We Happiness More is a 3D platformer video game developed by Compulsion Games and published by Focus Home Interactive.


This game will focus on a princess of Happy Land who search for her younger sister and must defeat the king and queen of Sadness Land.


The player must control one of the characters to either walk, run, attack, dodge, or search.


The Jubilation knights are guarding a castle from enemies. Suddenly, they see oncoming enemies with their swords raised up and charge to the Miserable knights. At the bedroom, Little Smile wakes up and checks on them outside. Then, she walks outside where the Miserable knights are. But suddenly, one of the knights grabs her hand and she screams in fear as getting kidnapped. The next morning, Princess Happiness yawns as she stretches and get out of her bed. She thinks about checking on her younger sister that make sure if she is still here.

As Happiness knocks the door three times and no one answered, she opens the door and shocked when Little Smile has been kidnapped last night. Her parents, King Cheerful and Queen Joy, rushed to the room where their daughter is. Happiness must to find her younger sister by going to adventure. The next day, King Cheerful packs his daughter's stuff and ready to go to the adventure by herself.


  • TBD (voiced by TBD) - The older sister of Cheery, TBD and TBD who loves to collect the stars from space.




Cinematic Trailer

(Trailer starts where the Joy Castle has been attacked by the Miserable knights. The song "London Bridge is Falling Down" can be heard during the war and Princess Happiness grabs the rope then slides down. But one of the Miserable knights shoots the arrow at her on the chest which she let it go and falling to her death. She then lands on the grass and the scene faded to black. Princess Happiness wakes up and sees her imaginary friend who is flying around her. It realized to be Mr. Smiley.)

  • Mr. Smiley: Hey, Happy (Happiness). Are you okay?
  • Princess Happiness: Yes, I'm okay. (notices her chest is no longer bleeding and arrow is now gone) My chest? It's healed. Thank you for saving my life.
  • Mr. Smiley: You're welcome, Happy (Happiness). Come on, let's go to find your best friend, Joy (Joyful).
  • Princess Happiness: Okay.

(Princess Happiness and Mr. Smiley start walking through the forests where Princess Joyful fights the Miserable knights.)

  • Princess Joyful: Take that! And that! I'm a princess and I will knock you out with my sword!

(The scene cuts to Princess Happiness and Mr. Smiley hide behind a tree.)

  • Princess Happiness: (quietly, pointing at Princess Joyful) There she is. Princess Joyful another princess who lives in Sunshine Land with her mother. Also, she misses her father so much because he wants to takes care of her until he disappeared into thin air.
  • Mr. Smiley: (quietly) Oh. I see it. I should check it out. Be careful, we don't want to get caught in sight.

(Then Princess Happiness and Mr. Smiley sneak into the forests without noticing. The scene cuts to Princess Joyful fights Miserable knights.)

  • Miserable knight #1: Preps to use the


  • Princess Happiness: I wonder if the people of Happy Land are doing right now.

(Princess Happiness walks through the village to see what's going on.)

  • Princess Happiness: Hmm... Wow. I've never seen that magic crystal before. It's so powerful.

(Princess Joyful runs to Princess Happiness with a bag of crystals.)

  • Princess Joyful: Hey, Happiness. I brought a bag of crystals.
  • Princess Happiness: How did you get that bag of crystals from?
  • Princess Joyful: Oh, I got from the cave. Sir Good-Humored brought me to the cave.
  • Princess Happiness: Yes, he did. My uncle was very good at finding things.
  • Princess Joyful: Cool. By the way, I found a magic wand. My mom gave me this when I was seven years old.
  • Princess Happiness: Really? I got one just like yours but with different colors. (takes out her wand to shown Princess Joyful) See? I told you, that looks like yours.
  • Princess Joyful: Oh. Come on, let's visit the house of Plague Doctors. They must have a book of magic.
  • Princess Happiness: Good idea, Joyful. Let's go to the house.

(The scene cuts to the house of Plague Doctors where Princess Happiness and Princess Joyful enter inside of Cheerful Plague Doctor's.)

