Modern Wellington Wells

Wellington Wells is the name of the whole island and setting of We Happy Few. But in The Mysterious Quest, Wellington Wells is now a megacity.

Before become a megacity in mid-1980s, Wellington Wells is a microstate-sized city-state that exists largely independently from the rest of Great Britain. It is governed by the Executive Committee. The demonym for Wellington Wells is "Wellsian".


Wellington Wells is a city that was haunted by the ghosts of its recent past. In 1943, this world deviated from our own, and the Germans successfully invaded and occupied England during World War II. Most of England is in ruins, as is a fair part of Wellington Wells.

However, during the Occupation, the people of Wellington Wells all had to do A Very Bad Thing, which was to give all children under the age of thirteen to the Germans. To calm their anguish and guilt - and forget what they’d done. Harry Haworth invented Joy, the miraculous happiness drug, but had serious side effects including hallucinations and severe memory loss.

They set about rebuilding their town, and along the way, got into serious technological research and development. Most of it was thanks to the brilliance of Helen Faraday.

It nearly caused people to die from starvation, overdose, and dehydration. In October of 1964, people begin to stop taking their Joy and take off their happy masks due to Uncle Jack's breakdown. Then, in 1965, after the incident, all citizens start to fix the food production, underground maintenance facilities, and entire town after the Haworth Labs has been rebuilt.

The scientists discover Joy pills can cause people lose their minds, went insane and attack them. They then begin to make the new effects of Joy so people doesn't went insane and lose their minds but they can still suffer from memory loss and withdrawal.

Meanwhile at the Wellington Wells hallway, everyone watch the two people talk about who's get more vote to become prime minster of Wellington Wells. In 1972, Caroline Ackroyd became the prime minister of Wellington Wells after she won the election against Kyle Johnson.

She then told the people about the train station has been destroyed by Headboys in 1964. The construction workers rebuilt train station after bombing by Headboys. Later, in 1975, Caroline announced the grand opening of Wellington Wells Museum at Parade District. One of Caroline's secret services cuts the red ribbon with a giant scissor and everyone walk inside.

In 1981, a group of criminals and protests destroyed the statues, killing the citizens, and stole the stuff from either stores or someone's house then getting arrested by police officers and FBI. After the attack, Caroline gave a speech to everyone about the victims of the 1981 Parade District Shooting and Aftermath. The citizens are praying for the 1981 Parade District Shooting. Then in 1983, Caroline and her son Kevin went to the Tower of London where they met a queen named Margaret. She asks Caroline to take her son to tour London.

Citizens watched the news about separate island district get connected together after the construction workers fixed it. They cheered for construction workers as they finished connect the island in 1984.


Wellington Wells is sprawling habitat, built on a small archipelago located in the Severn Estuary/Bristol Channel, in the south-west of Great Britain. Each island is a "holm" (an old English word meaning an island in a river). As of Full Release v.1.3, the currently accessible islands are Barrow Holm, Eel Pie Holm, Lud's Holm, Ravensholm, Maidenholm, St George's Holm, the Holm of Usglass and Apple Holm.

Each island is connected to the others via bridges, some of which are heavily guarded. The bridges are is the only way to traverse between islands, as the waters are treacherous, and you cannot swim.

In happier times, the city was linked by an underground metro system called the Wellington Underground. However, the metro has since fallen into disuse and severe disrepair, and the trains no longer run. Some stations (like Eel Pie Holm) have been re-purposed to serve as Motilene pumping stations.

Wellington Wells is administratively divided into three districts so far; the Garden District (where Wastrels live), the Village of Hamlyn (where Wellies live), and the Parade District, aka "The City" (where richer Wellies and the government lives).

As Wellington Wells sits in the middle of the Bristol Channel, the player can observe vast expanses of land to the North (Wales) and the South (England). This is the fated "Mainland" (i.e. the mainland United Kingdom), to which player characters will try to escape.

In the present day, it is now connected to the Bristol Channel due to the Wellington Underground has been fixed by the engineers after the disaster. The metro is now in business after the engineers fixed the train station.


  • Garden District
  • Hamlyn Village
  • St. George's Holm
  • Parade District 
  • Victory Memorial Camp
  • Ravensholm
  • Luds Holm
  • Maidenholm
  • Rat Holm
  • Apple Holm
  • Britannia Bridge
  • Inis Holm
  • Rorke's Drift Bridge
  • Waterloo District
  • Dunkerton District
  • Bridle Path
  • Old Bailey District




  • The Avalon Hotel
  • Elizabethan Royal Hotel
  • Haworth's Scientific



  • The Wicker Man
  • McLethe Bar

Strip Clubs

  • The Reform Club
  • Horny Lips
  •  ???

Easter Eggs

  • The Mood Booth
  • Gardner House
  • Department of Archives, Printing & Recycling
  • Sally's Interplanetary Travel Agency
  • Haworth Labs
  • Wellington Underground
  • Government Printing Office



  • In The Mysterious Quest, Wellington Wells now has more technology such as radios, telephones, laptops, cellphones, computers, traffics, and vehicles. Also, the characters can now drive any different vehicles such as motorcycles, vans, buses, and cars.
  • In the Garden District, the houses now have new designs, fixed roofs, replace the old things with the new things, and Wastrels are no longer cold, starved, or dirty. Also, the train station is now been rebuild after the Headboys use the bomb to destroy the train station and inside of the train station now has the new design include a clock.
  • In Hamlyn Village, the houses are now bigger and have stairs so everyone can go up or down.
  • In St. George's Holm, the Church of Simon Says now is a museum and arcade, House of Doctors/The Hippo Club now is ???.
  • In Parade District, it now has a stage concert, more telephones, malls, and museum.
  • In Ravensholm, it is now a part of the
  • In Luds Holm, same as Garden District but with different designs such as roads, houses, and
  • In Maidenholm, it is now changed into a bunch of houses and gardens.
  • In Victory Memorial Camp, it is now a museum which made by people of Wellington Wells in 1985.
  • In Rat Holm, it is now connected to other islands in 1985 after Caroline announced that abandoned island has been cleaned up and connect.
  • Unlike in We Happy Few, it's now a megacity in present day rather than just a microstate-sized city-state.
    • It has buildings such as gun stores, dance clubs, auto shops, libraries, museums, restaurants, and airports.
    • It also there're new buildings such as the bowling alleys, swimming pools, arcades, fields, and strip clubs.
  • In Eel Pie Holm, it
  • In Barrow Holm, it has now more flowers
  • In Inis Holm, it has connected to other islands in 1979 after Caroline announced the holm needed to be together again.
  • In Apple Holm, there is a treehouse that was now a mansion
  • In Waterloo District, the houses
  • The road was changed from a rainbow to gray due to changes the year after Uncle Jack's breakdown.
  • Other than Plough Boys and Headboys, there're more street criminals and gangs like thugs, hackers, delinquents, and drug dealers.
  • Daisy mentions Wellington Wells was founded in the early 1800s at some point in this era.
  • When either Daisy, Kate, or Max entered the building, they would either explore, buy, play, or discover.

Songs heard in the city

  • Into the Night
  • When You're Gone
  • You'll Never Change My Mind (alternatively called Out of the Blue)
  • I Wanna Stay the Same
  • Cheer Up (alternatively called Zombieland)
  • Joy Time
  • Not a Crime to Smile (alternatively called Smiling Crime)
  • La La La

New Songs

  • Do the Slide
  • We Are Going to the World
  • Bad vs Good
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