Since Disney won a bidding war for 21st Century Fox, why can't Comcast buy Viacom (except for the 50% of Paramount Pictures) from National Amusements instead?


After Comcast's acquisition of Viacom for a NBCUniversal-Viacom merger, NBCUniversal will own Viacom's various companies and networks.

Film studios that will be owned by NBCUniversal

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Nickelodeon Movies
  • Insurge Pictures
  • Paramount Animation
  • MTV Films
  • United International Pictures (50%)

Television channels and studios that will be owned by NBCUniversal

  • MTV Original Productions
  • Paramount Network
  • Nickelodeon Productions
  • Nickelodeon Animation Studio


  1. Viacom will be folded into NBCUniversal, and all Viacom's assets will be owned by NBCUniversal, except for the 50% of Paramount Pictures, which will be owned by CBS Corporation.
    1. Focus Features will be folded into Universal Pictures, while Paramount Pictures replaces their role.
    2. CBS Films will be folded into the 50% of Paramount Pictures after the bankruptcy.
    3. \Paramount Home Media Distribution will fold into Universal Pictures Home Entertainment for future movies releasing on any home video format.
    4. Paramount Players will become Universal Players.
    5. Universal Animation Studios and Paramount Animation will merge into Universal Animation, which would gather Universal Animation Studios media and Paramount Animation media.
    6. Paramount Parks & Resorts will be folded into Universal Parks & Resorts.
    7. Paramount Pictures International will be folded into Universal Pictures International Entertainment.
    8. Paramount Licensing, Inc. will become Universal Licensing, Inc., and Paramount Worldwide Television Licensing & Distribution will become NBCUniversal Worldwide Television Licensing & Distribution.
    9. Paramount Famous Productions will be folded into Universal 1440 Entertainment.
    10. Viacom 18 will become Universal 18.
      1. Viacom 18 US will become Universal 18 US.
      2. Viacom 18 Media will become Universal 18 Media.
      3. Viacom 18 Motion Pictures will become Universal 18 Motion Pictures.
    11. Viacom International, Inc. will be folded into NBCUniversal.
    12. Viacom Digital Studios will be folded into NBCUniversal.
      1. AwesomenessTV will return to NBCUniversal.
    13. Viacom Media Networks and Viacom International Media Networks will be absorbed into NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group and NBCUniversal International Networks.
    14. Viacom/Nickelodeon Consumer Products will become Universal/Nickelodeon Consumer Products.
    15. Viacom Velocity will become Universal Velocity.
    16. Paramount Motion Pictures Group will be absorbed into Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.
  2. the 1930-1950 feature film libraries from Paramount will be reunited with the 1912-1930 and 1950–present Paramount films. this means full Paramount library will be owned by Universal.
  3. Most of the future Paramount Pictures films, including Nickelodeon Movies and MTV Films movies and future prints of older films will be distributed by Universal Pictures, but some of the future films will be distributed by other film studios instead.
    1. All Nickelodeon Movies films will be re-released by Universal Pictures.
    2. All Nickelodeon, Paramount Animation and animated Paramount libraries will be transferred to Universal Pictures.
  4. Nick@Nite, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, Paramount Comedy and Paramount Channel will be folded by MTV. And all of Nick@Nite, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, Paramount Comedy and Paramount Channel libraries will be transferred to MTV.
  5. Comedy Central Family will become NickFamily, Nickelodeon’s new worldwide family network.
  6. Reduces the number of Major film studios from 6 to 5 (or 4 if Disney buys 21st Century Fox).
  7. Nickelodeon Studios and Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast will return to every Universal Studios theme parks, but to replace The Simpsons Ride since Disney bought Fox.
  8. NBCUniversal currently owns 50% for United International Pictures; after the merger, NBCUniversal will own wholly 100%.
  9. Paramount Television will be folded into NBCUniversal Television Distribution.
  10. Paramount Digital Entertainment well become Universal Digital Entertainment. the company developed video games.
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