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War of the Monsters
Developer(s) LightBox Interactive
Airship Syndicate
Insomniac Games
Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment
Designer(s) To be announced
Composer(s) To be announced
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Released To be announced
Genre(s) Action
Beat em' Up
Platform(s) PlayStation 5
PlayStation Network
Nintendo Switch
X-Box One

War of the Monsters is a beat em' up fighting game reimagined reboot of the classic ps2 game of the same name, developed by Airship Syndicate in collaboration with LightBox Interactive and Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, PC on Unreal Engine 4. It is a built from the ground up reboot and reconstructs the entire story.

The developers wanted to reintroduce longtime monster fans, as well as all kinds of new players to this amazing game.

Like the original, the game is set in an aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth where their hazardous fuels have spawned giant monsters that battle one another in citywide environments.

The game pays homage to kaiju films and science fiction films past, present and future in addition to a variety of subgenres regarding with the latter.



Set in the 21st century, a fleet of alien warships invade the Earth, attacking various existing major cities around the world. Other countries attempt to refight the aliens with conventional weaponry, but were ineffective against the ship's advanced deflector shields. The President issued an emergency meeting at the United Nations where world leaders, senators and representatives gathered to discuss on how to defeat the threat. The joint chiefs suggested to launch a nuclear counterstrike but that would kill them too.

Howvere, a renowned scientist, Dr. Cedric Beaumont came before them with a sign of hope; a recovered one piece of the saucers that the tanks manage to break off. This inspired the masses to develop a. super weapon to end the invasion and the president and joint chiefs agreed to follow along with his plan. Dr. Beaumont along with many leading scientists and engineers to work together in hidden laboratories around the world created a series of state-of-art pulse generators in a proximate 2 years while the us army and the newly formed Global Defense Alliance held off the aliens to buy them time. 200 were built and are then placed upon key famous landmarks around the world. Activated in unison, the generators emitted a massive wave of EMP that crippled the warships and fighters, causing them to fall. It would seem humanity has defeated the invaders thus ended the invasion with billions have mourned for their losses and some rejoiced and celebrating their victory in relief that it was finally over. Unbeknownst to them, the downed ships started leaking glowing green ooze into streams, gutters, and oceans around the world...

Weeks later, Dr. Beaumont and other scientists had been studying the fuel from the ships and discovered that it’s a highly radioactive mutagen that increases the size and mass of the molecular structure at an accelerated rate. This triggered unseen array of mutations as it comes into contact with human, animal and plant life, giving birth to giant monsters! While ancient kaiju that had once roamed the earth for many eons ago have awakened. Enraged by the radiation, these creatures rampaged across the planet attacking every populated city in their path. The United Nations had ordered the Global Defense Alliance, military and the navy to salvage any downed, intact ship they could find and extract the mutagen so that Dr. Beaumont and his team can reverse engineered the mutagen's radioactive composition. They succeeded by changing its color from green to blue and naming it the Alpha-Serum.

The GDA Initially created an air-based form of the serum to supposedly end the monster scourge but it changed most of them from destructive, aggressive and hostile to gently docile, benevolent and instinctively protective while other mutants were immune to the effects so the government had other plans for its use. With more monsters appearing, the GDA had plans to create titans of their own, giant advanced and customized battle mechs that were infused with the serum as limitless power source. Seconds after activation, the mechas have gained sentience with the Alpha Serum increasing their artificial intelligence and took on their lives and existence of defending humanity and other heroes rise to the challenge to save the world. The alien invaders, the Zorgulon Empire have returned!

The Ultimate War of the Monsters had begun.


