DreamWorks Movie Adventure Park (formerly known as DreamWorks Canada Studio Touring Park until 2002) is an amusement park at Vancouver, Canada. The film is based on the film and television-related works of DreamWorks Studios, which features rides, attractions, character greets, and entertainment.

The theme park shares several similarities to other movie-based theme park such as Universal Studios Hollywood and Disney's Hollywood Studios, as a theme park attached to a working studio, DreamWorks Canada Studio, which founded in 1984, eight years before a neighboring theme park opened, alongside with its opening-day attraction DreamWorks Canada Studio Touring Tram, and defunct in 2001, which leave some of its lots abandoned. DreamWorks Canada Studio Touring Tram (later called DreamWorks Movie Tour Tram) remained operating as an attraction until it forever closed down in 2013.

The park was a joint venture between DreamWorks and Landmark Entertainment. Today, the park is owned and operated by Universal Parks and Resorts.


In the early 1980s, Dora Wilson planned for a new production studio in Canada for DreamWorks Studios. TBD


On March, 2020, DreamWorks Movie Adventure announced for the temporary closer following the concerns of conoravirus. TBD


Since its opening, the park was started out as a landless theme park until August 11, 2002. It consists six sections.

  • Studio Gateway, a main entrance area, themed to Hollywood. Opened in August 11, 2002.
  • Fantasy Fair, based on DreamWorks fantasy films. Opened in August 11, 2002.
  • DreamWorks Animation World, themed to DreamWorks Animation films. Opened in June 1, 2003.
  • Dreamtoons Fun Zone, themed to Dreamtoons. The land also include Joey Kangaroo's Carnival, a small sub-area children's rides, interactive play zones, a petting zoo, midway-style arcade games, and a live stage show "Joey and Friends Magic Show". Opened in June 1, 2003.
  • Epic World, which contains rides and stunt shows based on action, adventure and/or science fiction films. Opened in September 4, 2003.
  • VeggieTales Funhouse, a small indoor area based on the Christian computer-animated franchise VeggieTales, which will consisting interactive attractions, kids' playgrounds, and the entertainment live show. Opening in December 2019.



Attractions Opening date Area Notes/trivia
Wilson Theater Studio Gateway
  • A 3D movie theater attraction.
Harvey Street Kids Rocks! 2019 Studio Gateway
The Smurfs Play Village 2018 Fantasy Fair
Unnamed How to Train Your Dragon attraction Fantasy Fair
Dreamtoons: Exploration Madagascar Dreamtoons Fun Zone
Shrek 4D 2005 DreamWorks Animation World
Doneky's Flying Dronkeys 2013 DreamWorks Animation World
Burro & Donkey Live 2008 DreamWorks Animation World
  • Replaced Burro's Sing-Along Showdown
  • TBD
Trolls Adventure 1997 DreamWorks Animation World
Party with the Trolls 2017 DreamWorks Animation World
Turbo Racer 2015 DreamWorks Animation World
The Road to El Dorado 1992 Epic World
  • TBD
  • In 2000, the attraction was refurbed to be re-themed as the 2000 animated remake, which created to promote the film.
Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Time Twist! 2017 Epic World
War of the Worlds 2008 Epic World
  • A special effect attraction based on the 2005 film.
The Peacekeeper Stunt Show 1998 Epic World
  • Based on the 1997 action film The Peacekeeper


Attractions Opening and closing dates Area Note/trivia
DreamWorks Canada Studio Touring Tram/DreamWorks Movie Tour Tram 1992-2013 Studio Gateway
A.I. Artificial Intelligence: The Exhibition 2001-2002 Studio Gateway
  • A walkthrough attraction that promote the 2001 film A.I. Artificial Intelligence, that features props from the film.
DreamWorks Presents: Saturday Morning Toon Stars 1992-1999 Studio Gateway
The Powerpuff Girls Live 2000-2004 Studio Gateway
Hollywood SuperStars Dream 2005-2018 Studio Gateway
Joey Kangaroo's Jungle Movie Water Plunge 1992-2006 Dreamtoons Fun Zone
  • Replaced by Dreamtoons: Exploration Madagascar
Burro's Sing-Along Showdown 1992-2007 DreamWorks Animation World
Shark Tale: Oscar's Dance Club 2005-2016 DreamWorks Animation World
  • Replaced by Party with the Trolls
Jack-O-Lantern: The Adventure 1992-2011 Fantasy Fair
Sinbad and Crew 2003-2004 Epic World
The Sailor Moon Adventure 1996-1997 Epic World


  • Unnamed attraction based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (opening in 2020 or 2021)
  • A small indoor interactive area, VeggieTales Funhouse, is scheduled to be open on December 2019.
  • A VR-ased rollercoaster based on the 2017 film Captian Underpants will set to open in 2020.


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  • DreamWorks Parade Through Decades
  • DreamWorks Lights of the Night Parade
  • DreamWorks Holiday on Parade

Nighttime entertainment

  • Dreams in the Sky: A DreamWorks Fireworks Spectacular - TBD



  • DreamWorks Summer Fun
  • Halloween events
    • DreamWorks Halloween Fun, a weekend-only daytime Halloween event where children in thier costumes can go character trick-or-treating, along with games and activates while some are fun for kids, others can be fun for all-ages. Opened in 2002.
    • DreamWorks Terror Night, a nighttime Halloween event that occurs every nighttime in October, which consist of horror attractions and haunted houses. The event also contains themes that people under 13 years of age find disturbing. Opened in 2002.
  • DreamWorks Holiday Wonderland


  • DreamWorks Summer Christmas - a Christmas-themed summer event that occured from mid-June to early-August, showcasing Christmas-related entertainment, attractions, activities, and photo area with Santa Claus. The event lasted from 2008 to 2009.
  • DreamWorks Easter Festival - a seasonal Easter festival occurred March and April. It lasted for short year-run in 2014.


  • It is the first DreamWorks-branded theme park.

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