The Warner Bros. Cinematic Looniverse is an American media franchise and shared fictional universe produced by Warner Animation Group and Amblin Entertainment and based on characters that appear solely in the Looney Tunes universe. The first film released in the WBCL was The Looney Tunes Movie.

Feature Films

Phase One

  1. The Looney Tunes Movie (2016)
  2. The Tiny Toons Movie (2016)
  3. Duck Dodgers (2017)
  4. Animaniacs (2017)
  5. Freakazoid! (2018)
  6. Tiny Toons/Animaniacs: Looney Mayhem (2018)
  7. Battle on the Warner Lot (2019)

Phase Two

  1. Freakazoid Returns! (2019)
  2. The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries (2020)
  3. The Superior Duck Dodgers (2020)
  4. Freakazette! (2021)
  5. Pinky and the Brain (2021)
  6. The Loonatics (2022)
  7. Defenders of the Looniverse (2022)
  8. Histeria! (2023)

Phase Three

  1. Loonatics: The Optimatus Era (2023)
  2. The Batduck Movie (2024)
  3. Slappy the Slap-Happy Squirrel (2024)
  4. A Tasmanian Vacation (2025)
  5. Duck Dodgers Reborn (2025)
  6. Loonatics: Wild Deuce Chase (2026)
  7. Tournament of the Looniverse (2026; first part for the final film)
  8. Looniverse: The War of the Century (2027; second part for the final film)


  • Tom Ruegger directs a majority of the films.
  • Steven Spielberg makes at least one cameo in each film, similar to how did Stan Lee in every Marvel film.
  • The ongoing story throughout this cinematic universe involves the cartoon stars trying to make the ultimate crossover movie, which is accomplished with the series' final film.
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