  • Cheerful Plague Doctor: Oh hello. How can I help you?
  • Princess Happiness: Ah, yes. I'm looking for the magic book because my best friend needs it. Do you have any book? Potion?
  • Cheerful Plague Doctor:


  • This game is similar to Contrast
    • They both focus on the main female protagonists (Dawn and Princess Happiness) with the deuteragonists (Didi and Princess Joyful).
    • They both have the same soundtracks.
    • They both have the same animation style.
      • This game is also similar to We Happy Few
      • They both set in England.
      • They both have the same Skill Tree.
      • They both have the death scenes (include the player).
      • They both have the same game over screen when the players died.
      • They both have a different story of the characters.
      • They both have the same sound effects (such as hitting).
      • They both have the same menu.
      • They both ???.
  • This game is based on Contrast, Super Mario Bros, Cuphead: Don't Deal with the Devil, We Happy Few, Assassins Creed: Syndicate, Crash Bandicoot, A Hat in Time, and Super Lucky's Tale.  
  • The elements are Super Mario Bros, Super Lucky's Tale, Contrast and A Hat in Time.  
  • Flashbacks have the same tone of train whistles from We Happy Few.
    • It also has the same voice actors from the game.
    • It has the same sound effects from the game.
    • It has the same dark tone as the game.
  • We Happiness More has many Easter Eggs and secrets.
  • In a bad ending where Princess Happiness and Princess Joyful accept the deal to become a sadness villager and turn evil and corrupted, which it is similar to Cuphead and Mugman accept the Devil's deal and become Devil's slaves in a bad ending.
    • In a good ending where Princess Happiness and Princess Joyful refused the deal with Queen Despaired and King Sadness. They're getting ready to fight against King Sadness and Queen Despaired. After defeating King Sadness and Queen Despaired, Princess Happiness and Princess Joyful finally rescue Little Smile and broke the spell, which it is similar to Cuphead.
  • According to the crew, We Happiness More is based on a fairytale "Princess and the Pea", "Little Red Riding Hood", and "Snow White".
  • When the Make Believe cameo in the game, they wear a Shakespearean outfit and their instruments are made of wood.
  • During the gameplay, players control one of the characters from a different story.
  • This game is inspired by the novel The Light Princess.
  • We Happiness More shares certain themes and plot points with the novel The Light Princess and it may have a possible source of inspiration.
    • It's also inspired by Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.
  • This game set in medieval England.
  • There are some adult jokes in this game.
  • Despite being an E-rated game, there's some blood, scary moments, death scenes, dark moments, nightmares, and even dark stories.
  • Cheerfulness/Sorrow Plague Doctors sound like Joy Doctors from We Happy Few.
    • They have the same laugh as Joy Doctor's, but Cheerfulness Plague Doctors' laughs were playful and jolly while Joy Doctors' were insane.
  • Miserable/Jubilation Knights sound like Bobbies from We Happy Few.
    • Their personalities are the same but they are completely different because
  • Male Happy/Sadness Villagers sound like Male Wastrels and Wellies from We Happy Few.
    • They are both the citizens
      • Frown Clown sound like
  • King Cheerful sounds like Rupert Ferris from Assassins Creed: Syndicate.
    • They
  • King Sadness sounds like Crackerjack Sugarman from Bojack Horseman.
    • They
  • Little Miss Heartbreak/Little Miss Heartly sounds like Ashbury, Camellia, Giselle, and Hunter Katherine from Vampyr.
    • She also sounds like Victoria Byng from We Happy Few.
  • Queen Despaired sounds like Coco La Bouche from Rugarts.
    • They both have French accent
  • Sir Loss-a-lot sounds like General Byng from We Happy Few.
  • Queen Joy sounds like Sally Boyle from We Happy Few.
    • They are both
  • Mr. Smiley sounds like Johnny Bolton from We Happy Few.
  • Female Happy/Sadness Villagers sound like Wellettes and Wastrettes from We Happy Few.
  • Mr. Sunlight sounds like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales.
  • Princess Joyful sounds like Didi Knight from Contrast
    • She also has her
  • The Giant Upset sounds like TBD from TBD
    • He
  • Jolly Jester sounds like TBD
    • He
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