War of the Monsters (2020s)/Story Mode


There are over 50 playable monsters at the start; 15 that are available from the start, 35 to unlock. Unlike the original game, many of these characters will have environmental strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Gigazaur: King of Kaiju. A homage and tribute to Godzilla, he is a bipedal dinosaur Kaiju that is one of the main characters.
    Bio: Gigazaur is a gargantuan bipedal dinosaur Kaiju said to be the last of his kind. Some experts believed him to be a descendant of giant dinosaurs that once roamed the earth millions of years ago. Gigazaur survived extinction by hibernation beneath the South Pacific Ocean. He was reawakened by disabled alien ship sank into the ocean, its leaking fuel then inhaled by Gigazaur through his nostrils, thus awakening him in unchecked rage and feral aggression. Gigazaur fights for his own survival as he attack any major city in his path. Then the air-born version of the Alpha Serum calmed him to his senses from destructive to gentle and fiercely protective turned him into the planet's powerful guardian and fights for the protection of mankind with his fellow allies Pteradax and Triczera by his side. Together, they found an uncharted island which was soon to be named Kaiju Isle and made it their home as they gathered many protector monsters. Gigazaur has superior strength, endurance and speed, but strong heath and endurance. He's a medium jumper and climbs at a medium pace.
    Gigazaur has green scaly skin with a pale underbelly, gold-orange eyes, alabaster gray claws, three rows of serrated charcoal gray spines curved downward from neck to tail. His claws are the same color. He has a 1998 Godzilla-esque roar mixed with the T-Rex sound effect from the JP/W franchise.
    Gigazaur is the official replacement of Togera.
    Special Attack: Plasma Breath, a searing lime green colored stream of nuclear energy while his dorsal spines glow the same color. The attack has medium long range and can be used both on land and underwater. His spine begin top glow when preparing to use the attack.
  2. Congar: Mutant Ape Powerhouse. A strong homage to King Kong, Congar is one of the leading characters.
    Bio: Congar is a giant ape that was originally the first gorilla cosmonaut sent to space by NASA and was seen orbiting earth in a capsule, which had collided with a foundering UFO, exposing him to the alien fuel. Instead of burning up in the atmosphere, the ape immediately began to mutate and grow upon re-entry, crash landing in the remote countryside, and rising as the simian juggernaut known as Congar. He is a super-gorilla fueled by anger, astronomical strength and insatiable revenge. Along with his extreme reach and destructive punches, Congar's powerful Sonic Roar is extremely damaging at close range. For simian, Congar is a medium-jumper and climbs at a faster pace.
    Congar has gray skin is gray, has brown fur coat on his head, beard, shoulders, upper back, lower arms, pelvis and lower legs; red eyes and big sharp teeth.
    Special Attack: Sonic Roar, Congar releases a powerful sonic roar that sends opponents flying through the air.
  3. Preytor: Giant Mutated Preying Mantis. A homage to the giant Mantis from The Deadly Mantis
    Bio: Preytor was once an ordinary preying mantis that had been mutated due to ingesting the alien fuel by the scientist researching the effects of the fuel on animal life. Preytor grew to a monstrous size and proceeded to devour the scientist and join the war of the monsters. Armed with piercing scythe-like appendages and an ability to regurgitate a parasitic lifeform, this flying monstrosity feeds on destruction. She is lightning fast, but not very durable. However she's very, very quick, with super-fast combos, and ridiculously maneuverable... she can even fly.
    The changes applied to Preytor of the first game, is that she now emits green glow from her eyes and thorax of her exoskeleton.
    Special Attack: Parasite,
  4. Robo-47: The Hammer of the US Army.
    Bio: A highly advanced military warbot that used to be one of mechs of the Atomic Era that was decommissioned and placed in storage. It was then used to fight off the alien invaders but was quickly destroyed. After the invasion, The US Army had rebuilt and reconstructed Robo-47 and gave it highly advanced defense systems. As for it's power supply then uses a infusion mix of the alien fuel and the alpha serum into his circuitry. Online, Robo-47's sentience is based on military protocol and he follows orders without question to his creators as he leads the Unite States Army to war with the rampaging monsters.
    Robo-47's character design and appearance was reworked to make him look more sleek and modernize.
    Special Attack: Atomic Missile.
  5. Ultra-V: State-of-the-art Super Robot.
    Bio: A giant hi-tech robot created by the Japanese government to battle the rampaging monsters. However, these scientists made the mistake of infusing Ultra V with the alien fuel. Once activated, he became self-aware with a mind of his own. Ultra V is the fifth version of a group of super robots designed to be saviors for cities under siege. Equipped with state-of-the-art eye lasers, space-age metallic armor, rocket propulsion boosters and an energy sword, Ultra V is ready to eliminate any threat to mankind.
    Special Attack: Plasma Katana,
  6. Kineticlops: Creature of Living Energy. A giant eyeball suspended in an body of pure electricity.
    Bio: Once a security guard on his night patrol when one of the disabled UFOs collides with the powerlines over a power plant. The helpless guard investigates only to be infused with a combination of natural electricity and the extraterrestrial fuel, becoming a sentient being of pure energy. Something organic, yet at the same time, not of this earth. Kineticlops now seeks to feed on more sources of power across the world. As being of pure electricity, Kineticlops is immune to electrical hazards and weapons' such as powerlines and transformers, only strengthens his attacks temporarily and replenishes his health but he highly vulnerable to water environments but will both electrify and depletes his health bar.
    Special Attack: Chain Lightning
  7. Magmo: Titan of Magma.
    Bio: A four-armed lava titan that came into being when one of the disabled UFOs crash-landed into an active volcano on an Island, it's radioactive fuel mixing with the magma, creating a living, mobile volcano. A monster protected by the cooling of it´s molten hot lava, Magmo sprouts four arms and a deep desire to scorch the Earth. When it unleashes it's furious Volcano-inspired special, a hail of lava and fire will come pouring from the sky. It was later revealed that Magmo is one of the primordial titans, which are lied dormant for centuries made up of many elements.
    As being one the biggest monsters of the game, there changes changes applied to Magmo of the first game, is that now has a stronger upper body, he is slightly taller and more musculature, and can drip lava from his mouth and emit smoke from his shoulder/back. In the reboot, Magmo is now immune to burning from fire effects and lava hazards. If he caught on fire, his attacks become temporarily stronger and can damage other characters.
    Special Attack: Tracking Fireballs, Magmo spits multiple lava balls and seek intended targets in a far distance.
  8. Agamo: The Living Idol.
    Bio: A tribal statue that was carved by a lost civilization from a bygone era and was worship by the island locals. A shaman of a remote tribe who brings an offering of the alien fuel and poured it in the flames of the giant carved pyre, causing it to come to life, and raised his body from the ground. It then walking to the horizon with a new found purpose, trampling the holy man in the process. Agamo has later developed a heated rivalry with Magmo.
    Like Magmo, Agamo is now taller at the same height and strength.
    Special Attack: Idol Grenade.
  9. Raptros: Winged Dragon. One of the last remaining Dragon species, reawaken from hibernation by the UFO radioactive fuel.
    Bio: Long ago, the dragons ruled the world and lived in peace with their relatives, the dinosaurs...but, with the ice age, they had to hibernate, and as they reawaken in the middle ages, the human race declared war against them, and taking advantage that the dragons were still asleep, exterminated them to extinction. Row, Raptros's rage is neither remotely imaginable: reaching for the other alien fuel reserves, he will resurrect his species, but not first have totally exterminated or enslaved mankind for its genocide act against the draconic species his eternal opponent is the mantis Preytor, because even it wants the extermination of makind, who will reach this objective.
    Special Attack: Fire Breath
  10. Pteradax: Ruler of the Skies. A homage and tribute to Rodan.
    Bio: A giant radiated pterosaur hailing from the same era as Gigazaur, Pteradax was a flying terror in prehistoric times as the largest of his kind. Slumbering for countless eons, Pteradax awoke from his dormant state by the leaking fuel from one of the disabled UFOs which crashed into the northern mountains. Now he's at the top of the food chain, fearless and unchallenged. He can cover incredible distances, soaring over the ocean unrestricted and appearing in air spaces all around the world. The immense flying Reptile later reunited with Gigazaur and Trizera and were all bombarded by the air based Alpha serum, rendering him protective instincts . He is rather slow on foot, especially when traversing the landscape and building rooftops. His large wing span compensates for his lack of agility on land so he can take to the air with great ease, similar to that of Raptros. He is the most aerodynamic as well, and is much faster in the air and hardly uses energy when flapping wings, making Pteradax the best flyer in the game as the third monster.
