Many people feel that entertainment companies have gotten too big and thus have been unable to manouver now that the entertainment market has changed due to the massive free filesharing made possible by technologies like Bittorrent.

Currently, entertainment companies are in the buisiness of selling plastic discs with patterns burnt onto them. Technology has now enabled ordinary people to make copies of the patterns for free, and to buy the discs very cheaply and burn the patterns onto them for free. This is a fact, and it is not going to stop, no matter what the government or the corporations try to do about it. The world has now changed, but the big companies haven't. They need to change or they will cease to exist in a few decades.

The entertainment industry is a buisiness, and buisiness need to make money to survive. This page should list ideas for how to cope with this "disaster" which is reportedly harming their revenues. What would help these big companies still make money by changing their buisiness model because of filesharing.


Product placement

Have films advertise so that people can buy any clothing or cars or whatever that they see in films.


Video Games

Getting Rid of the Middle Man

By getting rid of the Entertainment industry and having movie/music producers go straght to there audince.