Watchmen:Reborn is a upcoming TV series from created by Nolan Massey and Dillon Rhodes from Warner Bros Television Cool Orchid Productions and DC Comics.Based on the Watchmen characters.


It takes place a year after the Watchmen movie. Nite Owl,Silk Spectre and Rorscach are still fighting crime. Nite Owl feels like without the comedian or Dr.Manhattan there isn't a watchmen anymore.So 7 Kids Daxter Brooke,Michael, Samantha Emily Oliver and Trevor (Dan and Laurie's son) soon figure out they have special abilities and powers and soon realize that they are the next Watchmen.



TBD -Daxter Miller/Dark Hunter

TBD -Brooke Holmes/Queen of Spades

TBD -Michael Gothrick/Icicle

TBD -Samantha Stone/

TBD as Oliver Golwright/Blaze-A kid who can weild fire and makes him stronger

TBD -Trevor Dreiberg/Nite Owl III

TBD as Emily Thomas/Moth Girl


  • TBD -Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl
  • TBD -Laurie Dreiberg/Silk Spectre
  • TBD as Rorschach
  • TBD as Dollar Bill


TBD as Big Figure

TBD as Moloch The Mystic

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