    Special Attack: Energy Bomb, spits out a red energy sphere, which explodes upon impact. It has very poor range while on the ground an can even explode close enough to harm himself. It's best used while in the air, where it drops like a bomb and hits monsters below him. The farther it travels, the bigger the explosion. Thus, gaining high altitude can drastically increase it's power. Great for surprising groups of enemies.
  11. Triczera: Three-Horned Defender.
    Bio: Triczera was a gigantic radiated ceratopsid dinosaur that once roam the lands of prehistoric America when it lied dormant within underground cavern beneath the Earth's crust. Awakened by the alien fuel, Triczera went on wild rampage charging through every city with his indestructible horns. He was present in the same city as Gigazaur and Pteradax when he was exposed by the airborne form of the alpha serum and came to his senses.
    Triczera is the first monster to walk on all fours and is poor at jumping and unable to climb buildings.
    Special Attack: Tri-Horn Strike, charges his frill and horns then runs at full ramming speed until it hit his target and send them flying that gives great deal of damage. The attack can also destroy small buildings but damages larger buildings.
  12. Ultiman: World's Mightiest Hero. A volunteer who went through a genetic experiment.
    Bio: Adam Clarke was a normal, yet weak, frail and scrawny clerk with an amateur wrestling background standing at '5"4. He had volunteered to undergo an experimental project aboard an orbiting space station by Dr. Hughes who discovered a mysterious golden crystal and used it as a performance enhancer to test on him which he named the Olympian Diadem. Adam was then trapped into a rebirth chamber as he is prepared for the experiment. Hughes gave Adam his hand comforting him then chamber closed the hatch. The test was violently interrupted by an unexpected attack from Zorgulon assault ships. Dr. Hugh continued the process while programming the pod sending Adam back to Earth before the ships destroyed the station. The pod was then thrown off course to crash land in the Andes Mountains. Upon process completion, Adam emerges out of pod and transformed from a sickly frail man to a '6"3 tall perfect specimen of human perfection with greatly enhanced well-muscular bound physique. Disoriented, Adam learns that the golden crystal had cured him of all his illness and endowed him with enhanced superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability and an unexpected ability; he can alter his own size at will. The bigger the size, the greater his strength will become and gains indestructible skin that makes him impervious to injury. As the only survivor, Adam understands that his purpose is to use his powers and strength to protect the world.
    Ultiman is a tall handsome, charming and extremely muscular man standing at '6"4 tall with blue eyes, tan toned peach skin, butterscotch blonde hair with an “s” curl on his forehead, strong jawline, well defined cheekbones, and a cleft chin. The effects from the crystal has metabolized and permanently enhanced him with an overly ripped bodybuilder physique with broad shoulders, v-tapered upper body, bulging biceps, very tight waist and average buttocks. He wears gold wrist and ankle bands, a pair briefs with silver belt w/h a stylized gold "A" buckle.
    Alpha Man is one the most athletic and acrobatic non-monster characters that can perform a medium double jump unlike other characters and climb at a medium pace. Unlike other characters, Alpha-Man is immune to attacks from military and spear weapons, thus cannot be impaled to be stunned. He is also immune to being set fire from fuel tanks, and tanker trucks. However, Alpha Man is vulnerable to energy, radioactive and electrical based hazards and attacks.
    Special Attack: Olympian Aura, Alpha Man is surrounded by a golden aura that strengthens his attacks for a short period of time.
  13. Jenna Steele: The Sensational Giantess.
    Bio: Once a very meek '5"5 woman named Jenna Steele with an athletic and Olympian background. Felicia was driving through the woods when she stumbled upon a glowing meteorite from a crashed UFO and inhaled the fumes of the radioactive fuel before raced back to her car and drive off. Unable to reach to the nearest town, she then stops by a condemned motel to rest for the night as she felt very strange and passed out. While asleep, she then start to grow in tremendous size overnight as the mutagen affecting her cells. Awakened, Alicia was shocked that she became a giantess as she destroyed the motel she was resting in and crushed her car. Confused and frightened at first, Alicia soon realize that she has gained a beautiful look, and a new found confidence in herself. With her immense size, superhuman strength, speed, unbreakable skin immune to both injury and temperature, incredible agility and athleticism, Felicia was now determined to save the world from the War of the Monsters as the world's hottest savior, Stratigeas. She later met Ultiman and infused with the Olympus crystal that allows her to change her size at will along with some new clothes for her liking. She now stands at '6"1.
    Jenna Steele is one of the most athletic and acrobatic of all the characters in the game with the alien fuel had enhanced her body to the peak of human perfection like Alpha Man, she has a medium double jump and climb at a fast pace. She is self-taught in hand-to-combat with few pro wrestling moves. She is immune to spear weapons, fire effects and military weapons.
    Jenna is an attractive, well-muscled beautiful woman with copper toned tan skin, dark brown eyes, wears pink lipstick and long wavy waist-length dark blue hair. She has a slim feminine yet statuesque & athletic hourglass build; a curvaceous slim waist, buxom breasts, toned broad shoulders, narrow hips, midriff, tight toned abs, strong muscular toned arms, biceps, peachy buttocks and long muscular toned legs. She wears a strapless neon blue-gold trimmed bra which leave her shoulders and back bare that reveal her cleavage, blue wrist bands w/h golden pattern that extend from her elbows to her wrists and gold ankle bands. And wears a blue V-shaped high raise thong cut bikini bottom with a gold trim.
    Alicia Steele is depicted to be a strong-willed, assertive, gorgeous, self-confident yet still a feisty woman who's arrogantly playful during a fight with her opponent(s).
    Special Attack: ?
  14. Valtoth: Living Gargoyle.
    Bio: An insidious, gargoyle-like monster that spreads the chill of death wherever he goes. Historians believe he may be an ancient demon from the dark ages, revived from suspended animation by the alien fuel. He despises all sources of heat, both natural and unnatural, making the sun his greatest enemy. He seeks to blot it out and send the whole world into an ice age.
    Valtoth is is immune to freezing based attacks and does not take damage from being frozen. Though he is very weak against heat based attacks.
    Special Attack: Cryo-Beam, when putting his hands together, Valtoth unleashes a powerful a freeze ray that can be used while running or flying while continuously freezing any monster in range. It has a very long range, but cannot be swept around quickly- generally not an attack that can hit more than one target. Monsters hit by the ray take below average damage, but are encased in a block of ice and must struggle out. Once frozen, they cannot move and must struggle to get out. It can also freeze buildings as well.
  15. Emperor Hydrask: Emperor of Destruction. A homage and parody to King Ghidorah.
    Bio: An extraterrestrial hydra that fell to earth over 100 million years ago and came into conflict with Gigazaur but was defeated and cast to depths of the ocean. For countless eons, Hydrask was frozen in deep suspended animation beneath the glaciers of Antarctica where a research facility was setup and has been studied by scientists until it was suddenly reawakened after inhaling the crashed UFO's leaking radioactive fuel, thus destroying the entire facility. Now freed from his icy prison, Hydrask then devours the crashed UFO for its fuel then it evolved his body enough to grow two sets of retractable wings on his back and rejuvenate his strength. With his new wings, Hydrask began his reign of terror upon the world; only to cross paths with his hated foe Gigazaur; thus reigniting their long ancient feud in the war of the monsters.
    Hydrask is the tallest of the monsters that towers most other characters. His right and left heads have two horns while the center head has five curved downward like a crown. He has Charcoal black scaled skin, reddish eyes, and purplish underbelly. While he has notably two short arms he uses his heads and tail for combat. He has two pairs of wings; big upfront and small behind.
    Special Attack: Tri-Death Beams, releases three ultraviolet beams from his three heads at once. The beams have long rang that can damage characters and buildings.


