996–1997 NBC
Spin City 1996–2002 ABC with Ubu Productions and LotteryHill Entertainment
Ink 1996–1997 CBS
Arsenio 1997 ABC
Anna Says 1999

It's Like, You Know... 1999–2000 ABC
Freaks and Geeks 1999–2000 NBC with Apatow Productions
Title Years Network Notes
The Others 2000 NBC with NBC Studios and Delusional Films
Battery Park 2000 NBC with Ubu Productions
The Job 2001–2002 ABC co-production with The Cloudland Company, Apostle and Touchstone Television
Band of Brothers 2001 HBO miniseries; co-production with Playtone
Undeclared 2001–2002 FOX co-production with Apatow Productions
Off Centre 2001–2002 The WB with Weitz, Weitz & Zuker and Warner Bros. Television
Boomtown 2002–2003 NBC with Nemo Films and NBC Studios
Taken 2002 Syfy miniseries
Oliver Beene 2003–2004 FOX with Steven Levitan Prods., ge.wirtz Films and Twentieth Century Fox Television
Las Vegas 2003–2008 NBC with Gary Scott Thompson Productions and NBC Studios, later NBC Universal Television Studio and laterUniversal Media Studios
Line of Fire 2003–2004 ABC with Battle Plan Productions, Steven Bochco Productions and Touchstone Television
Rescue Me 2004–2011 FX with The Cloudland Company, Apostle and Sony Pictures Television
The Contender 2005–2008 NBC
Into the West 2005 TNT miniseries
Miracle Workers 2006 ABC
Dog Bites Man 2006 Comedy Central
On the Lot 2007 FOX in association with Amblin Entertainment and Mark Burnett Productions
Carpoolers 2007–2008 ABC with T.R.O.R.T., 3 Arts Entertainment and ABC Studios
United States of Tara 2009–2011 Showtime with Showtime Networks
Wedding Day 2009 TNT
Title Years Network Notes
The Pacific 2010 HBO miniseries; with Playtone
Falling Skies 2011–2015 TNT Season 1-3 produced by DreamWorks Television; Seasons 4-5 produced by Amblin Television
Smash 2012–2013 NBC with Universal Television and Madwoman in the Attic, Inc.
The River 2012 ABC with ABC Studios, Amblin Entertainment and Blumhouse Television
The Americans 2013 FX pilot; with Fox Television Studios and FX Productions

