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Alley Cats is a 1960 American animated musical comedy film produced by DreamWorks Pictures. TBD. The film follows the story about a group of 20 alley cats who goes out to seek a new home in a mansion lived by a cat-hating miser.

Alley Cats was released on TBD 1960 and was a critical and commercial success.




  • Allo, the leader of the alley cats.
  • Mr. Grouch, the owner of the mansion.
  • Dink, Mr. Grouch's butler.
  • Grunt, Mr. Grouch's bulldog who befriends Allo and his gang.


  • Louis Prima as Allo
  • Boris Karloff as Mr. Grouch
  • Paul Frees as Dink and some alley cats
  • Mel Blanc as Grunt and some alley cats
  • TBD as the alley cats


  • Our Lives are Always Upside Down
  • New Lives
  • How I Hate Cats
  • No Need To Worry (Grunt's song)
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