These monsters can be unlocked in two methods; use battle tokens to purchase them with at the shop or in the Story Mode campaign.

  1. Midas Avenger: Multi Purpose Fighting Mech. An inspiration to Gypsy Avenger from Pacific Rim Uprising and Optimus Prime from Transformers
    Bio: Original built for the alien invasion months but was never fully operation until the War of the Monsters. An advanced robot equipped with the most state of the art weaponry and technology, Midas Avenger is the most fastest and strongest offensive combat mech as the leader of the GDA fleet. It’s semi piloted Mech powered by the anti fuel and a Quantum Data Core for learning complex decision and maybe even learn to emulate human emotions. Its programming is made attack Monsters and keep humans safe even at the cost of its own safety.  But it does have a self-preservation which why it would see Gigazaur who attacks other monster as an ally.
    Special Attack: Multi-Punch, unleashes a barrage of punches then finishes it with a pair of rocket punches that sends the opponent hurtling through the air.
  2. Zorgulon: Alien Invader.
    Bio: An alien of the invading forces sent to earth by Cerebulon to recover the fuel.
    Special Attack: Homing Squadron.
  3. Slogg: ???. A mix of the The Blob and Hedorah.
    Bio: A ravenous gelatinous biomass spawned from an American swamp contaminated by the alien fuel. His exact composition is a mystery, but some theorize he is a mix of plant and animal. He can be seen oozing through large cities in search of chemicals to feed on, gulping down toxic waste and growing stronger from any form of pollution. The alien fuel is his favorite source of food while the Alpha Serum has no effect him.
    Slogg is
    Special Attack: Sludge Spew. Spews a torrent of radioactive sludge from his mouth. This attack has a relatively short range, but a wide radius. Enemies directly hit by it take heavy damage. Regardless of whether it hits or misses, it will leave a puddle on the ground for a short period of time
  4. Colossus: The Anvil of the US Army.
    Bio: A militarize robot in the Goliath Prime line. Built at a much smaller scale, it has greatly improved mobility and can go where it's predecessor never could. It was used by the US government to help detain some of the monsters, but has since been heavily exposed to alien radiation. Now it has a mind of it's own and leads the military into battle, standing by the side of Robo-47.
    For being the largest robot character, Colossus is a heavy hitter fighter with slow attacks and both poor at jumping an climbing
    Special Attack: Air Strike.
  5. Vegon Jr.: Spawn of the Vegon.
    Bio: After the destruction of the original predecessor, a bud emerged from the ashes of Atomic Island and the alien fuel accelerated its growth. It then sprouted into a smaller and adaptable Vegon II. Now he seeks more radiation so that she can continue growing and reach the same titanic size as his paternal father.
    Vegon Jr. is the the second tallest monster next to Hydrask.
    Special Attack: Vine Uppercut
  6. Xorvus: The Scourge of Planet X.
    Bio: Engineered long ago by another race that wanted vengeance on the same invaders who attacked Earth, Xorvus was intended to be the weapon that would end their war with Zorgulon empire. Unfortunately for them, he proved too unruly to control and turned on them during the battle. He was sealed away and jettisoned into space, but now his capsule's found it's way to Earth. Military personnel found the capsule and placed inside Outpost X for further study but was reawakened from stasis when the radioactive fuel leaked into the capsule. Now freed, it begins to hunt down his intended target only to serve Hydrask.
    Special Attack: Magne-Mine, lobs a silvery orb from his mouth, Meant to be used as a trap rather than a direct attack, it hovers in place wherever it's launched. Passing enemies will trigger it, causing it to pull in everything around it for a few seconds before exploding and dealing heavy damage. This affects objects as well as monsters and can be used to destroy vehicles, items and even powerups. It's short launch range makes it hard to use as a direct attack, but if it does hit another monster instead of the ground it will immediately detonate, having no magnetic effect but dealing the same amount of damage.
  7. Mecha-Gigazaur: Robotic Doppelgänger
    Bio: Directly inspired by Gigazaur, Mecha-Gigazaur was originally built by Talbot Industries technicians as and anti Kaiju weapon to exterminate the monster infestation. However, it was confiscated by the GDA and made it into defending humanity from monster and alien threats. Mecha-Gigazaur is genetically identical to Gigazaur, but GDA technicians and weapon designers have augmented it with nigh indestructible armor plating resistant to claw and bite attacks, enhances reflexes and limited flight capabilities.
    Spacial Attack: Particle Beam
  8. Mecha-Congar:
    Special Attack:
  9. Kyodai: Super Cyber Ninja
    Bio: A brave ninja youth from Japan accepted to become, by a last-generation experiment, super cyborg fighter to stop the monster menace, thanks to combination of ninjutsu skills with advanced technology and energy weapons.
    Special Attack: Cyber Slash
  10. Amphibios: To be Announced
    Bio: A frenetic triphibian monster that emerged from the dense jungles of the Amazon. He demonstrates surprising adaptability and can fight on any kind of terrain. The origin of Amphibios is unclear, but it is theorized that he arose from polluted runoff after an alien saucer crash-landed onto a South American hydroelectric power plant. His motivations, if he has any, are a mystery to the outside world.
    Special Attack: Tongue Snare, launches it's his super-long tongue. This attack functions similarly to Ultra V's grappling fist.
  11. Rachnon: Eight-Legged Terror. Based on the 1955 "Tarantula!", and Kumonga from Godzilla.
    Bio: A domestic tarantula that was accidentally fed wild, irradiated crickets. Now she spreads her creeping terror across the countryside, feeding on livestock and leaving city-sized webs in her wake. Compared to the other mutations, Rachnon doesn't seem very interested in causing destruction. Her eyes are set on bigger, tastier prey.
    Special Attack: Spider Silk, Rachnon expels a wide stream of silk that coats any surface. A direct hit will either trap monsters in webbed cocoons, sticks them to the ground or against the walls of buildings.
  12. Barradillo: Mutant Rollin' Armadillo.
    Bio: A wandering Armadillo strolling the deserts in Houston, Texas when it spotted a water hole to drink but it was soon contaminated by the radioactive fuel from a downed spacecraft.
    Special Attack: Roll-Out, Barradillo curls up into his spiked ball form then rotates at high speed
  13. Tortoidon: Colossal Gentle Turtle.
    Bio: A giant prehistoric tortoise that was hibernating in side an underground cavern beneath Kaiju Isla then it was awaken by the fumes of the a Alpha Serum. The graceful turtle had no intention of leaving the island but instead remain there where Tortoidon lived in solitary peace and tranquillity and fed on the vegetation. When Gigazaur and other monsters came to the island, Tortoidon didn’t mind and welcomed his new allies.
    Special Attack: Shellshock, Tortoidon withdraws inside his shell then begins to glow white then releases a concussion energy burst that sends anyone around him flying.
  14. Zaire Cargill:
    Bio: Zaire Cargill was a fitness model who was exposed to a combination of the Radioactive mutagen and growth hormones
    Special Attack: Super Punch
  15. El Segador: The Deadly Sting.
    Bio: The most dangerous monster in all of Mexico. Once an average scorpion. This creeping, crawling terror brings death wherever he goes, harvesting souls with sweeping claws and a venom more potent than anything the natural world has ever seen. He lacks the ranged options of other monsters, but can wade through attacks with his armored hide and deliver the sting of death.
    • Special Attack: Tail Sting
  16. Vectus Maximus(ε): The Echo Robot of Colossus.
    Bio: A giant combat mech powered by the Alpha Serum that is the tank of the mechs operated by the GDA.
    Special Attack: Wrecking Mace, hands form into chained spiked maces.
  17. Karkarios: Deep Sea Predator. A homage to the Meg and Marko from Rampage series.
    Bio: Once a 25ft. Great White Shark that spotted a whale carcass floating above the surface, it swam towards but was caught in the cloud of the alien fuel from a space craft that was sinking. The shark immediately began to mutate and grow, his fins and flippers became his arms and legs upon reach to the surface, thus devouring the entire carcass. His mutation allowed him to leave the sea in search of bigger fish, making the whole world his buffet as Karkarios sets his sights on a nearby populated island. When Karkarios submerges deep water ocean environments, his dorsal fin juts above the surface like modern sharks.
    Special Attack: Shark Frenzy, lunges at an any monster then repeatedly bites ferociously as it depletes it's health.
  18. Bravo Marine:
    Special Attack: AK Assault
  19. Nemeaus: The Mighty Lion. Named on the Nemean Lion of Greek Mythology.
    Bio: A rare male African Lion was being auctioned off to the highest bidder by wealthy hunter. Just before it was sold to a collector, a crippled saucer crashes into the auction and release a plume of green gaseous vapor. The lion breathed in the gas and began to grew in monstrous proportions then killed the hunter and the buyers.
    Special Attack: King's Roar, releases a powerful roar similar to Congar’s attack the sends
  20. Despira: Mutant Hive Queen. Based to the giant bee from Godzilla the series.
    Bio: A Japanese honey bee queen that was mutate to monstrous size when one of her drones was covered in alien fuel. Now with the power to command legions of buzzing, stinging minions. She rules over her swarm with a set of iron fists, forcing them to do her bidding even if it costs them their lives. Their loyalty stems from the concentrated pheromone she excretes from her body, which can also double as a weapon. She now joins the war of the monsters while searching for a perfect site to build a new hive. As the smallest of all the monsters. Despira has very low health reserves, but makes up for it with extreme speed and maneuverability. Her climbing speed is less impressive, but she is a strong "jumper". She is must faster in the air than Pteradax while in the sky. Despira .
    Since she hovers, Despira is never in contact with the ground unless climbing or knocked down. This means she can pass over some hazards (like Rachnon's web traps and Slogg's sludge puddles) unafflicted. She does not hover high enough to avoid standing flames or the nuclear reactor leak at Atomic Island. When entering the ocean, Despira simply hovers above the surface, suffering no penalty to speed. If knocked into the water, however, she will be temporarily slowed afterward from getting her wings wet.
    Special Attack: Pheromone Swarm, releases a small, high-speed chemical blast. The attack does no damage itself, but marks whatever it hits with a potent cloud of attack pheromones. Angry mutant bees suddenly swarm the target and chase them relentlessly for a short period of time, obstructing visibility and stinging constantly. If the attack strikes a building or other surface rather than an opponent, the swarm will stay locked in that area and attack any monster that passes through. .
  21. Akumanon: Interstellar Bounty Hunter.
    Bio: An infamous bounty hunter from a far-off galaxy. Hyuma came to Earth following Xorvus' capsule with fellow hunters Rynokk and Zetius, planning to capture him and sell him to the Zorgulon race's enemies for a fortune. He has become involved in the monster war only by accident, but thinks he can profit from it by bringing back some of Earth's monsters. Ultra V, and Midas Avenger in particular has caught his attention. However after many attempts and defeats, he ends up being another of Hydrask’s minions.
    Special Attack:
  22. Kingbra: Mutant Venomous Serpent. A homage to the mutant snake from Godzilla TS and Buraki from D-War.
    Bio: Kingbra was an ordinary King Cobra that was fighting a mongoose in the streets of India. Nearly overpowered by the mongoose, the wounded cobra inadvertently fells into a sewer grate where he collapses in a puddle of the radioactive fuel from a downed UFO. The cobra’s wounds immediately healed and began to grow in monstrous proportions. Kingbra bursts from the streets and easily kills the mongoose and back ally spectators.
    Special Attack: Venom Strike
  23. Debouse: A homage and tribute to the graboids from the Tremor series.
    Bio: A hideous, subterranean worm spawned from a fossilized egg unearthed in Africa. The alien fuel breathed new life into her age old embryo, bringing one of the strangest and fiercest predators from the dawn of time into the modern era. Whole cities tumble beneath the Earth when she goes out in search of prey.
    P.A.: Demouse is giant multi-toothed worm with dark grey skin with a dirty orange underside. Her tail is divided into three small tendrils, small beige quills on top, her tongue is pink with a the same multi-teeth.
    Spacial Attack: Taser Tongue,
  24. Melkeor: The Black Lake Monster.
    Bio: For decades this legendary beast was confined to the deepest, darkest reaches of his birthplace, forced to hide from the prying eyes of would-be human captors. Now a steady diet of a school of radioactive fish has allowed him to grow to an unprecedented size and turn the tables on his hominid enemies. No aquarium on earth can hold Melkeor!
    Special Attack: Toxic Gas,
  25. Raevesis(ε): Reptilian Interstellar kaiju. A tribute to Zarkorr the Invader.
    Bio: A reptilian lifeform from another distant planet that was drawn to Earth by the Zorgulon Invasion force.
    Special Attack: Death Ray,
  26. Wrathir: The Dragon Sovereign.
    Bio: Long ago, Wrathir lead his kind the dragons ruled the world and lived in peace with their relatives, the dinosaurs...but, with the ice age, they had to hibernate, and as they reawaken in the middle ages, the human race declared war against them, and taking advantage that the dragons were still asleep, exterminated them to extinction. Now reawaken by the alien fuel, Wrathir swore to resurrect his species and exact vengeance on humanity.
    Special Attack: BaleInferno,
  27. Lightra(ε): Mystic Moth.
    Bio: According to folktales, an ancient civilization was under the protection of giant moth creature for centuries.
    Special Attack: Aurora Flash
  28. Quinkan(ε): Alien Juggernaut
    Bio: A gargantuan extraterrestrial behemoth covered metallic boney armor that has attacked countless planets and civilizations until is was struck down then placed in a stasis pod and ejected into space. The pod made its way to earth then brought to Outpost X where it kept in the storage area with Xorvus for further sturdy.
    Special Attack: Berserker Smash
  29. Skreav: Giant Mutated Squirrel.
    Bio: An ordinary red squirrel that was mutated when it was chewing on an acorn covered in in a drop of radioactive fuel.
    Special Attack:
  30. Mokarrak(ε): Hammerhead Terror.
    Bio: A normal hammerhead shark roaming the ocean when crashing alien ship fell on top of it and covering the shark in the radioactive fuel.
    Special Attack:
  31. Jörmungand: Serpent of the Seas
    Bio: A mythical sea serpent named after the very World Serpent of Norse mythology. Originally encased in a serpentine statue for centuries by a Viking priest until was awakened by the radioactive fuel from a cripple UFO. Jörmungand awoke from her statue encasement and begane her coastal rampage across the ocean.
    Special Attack: Thunder Beam
  32. Crocogator:
    Bio: A rare crocodilian hybrid that was created in a hidden laboratory in South American and escaped deep into the Amazon. The hybrid lived in solitude in the swamps when a crippled UFO crashed into the murky waters then sprays the fuel all over the reptile, causing it to grow rapidly.
    Special Attack: Death Roll, lunges at the opponent then grabs it in his jaws, He then causes heavy damage while rolls either on land or underwater.
  33. Cephablos: Tentacle Terror of the Deep. Based on the Giant Octopus from It Came From Beneath the Sea.
    Bio: Once used to be an ordinary pacific giant octopus inhabited inside a sunken cruise deep beneath the ocean floor. It’s slumber was disturbed by the cloud of a the radioactive mutagenic fuel from a drowned space ship then grew to massive size. Cephalos is a giant mutant octopus with eight long tentacles, reddish brown, leathery skin with amber eyes.
    Special Attack: Poison Ink Shot.
  34. Mammusk: The Frozen Pachyderm.
    Bio: A living Wooley Mammoth frozen for thousands of years in a block of ice and is safely preserved on display at a natural history museum. A crippled ship fell through the glass skyline is hang by many banners then begin to drip its radioactive fuel on top of the ice. It then begins to seep into the cracks and both revived and mutated the mammoth into giant rampaging pachyderm with cryokinetic attributes. Mammusk was then rendered docile and protective by the effects of the Alpha Serum and joined Gigazaur and the other earth protecting monsters.
    • Special Attack: Sub-Zero Stream, releases a flowing stream of freezing air based liquid nitrogen from his trunk that freezes most things in range.
  35. Vrytalis: Ice Wyvern
    Special Attack: Balefire Burst