TV specials


  • Jumpy (1957-1962)
  • The Adventures of Tuffy (1960-1961)
  • The Dreamtoons Show (1960-1999)
  • It's a Dog-Gone Life (1962-1965)
  • The Funny Company (1963; in co-production with The Mattel Corporation)
  • Roger Ramjet (1965; in co-production with Pantomime Pictures and Hero Entertainment, Inc.)
  • Terr'ble Tessie (1966-1976; in co-production with Rembrandt Films)
  • The Adventures of Hijitus (1967-1971)
  • The Wacky Lab (1968-1976)
  • Mr. Bookworm (1970-1979)
  • Hijitus and Goldy (1971-1974; 1996-2000)
  • The Fantastic Family (1973-1980)
  • The Misadventures of Larguirucho (1973-1981)
  • Up-Man (1969-1973)
  • Dilly & Dally (1974-1977)
  • Paw Country (1980-1983)
  • The Hardy Boys Cartoon Hour (1982-1985) (the last animated series produced by DreamWorks Animation for DW Television Productions)
  • The Story World of Bill Peet (1984-1991) (Only season 1, 2 and 3 episodes were produced by DreamWorks Animation)
  • Speller: The Enchanted Owl (1985-1989) (DreamWorks Animation only produced the season one for the show)
  • Maximum Roton (1985-1990) (DreamWorks Animation only produced the pilot for the show)
  • The Colormals (1986-1991) (The first animated series produced under DreamWorks Animation Television name)
  • The New Dreamtoons (1987-1989)
  • The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor (1987)
  • Beastly Force (1988-1989; in co-production with Cosgrove Hall Films)
  • Joey's Mysteries (1989-1994)
  • Racer Rover (1990-1993; in co-production with Sunbow Productions)
  • All Hail King Julien (1994-2004; in co-production with Film Roman)
  • Safari Kids (1996-2000; in co-production with Cinar)
  • Adventures from the Book of Virtues (1996-2000; in co-production with KCET and PorchLight Entertainment)
  • Arthur (1996-present; in co-production with TBD)
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series (1996-1998; in co-production with MGM Television and MGM Animation)
  • Fartboy and Belchgirl (1997-2003, 2018-present; in co-production with Film Roman)
  • The Kangaroos (1997-2003; 2010-present)
  • Toonsylvania (1998-1999)
  • Invasion America (1998)
  • The Neverhood (1999-2001)
  • Cartoon Party! (2000-present)
  • Alienators: Evolution Continues (2001-2002; with co-production with DiC Entertainment)
  • Sketch Satires (2002-present)
  • The Coyote Family (2003-2013; 2022-present)
  • Father of the Pride (2004-2005)
  • Jack and Tracey (2004-2017; 2020-present)
  • Sailor Cat and Sailor Fish (2005-2018)
  • Zoo Tales (2008-2015, 2018-present; in co-production with Nickelodeon Animation Studios (2008-2015))
  • Elefriend (2008-2014; in co-production with Nelvana)
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes (2009-2012; in co-production with Breakthrough Entertainment, Mercury Filmworks and Elliot Animation)
  • Neighbors from Hell (2010; in co-production with Wounded Poodle, Bento Box Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Television)
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (2010-present; in co-production with Collingwood O'Hare, Portfolio Entertainment, Random House Children's Entertainment, KQED and Corus Entertainment)
  • Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011-2016; in co-production with Nickelodeon Animation Studios)
  • DreamWorks Dragons (2012-2018)
  • Monsters vs. Aliens (2013-2014; in co-production with Nickelodeon Animation Studios)
  • Turbo FAST (2013-2016; in co-production with Titmouse, Inc.)
  • Camp Lakebottom (2013-2017; in co-production with Skywriter Media, Jam Filled Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group)
  • The Doggies (2013-present)
  • Young Agents (2014-2018)
  • The Dreamtoons Show (2014-present; in co-production with Nelvana)
  • VeggieTales in the House (2014-2016; in co-production with Big Idea Entertainment)
  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots (2015-2018)
  • Dinotrux (2015-present)
  • The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show (2015-2017; in co-production with Jay Ward Productions)
  • Awesome Six (2016-2018)
  • Luann (2015-present)
  • Dawn of the Croods (2015-2017)
  • Noddy, Toyland Detective (2016-present; in co-production with Gaumont Animation)
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016-present; in co-production with World Events Productions)
  • The Pirates (2016-present)
  • Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh (2016-present; in co-production with Titmouse, Inc.)
  • Trollhunters (2016-2018; in co-production with Double Dare You Productions)
  • The Raccoon Family
  • Awesome Six (2016-2018)
  • Canine Legends (2016-present)
  • Animal Stories (2016-present)
  • Terr'ble Tessie (2016-present)
  • VeggieTales in the City (2017; in co-production with Big Idea Entertainment)
  • Family of the Dead (2017-present; in co-production with TBD)
  • Spirit Riding Free (2017-present)
  • Go Super Mice Go! (2017-present)
  • Hee-Haw the Jackass (2017-present)
  • Return to Wonderland (2017-2019)
  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018-present)
  • Shrek's Family Life (2018-present)
  • The Boss Baby: Back in Business (2018-present)
  • The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2018-present; in co-production with Jay Ward Productions)
  • Harvey Street Kids (2018-present; with co-production with Harvey Entertainment)
  • The Fantastic Family (2018-present)
  • The Berenstain Bears: Spy Files (2018-present)
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018-present; with co-production with Mattel Creations)
  • Gingy (2018-present)
  • The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (2018-present; with co-production with Scholastic Entertainment)
  • 3 Below (2018-present; in co-production with Double Dare You Productions)
  • Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018-present)
  • The Misadventures of Janice and Ringo (2018-present)
  • Mr. Magoo (2019-present; in co-production with Xilam)
  • The Spacebots (2019-present; in co-production with Nelvana)
  • Where's Waldo? (2019-present)
  • Bruno the Bear (2019-present; in co-production with Frederator Incorporated)
  • Wizards (2019-present; in co-production with Double Dare You Productions)
  • Cartoon Animal Town (2019-present)

Television network broadcasting


  • Syndication (1954-present)
  • ABC
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • PBS
  • Fox
  • FX
  • Disney Channel (1984-1988, 1992-2000)
  • Jetix/Disney XD (2009-2017)
  • Comedy Central
  • Cartoon Network (2012-2014)
  • Nickelodeon (2006-2015)
  • Toon Disney (1998-2000)
  • Netflix (2013-present)
  • Universal Kids (2016-present)
  • Amazon Prime (2018-present)

See also

  • DreamWorks Animation Television animation services
  • Animation Ark - an animated programming block aired on NBC and TBS. On NBC, it only airs shows produced by Moonboy Animation while on TBS, it also airs other adult animated shows produced by other companies.
  • Where in the World is the Road Runner? - a one-off programming block on NBC that introduced the first crossover event on the Animation Ark lineup. The block involved three animated television series (Cartoon Animal Town, The Raccoon Family and The Doodle Toons Show) The event depicts a manhunt for the Cartoon Animal Town version of the Road Runner, who is being chased by characters from each show. The actual three-way crossover of the block occurs at the end on The Doodle Toons Show with Mickey Mouse, Roger Raccoon and Cruncher in the same scene.
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