Beany and Cecil (also known as Beany and Cecil: The Movie) is a 2020 American animated musical comedy adventure film based on the characters of the same name created by Bob Clampett, produced by DreamWorks Pictures. In this film, it tells the origin story about an orphan boy named Beany who befriends a friendly goofy sea serpent named Cecil, whose family got taken away by Dishonest John. So Beany and Cecil, with the help of Captain Horatio Huffenpuff, must set out for the adventure to rescue Cecil’s family from John.

From 1982 to 1984, Bob Clampett developed the story to Dora Wilson to greenlight it into a film during the production of TBD, however TBD.

Beany and Cecil was released on TBD, receiving mixed reviews and grossed approximately $16 million, considered as a box office flop, due to poor marketing.


Beany lived his orphaned life in the harbor town of Clambet (a play word for "Clampette" and "Tibet"), where he attempt to sale his beany caps to the townspeople for money, which nobody are interested acquiring them, TBD


  • TBD as Beany
  • TBD as Cecil
  • Jim MacGeorge as Captain Horatio Huffenpuff and Crowy
  • Michael Caine as Dishonest John
  • TBD as TBD
  • Emma Watson as Queen Mermaid
  • TBD



  • My Name is Beany (TBD)
  • Voyage By the Sea (TBD)
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Beany and Cecil Theme (sung by the chorus; ending song)
  • TBD



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