  1. Trogul: Based on Gremlins, Critters and Ghoulies
  2. Mandrilla(ε): Mutant Primate.
    Bio: Mandrilla was a normal Mandrill that living peacefully in the jungles of Africa when it was captured by poachers and taken to their camp. It then eats a fruit covered in the alien fuel. He then grew in monstrous proportions, killed the poachers and went on a savage rampage throughout Southern Africa and the Congo. Mandrilla soon then joined the Mutant Invasion saga.
    Special Attack: Primal Force
  3. Striker Paladin: Blade wielding Mecha
    Special Attack
  4. Arborick: Guardian of Nature
    Bio: Once a dead oak tree in the middle of a burned forest when a fragment of Cerebulon's warship crashed in the vacinity of the tree. The wreckage then started leaking the radioactive fuel in to the ground where it's roots slowly absorbing it that brought the tree back to life then formed arms.
    Special Attack: Frenzy Plant
  5. Zhaotei: Primordial Protector. Based on King Caesar and Magnamalo from MH:R.
  6. Titaniwoman: The 50 ft. Amazon.
    Bio: Diana Stride was a warrior Princess of the Amazon who was chosen to become an envoy by her mother. During her stay, she had witnessed all the events of the War of the Monsters and the coming Mutant Invasion. She encounters a meteorite containing a familiar golden crystal.
    Special Attack:
  7. Shikagan: Insectoid Scourge.
    Bio: TBA
    Special Attack
  8. ???: Gravity
  9. Tēcuani(ε): Mutated Jaguaress.
    Bio: TBA
  10. Khepera: The Egyptian Beast
    Bio: A beast said to by birth by the gods of the underworld who had terrorized ancient Egypt.
    Special Attack: Curse
  11. Toranux: Titan of Storms
    Bio: The primordial titan of the wind.
    Special Attack: Maelstrom:
  12. Lithaes: Titan of the Earth
    Special Attack: Tectonic Shockwave, slams both his fist to the ground with devastating force
  13. Aquaxis: Titan of the Ocean
    Special Attack: Riptide.
  14. Trendrileech: Blood sucking Lifeform.
    Bio: A deadly vampiric extraterrestrial cephalopod sent to earth while encased inside an asteroid then fell in the ocean floor. It was then discovered during the mutant invasion by the US Navy.
    Special Attack: Life Drain, wraps his spiny tentacles around the opponent then rapidly drains its Heath to replenish his own for ten seconds period of time then lets go. This also leaves vulnerable to be attack
  15. Nova Meridian: Blade Dancer
    Special Attack:
  16. Crustaceore: Mutant Lobster
    Bio: Originally a regular Lobster ready to be served at a luxurious seaside resturant
    Special Attack: Scalding Bubble Stream
  17. Prizmasaur:
    Special Attack: Prism Beam
  18. Cotagahi
    Special Attack
  19. La Fuerza: Latina Grande
    Special Attack:
  20. ???: Anti-Kaiju Hunter Mech
    Special Attack: Electro-Net
  21. Talbot: Corrupt Businessman: The well-known CEO of Talbot Technologies and the arch enemy of Alpha Man.
    Bio: Talbot is
  22. Bellatrix(ε): Devious Femme Fatale .
    Trixine Bella is the devious secretary and assistant to Percival Talbot.
    Bellatrix gains the same feminine physique as Godiva but has fair skin, violet eyes, and medium-length slicked back maroon hair.
  23. Richter
  24. Ashlynn:
  25. Rowena:
  26.  ???
  27. Selene:
  28. Amaya:
  29. Sojourner:
  30. Lycaon:
    Bio: Once an ordinary alpha wolf that was stalking a Caribou heard in the Canadian wilderness when it was exposed to gaseous form of the mutagen.
  31. Quillchidna: Spiked Hybrid.
    Bio: A Spiny Echidna and Porcupine hybrid created in a TalbotTech genetics lab where scientists were testing the radioactive mutagen on the subject.
    Special Attack: Spike Rain
  32. Juraregina:
    Special Attack
  33. Trish Stratus: The Stratusfying Heroine. A secondary parody of the 50ft Woman and homage to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.
    Stratigeas is an attractive, well-muscled beautiful woman with tanned skin, dark brown eyes, wears pink lipstick and long wavy waist-length blonde hair w/h a widow’s peak. She has a slim feminine yet statuesque & athletic hourglass build; a curvaceous slim waist, buxom breasts, toned broad shoulders, narrow hips, midriff, tight toned abs, strong muscular toned arms, biceps, peach buttocks and long muscular toned legs. She wears a strapless golden yellow-gold trimmed bodice which leave her shoulders, and arms that reveal her trademark cleavage, gold wrist bands that extend from her elbows to her wrists. She wears gold tight fitting leggings and boots with a gold trim.
    Much like Jenna Steele, Trish is just as strong-willed, assertive, gorgeous, self-confident
    Special Attack: Stratusfaction.
  34. Sanphros: Dune Lurker.
    Bio: Once an ordinary Sandfish Skink inhabited the Sahara desert when it was irradiated by the alien fuel that transformed him into the most deadliest ambush monster beneath the sands, preying on anything that enters his territory.
    Special Attack: Sand Buster
  35. Phrogeck:
  36. Khanivore:
  37. Malganoth:
  38. Hotaji:
  39. Grifphyon:
  40. I-Zakk
  41. Elasmomegas
  42. Zastronimus: The Ultimate Destroyer. Based on the Mega-Kaiju rom Pacific Rim Uprising. He will be the largest playable monster.
  43. Hazagerus
  44. Thaloch


  • Brontes-Mbembe: Based on Brontosaurus

Human characters

The reboot of War of the Monsters features a vast variety of human characters to the cinematic story campaigns. Although non-playable (aside with the Mecha Pilots), they play important roles for the many campaigns.

