Count Your Blessings is a 1949 American animated Thanksgiving historical musical film produced by Dora Wilson Productions. The film revolves the historical tale about the first Thanksgiving. The film was named after the Thanksgiving hymn song of the same name.

During its re-releases throughout 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, the film had given in different names such as The First Thanksgiving Story (1959), The Thanksgiving Beginning (1969), Thanksgiving Tale (1979), and The Voyage to the New World (1989-1999).


In the present day, a Thanksgiving festival is occurring at the town's church, where a turkey, who is the festival main attraction as a turkey tap dancer, named Gobbler Gobble Turkey, "Gobbly" for short, tells the audience a historical story on what and how Thanksgiving would've come to be, as faithful time to gather and share their passions they're thankful for, and espically the fest. With his power of imagination, he travels back in time to 1620s England, where it began as a group of pilgrims are setting off a voyage through the seas to the New World, by sailing on the Mayflower ship, and also for Gobbly's luck that nobody in the past would either see or hear him. TBD


  • Bill Thompson as Gobbler "Gobbly" Gobble Turkey, a turkey and the film's main protagonist and narrator
  • Mickey Rooney as Michael "Mike" Venture, a young pilgrim.
  • Helene Stanley as Felicia Cornwall, Mike's love interest.



  • When Gobbly travels in the past of the first Thanksgiving, the fact that Gobbly tells the audience that nobody would ever see or hear him is a reference to Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.
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