Kaiju Analysis Team (KAT)

A scientific research team formed by GDA Representative, Scott. The group now consists of Davis, Myron, Aaron, June, Francesca Vic and agent Carter

  • Davis Trent: A young paleontologist and junior researcher who a reluctant hero that keeps tabs on his favorite Kaiju, Gigazaur. When he was kid, Davis always wanted to be a paleontologist like his father who recently discovered giant fossils in many parts of the world. However everything changed forever after the Zorgulon invaders attacked. During the invasion, his father was killed in a dig site in South America so when the invasion ended he and the rest of his family mourned his loss. This inspired Davis to continue his father’s legacy until monsters began to emerge thanks the radioactive mutagen fuel from the crashed alien crafts. Davis was on a rooftop with Myron on the day the GDA dispersed the anti fuel that calmed Gigazaur down along with any other monster in the area. Just when the building collapses which causes him and Myron to fall, they were both caught and rescued by the very kaiju that once went on a rampage now became a noble gigantic protector. Davis felt grateful to Gigazaur for saving his life and dedicated to tracking and study him. This adventurous young man and his best friend Myron were then recruited by the GDA to join the Kaiju.
  • Myron Bennett: A young Kaiju researcher of the team and Davis best friend who’s been studying the many monsters since they first appeared in the beginning of the war. Myron was a top grade student in the fields of science and biology. He and Davis were both recruited by the Global Defense Alliance to be part of the Kaiju Analysis Team for their expertise.
  • Alice Wilder: A young GDA Agent and Davis' love interest. tasked by Director Barns to protect the Kaiju Alalysis Team. She has brown eyes, long platinum blonde hair.
  • Aaron McMarx: An African-American computer specialist in the fields of technology.
  • Juniper "June" Chen:
  • Francesca LaFleur
  • Victor "Vic" Trivette
  • ???: A research assistant robot

Global Defense Alliance

  • Donovan "Don' Barns: Director of the Global Defense Alliance.
  • Dr. Marcello Atherton: A researcher and chief scientist of the GDA
  • Ivanna Cardenas
  • Ito Hasashi: The lead designer for robotics and the creator of Ultra-V.
  • Dr. Abraham Matthias: A world renown scientist and head of research and development of the Omni-Tech Corporation. It was his brilliance and scientific ingenuity that save the world from the Zorgulon invasion by building many EMP emitters around the world. Before the monsters arose, he came across a meteorite and within it, was a golden crystal of immeasurable power takes it with him for further study. Learning the crystal’s vast cosmic radiation, he needed a worthy candidate for a private experimental procedure.


  • President Warner: President of the United States.
  • TBD: The Vice President of the United States.
  • J.D. Smith: The Editor-in-Chief of the Global Observer Newspaper.
  • Gen. Thaddeus Ryker: General of the US Army and member of the join chiefs.
  • Admiral Stalinsky: Admiral of the US Navy
  • Gen. Patterson: General of the US Air Force
  • Gen. Isenberge.
  • Colin Disantis
  • Nolan Thale
  • Scott Preston
  • TBD
  • TBD


There are a variety of different kinds of arenas to use from, with each and every one of them having Large and Extra-Large forms. They can now be changed from day to night and most stages will show off environmental and weather effects such as moving clouds. Striking Buildings will cause them to shake, shatter windows, and reveal structural integrity.

Note: Section subject to change.


  1. Kaiju Isle(XL): A large, uncharted island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It serves as the hub and home of Gigazaur . The "ground level" consists of huge rock formations tower above the jungle and can be climbed or toppled over, but the foliage hides numerous observatories, helipads, and laser turrets. The high-tech scientific base lays nestled in the center of the island and provides many nasty weapons if successfully destroyed. The island also has a large lake w/h few underwater tunnels and two beautiful waterfalls. There is a an-yet dormant volcano on the far right of the island; dive-bombing a bare stretch of rock at the side of it will cause it to cave in, revealing a sloping entry passage into the “basement”, a series subterranean caverns lit by giant glowing crystals and bioluminescent mushrooms which can be either destroyed or used as thrown items. Stalactites and stalagmites abound in this lower level, and ground-pounding certain areas can send stalactites falling from the ceiling, impaling monsters they hit.
    Weather: , Downpour, Thunderstorm.
  2. Midtown Park(XL): Identical to the original map, Midtown , but now set in the daytime in a cloudy day. The news helicopters have been replaced by military ones that will scour the level with searchlights and attack monsters with machine guns. The map is also expanded, including more additional buildings, skyscrapers, a mock Empire State Building to destroy, and a large forested park, giving players more room to maneuver and more structures to damage or otherwise mess with.
    Weather: Cloudy, Monsoon, Thunderstorm.
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Gambler's Gulch(L): Identical to the original map, but now set at night. The lights and neon signs are more prominent than ever, but the lights become dark as they are destroyed. The area perimeter has expanded for player have more maneuver and to include more climbable buildings, casinos and grand hotels to destroy and it includes a small river. The dragon head on the pagoda can now be used as a flamethrower as well as an explosive. The Rock & Roll globe can now be lifted two-handed and thrown in the same manor as a boulder, but is so heavy that carrying moves the players slowly. Even Alpha Man and Godiva can be heard straining while lifting and carrying it.
    Weather: Sandstorm.
  5. Rosdale Canyon(L): Updated from the original map and greatly expanded to include the surrounding desert. Military vehicles, like tanks can be found. The giant ant hill can now spawn giant red ants and the bunker doors have been replaced with bigger, sturdier-looking ones. In place of the small turrets are four heavy cannons that will fire at nearby monsters. New environmental effects like sun glare, heat blur, and dust trails from monster movement have been added. Players can now climb out of the canyon and explore some of the surrounding wasteland to find grab-able rocks, military vehicles, and even downed UFOs being towed away.
    Weather: Sandstorm.
  6. Metro City(L): Updated and expanded from the original map with more tall buildings. Destroying any of the skyscrapers in the center to topple or collapse will create a giant dust cloud. The blimp is now reachable as well and can be shot down, resulting in a massive explosion when it hits the ground.
  7. Century Airfield(L). Identical to the original map, but now expanded to include water around the perimeter deep enough to dive in; the city across the bay is lit up with light reflecting on the water. Sirens blare from the control towers when a plane is incoming, and all three can now be totally destroyed. Battle ships and a Fleet Carrier surrounds and circles the land mass.
    Weather: Downpour.
  8. Atomic Island(L). Identical to the original map, save for the updated power lines. The central reactor is no longer indestructible and dealing enough damage to it will eventually trigger a core meltdown. A countdown will appear on the player's screen like in WOTM1's Adventure Mode, then all five reactors will go up in a massive explosion, dealing significant damage and changing the map. The entire inner circle collapses into a debris-filled crater. Parts of the complex remain on the edge, including the vent building which lets players temporarily fill the crater with toxic waste.
  9. Baytown(XL): Identical to the original map; earthquake included, but also has an additional extended zone. The suspension bridge seen in the background can now be interacted with, and monsters can either climb on it or destroy it. The bridge itself is the only platform stretching over the large bay taking up most of the new map, but monsters can also dive into the bay, where they can pick up pieces of sunken boats at the sea floor and do battle with the mutated sea life that spawns indefinitely in the waters of the bay. The only noticeable change is that some of the boats are actually moving around in the bay and there are a few small UFOs.
  10. Las Vegas
  11. Club Caldera (L): An updated remake and greatly expanded version of the original map, to include water around the perimeter deep enough to dive in, with an additional area included consisting of a colorful, tropical coral reef, rife with boulders and coral formations to pick up and put to use. Navy submarines can be seen underwater and they can shoot torpedos at any monster in range but can be destroyed and used as melee weapons. Many Tropical fish will also scatter if monsters enter the ocean. Two smaller islands are further out near the perimeter. The cruise ship now circles the island instead of staying in place along with an GDA air carrier hovering above the map. The island is much larger to feature a thick jungle to surround the base of the volcano away from the resort city. The volcanic eruption that can be triggered is more dangerous that can cause a lava flow.
  12. Tsunopolis. Identical to the original map, though the coast area is expanded to include water deep enough to dive in while the land it's is also been expanded to be more closer to the main land with additional buildings. After a tsunami is triggered the level will remain temporarily flooded (waist deep for the monsters) for a short period of time. The tsunamis also do damage to buildings now, but still can't destroy them. Each time one hits it “washes away” the rubble on the ground, reshuffling debris to random spots on the map.
  13. Saxton Hill(L): A European city modeled after London. It has facsimiles of every prominent landmark: the Big Ben, the Tower of London, the London Bridge, the London Eye, etc. All of these can be destroyed, though the clock tower and ferris wheel will crush monsters they fall on. The map noticeably has an enormous river running through it, which is deep enough for monsters to dive in and recover bits of shipwrecks to toss at enemies.
  14. Bunker 51-A(XL): A new map at a familiar location: this is the inside of the top secret base, at Rosdale Canyon.. This is the first map to have to levels The upper area is dimly lit and very open with destructible crates, scaffolding, and forklifts in place of cars. Other objects of interest include crashed UFOs, stasis tubes with dead Zorgulons inside, and parts of Goliath Prime prototypes that provide throwable pieces when destroyed. There are five metal support beams throughout the center of the main level which can be destroyed; doing so will cause the ceiling in the center of the map to collapse, crushing monsters beneath it and illuminating the map with sunlight. The lower level includes giant sized holding cells that are designed to contain captured monsters.
  15. Tokyo
  16. San Francisco
  17. San Antonio
  18. Memphis
  19. Makati
  20. Manila


  1. The Mothership(XL): An updated remake version of the UFO level from the original game. A large map set in the interior of the Zorgulon race's grandest flag ship. Set apart by its alien architecture, it is fully indoors with a giant, circular corridor surrounding an extraterrestrial city. The urban area is wide and flat with many destructible buildings, a glowing green slime fountain, Zorgulon statues, and a park complete with alien creatures that sometimes fly out like the birds at Blackwater. Ramps lead to the surrounding corridor, which is much more confined with fewer destructible items. Laser turrets, track vehicles, and valuable powerups can be found here, as well as forcefield-windows giving a view of outer space. UFOs can be seen leaving the ship and heading to Earth and the Mothership is surrounded by a vast fleet outside.
  2. The Capitol(L): An updated remake and expanded version of the original map from the first game, Located in Washington D.C. Aside from the boss area, players will now have access to most of the city, which includes plenty of buildings to destroy, a mock Smithsonian complex, and a river with water deep enough to wade in. The monument briefly shown in the first game is now accessible and can be climbed, and toppling it can crush monsters under it.
  3. Volcano(L): A modified and extended version of the Volcano. It is the Birthplace of Magmo.
  4. GDA Central Headquarters:
  5. Westland Row: A huge European city modeled after London. This map has a cloudy sky and a bluish tint; it's always raining. It has a small bay, a destructible bridge which is large enough for monsters to cross, and a railway station with throwable trains. It has a few skyscrapers as well as a giant clock tower that can be toppled over. As an extra environmental hazard, monsters standing on top of skyscrapers may be randomly struck by lightning- especially if they're holding something metal.
  6. Paris (XL): It has elaborate, classic looking architecture illuminated by beautiful lights. Notable features include an ornate cathedral with gargoyles, arches, illuminated fountains, and the Eiffel Tower. Most of the buildings are only medium height, but the tower is colossal and can be climbed by multiple monsters. If destroyed it will sink into the ground and create a cloud of smoke. At night, the city is lit up by numerous lights, especially from the tower, though these lights have the disadvantage of attracting mutant insects like moths to a flame. Like Gambler’s Gulch, the more the city is destroyed, the darker it becomes.
  7. Harboros(L): A South American coastal city in South America. The city is bordered by a dense jungle on one side and a massive bay in the other. The bay is deep enough to swim and dive in and has no shortage of dangerous sea life, and is bordered by climbable cliffs. The jungle also has enormous trees that can be ripped up and used as bludgeons. Aside from a crushable village and some boats that can be picked up, this level doesn't have much to interact with and is very open. There is a chemical plant at the far end of the shore that can be dive-bombed, however, triggering the release of toxic waste and temporarily making all of the water harmful.
  8. Powder Valley: A ski resort high in the mountains, this level is covered in snow and has climbable cliffs and peaks. Other features include throwable boulders, a chair lift, and an avalanche that can be triggered by causing a lot of destruction. The avalanche is a one time occurrence but will bury any monsters it hits and changes the geography of the level.
    Weather: Snowstorm.
  9. Cairo, Egypt: A flat/slope large-sized map. It has harsh sunlight, heat blur effects, and even mirages on the horizon. While it includes a vast and very densely populated city, it also has open expanses of desert with only dunes, shallow lakes, and rivers. The main attractions are colossal ancient structures like climbable pyramids, a temple to the sun god, and an obelisk that can topple over and crush monsters. Sandstorms will occur unexpectedly.
    Weather: Sandstorm.
  10. Chernoburg: A fairly large, industrial city with highways, power lines, factories, and tall smokestacks. The sky is discolored with pollution and the smokestacks constantly put out smog. Destroying the largest of these factories will temporarily blanket the entire level in smog, making it hard to see opponents. There is a polluted river to the East that will harm monsters if they walk in it.
  11. Hyudo: A large Japanese city inspired by Kyoto. It has smaller buildings and older architecture than Tsunopolis, featuring temples, shrines, and pagodas. Part of the map is a forest with hills, cherry blossoms, and a shallow lake. A huge mock Mt. Fuji can be seen on the horizon.
  12. Zayah Playa(L). A beautiful seaside metropolis. Nearly half of the area is ocean with an abundance of deeper water, active boats, a cruise ship, battle ships, three aircraft carriers, and chains of small islands. Sandy beachfront property teeming with tourists extends across the length of the map, leading to heavily developed land farther in. There are numerous resorts, hotels, and shimmering skyscrapers to destroy.
  13. Laethria: An ancient, tourist-heavy European city modeled after Greece. Most of the terrain is hilly and sloped with villages and roads, gradually leading down to a vertical cliff face that overhangs a sandy beach and rock formations. Monsters can jump down to fight on the beach or wade in the water, but the cliff can be damaged like the sides of a skyscraper, throwing climbers and dropping debris. Farther up the hill there are boulders, ancient ruins, and a titanic Colosseum big enough for monsters to climb and fight in. It can be damaged in several places and takes a long time to destroy, but will eventually sink into the ground and leave a giant cloud of dust.
  14. Chicago
  15. Totonacān: A Central American jungle setting which is dominated by the ruins of a city belonging to an ancient Mesoamerican civilization. The edges of the map are dominated by a dense, bug-infested jungle, from which tropical birds will scatter if monsters pass through. Many of the buildings have already been reduced to crumbling ruins, and the destructible walls surrounding the city are decorated with massive, vine-covered statues. Boulders, giant wooden stakes, and the bones of bygone mega-fauna can be found throughout the city and can be used as weapons. The highlight of the map is an enormous step-pyramid with a sacrificial altar at the top surrounded by spears and torches, whose frontispiece is a massive rock-hewn throne which can be broken off its base and used like a boulder.
  16. Dunsmouth: A New England-inspired coastal town shrouded in eerie mist. The map is divided into two parts: a small fishing town with numerous cobbled streets and shops, and a bay deep enough to dive in. These two regions are separated by a steep cliff, which is treated like a skyscraper but can also be damaged, throwing off climbers and sending rocks tumbling towards the water. The town, which runs down a sloping hill from the top of the cliff to the harbor at the edge of the bay, does not feature any significant landmarks, but the buildings near the harbor are in a horrible state of decay and almost all of them can be easily destroyed. A small factory can also be seen at the center of the town, which releases a brief cloud of toxic smoke when destroyed. In the bay, the water is murky, cold, and turbulent; underwater, it is difficult to see very far, but when reaching the bottom, players can find numerous shipwrecks, rocks, and pieces of debris to make use of. Like Harboros and Tsunopolis, a large UFO can be seen in the distance, which triggers a tsunami that temporarily floods the level and scatters debris throughout various parts of the town.
  17. Umbara Island: TBA
  18. Shaghai
  19. Sydney


  • Military. A types of AI-controlled spawned entities can be found in various levels, and certain US or GDA affiliated monsters, hazards, and “NPCs” now have the chance to spawn smaller units.
    • Tanks
    • Armored Personal Carrier
    • Helicopters
    • Fighter Jets
    • Battleships
    • Missile Tanks
    • Navy Submarines
    • Fleet Carriers
    • Air Carriers
  • Alien Ships
  • Pirate Ships
  • Police Vehicles
  • SWAT Vehicles
  • Fire Vehicles


Each Monster have five alternate cosmetic skins. Initially you will only have access to two skins which are default and. While on the other three will havesubstantial changes such as different roars, sound effects and attack colors.

Mimic Monsters will only have 3 skins. Note*, Alpha Man and Godiva only have 2 free alternate costumes.

Additional cosmetic changes to skins/costumes (differing roars, sound effects & attack colors).

  • Gigazaur - Green scales and chartreuse green underbelly, gold-orange eyes, charcoal gray claws, three rows of serrated spines curved downward . default roar and blue breath.: Default
    1. Recolor: light blue skin, cyan underbelly and purple appendages, lime green breath: (Free)
    2. Albino - White skin, red eyes, black appendages, different roar and crimson red breath
    3. Feathered - yellowish orange skin with purple, lime and orange feathers. Different Roar with neon yellow breath
    4. Super Gigazaur:
  • Congar: Brown Gorilla (default: brown)
    1. Recolor - Silverback; black fur, patch of silverish gray fur on back, yellow eyes: (Free)
    2. Yeti - white fur, blue skin, glowing blue eyes.
    3. Orangutan - Orangish and red fur, dark grey skin, amber eyes.
    4. Leviathan: giant sperm whale w/h light blue glowing eyes. Wails
  • Preytor: Default
    1. Recolor - Pink Orchid mantis (Free)
    2. Red Fire Ant
    3. Mecha-Preytor
    4. Invader
  • Robo-47:
    1. Navy Blue (recolor): Free
    2. Red Scar:
    3. Marine Corp
    4. Alien Drone
  • Ultra-V:
    1. Omega V
    2. Dark: Low-pitch
    3. Amazonian: Female voice
    4. White Knight
  • Magmo: Black Rock w/h lava detail (default)
    1. Recolor - Liquid-nitrogen. Dark blue rocks with bluish glow details (free)
    2. Eruption. Orange rocks with lava details and outstanding fire
    3. Furnace. Bronze and silver steampunk caldera robot, orange lights, shovel hands and turbines.
    4. Volcanic glass
  • Agamo: Gray Stone with details and orange fire
    1. Recolor - Greenish rock with green fire.
    2. Tiki God - Wood with tribal carvings, leaves and orange fire
    3. Halloween
    4. Snowman
  • Kineticlops: Light violet and purple electricity with blue pupil (default)
    1. Recolor - Gamma green electricity
    2. Black-light. Dark purple with black with red pupil
    3. Will-O-Wisp. Default roar, but echoing and with crackling SFX; light blue electricity with aqua pupil.
    4. Satellite
  • Raptros
    1. dark blue w/h purple wings (recolor) - Different roar: free
    2. Green w/h lime wings - Different roar:
    3. Dragon Rider
    4. Jersey Devil
  • Pteradax: Syracuse Orange skinned pteranodon, bright orangish yellow wing membrane.
    1. recolor- Dark brown
    2. Tropical -
    3. Tapejara - different roar
    4. Phoenix
  • Valtoth: Stone gray w/h glowing ice blue eyes
    1. Recolor, Sub-Zero blue (Free)
    2. Iceberg
    3. Nordic Beast
    4. Aztec
  • Ultiman: Blue eyes, butterscotch brown hair w/h s curl, peach skin. Wears gold wrist and ankle bands, bare footed, and blue briefs with gold waistband w/h a stylized golden star buckle.: Default
    1. Alternate Costume: Whitish silver formfitting bodysuit (leaving hands bare) w/h gold accents: Free
    2. Recolor - red briefs with silver waistband. Silver wrist rankle bands
    3. Luchador: Lucha Libre mask, shorts and wrist bands, Mexican voice : Free
    4. Greek - Based on Hercules
    5. Nude: Pelvic region censored via pixel blurred.
  • Stratigeas: Tanned skin, blonde hair, pink lipstick. Wears golden yellow bodice
    1. Alternate costume - Beginners: Wears white bandeau bikini top to expose her mid drift, shoulders and cleavage, white wrist bands and a V-shaped high raise thong cut bikini bottom, cheeks showing. Bare footed. (Free)
    2. recolor - black w/h gold trimmings.
    3. Wonder-Stratus
    4. Women's Champion
  • Jenna Steele: Medium tan toned skin, bluish black hair, brown eyes, peach blossom pink lipstick. Wears a seamless neon-gold trimmed skintight bodysuit which leave her shoulders bare to reveals much of her décolletage and cleavage as a trademark, gold bracers that extend from her elbows to her wrists and orange gold trimmed boots.
    1. Alternate costume - Beginners: Wears white bandeau bikini top to expose her mid drift, shoulders and cleavage, white wrist bands and a V-shaped high raise thong cut bikini bottom, cheeks showing. Bare footed. (Free)
    2. recolor - Wears ne orange strapless formfitting bodysuit which leave her shoulders bare to reveal her cleavage, blue/silver bracers, V-shaped bikini tights.: Free
    3. Cat suit - Brown hair in a widows peak and has short bangs parted to either side of her face, hazel eyes, different voice.
    4. African American - Black hair, amber eyes, different voice, green suit.
    5. Ball Gown - black hair w/h blue highlights, rose brown lipstick
  • Colossus - Chrome: Default
    1. Commander (Military camouflage) -Recolor, Green explosives: free
    2. Locomotive () - Red explosives
    3. Bounty Hunter (purple Bounty Hunter) - Purple explosions and mechanized Alien voice.
    4. Steampunk ()
  • Slogg - swamp green/olive, orange eye (Default)
    1. Recolor - Biohazardous red slime (Free)
    2. Amoeba - Recolor, blue Transparent Amoeba, red eye and a violet nucleus in the center
    3. Tar - Black tar blob monster, green eye and glow from the mouth and bubbles around.
    4. Industrial
  • Hydrask - Original. Charcoal black skin, red eyes, and purplish underbelly
    1. Recolor- Dark yellow skin, lime eyes, beige underbelly: Free
    2. Mecha-Hydrax
    3. Living Fossil
    4. Cosmic
  • Xorvus: Gray-Green with orange eyes
    1. Recolor - Dirty orange with Yellow eyes
    2. Magna Glow - Black covered by green bioluminescent lines and glowing green eyes.
    3. Cyborg -Blue skin all covered with armor and mechanic parts, one yellow light in the head, and others two lights in the claws, laser antennas, and chainsaw in the claws and the chest
    4. Mollusk
  • Zorgulon
    1. Recolor
    2. Insectoid
    3. Grey Matter
    4. Cerebulon
  • Amphibios: Original. Green with yellow and dark green details.
    1. Recolor - Purple/reddish Poison Dart (Free)
    2. Mutant: Mutant dark green frog, multiple yellow eyes, blue pointed tongue, holed filled membranes and multiple legs around his body. Low pitched Roar.
    3. Axolotl. Whitish pink axolotl, blue blind eyes, pink details, gills, less pointed claws, and a long tail. High Pitched roar.
    4. Chameleon.
  • Akumanon
    • Recolor - Pluto
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Rachnon
    1. Recolor: Silver tiger (Free)
    2. Black Widow
    3. Huntsman
    4. Space Crawler
  • Vegon Jr.
    1. Recolor: Tulip (Free)
    2. Blood Rose
    3. Corpse Flower
    4. Cactus
  • Mandrilla: Original. Black fur with glowing yellow symbols
    1. Recolor - Golden Fur (Free)
    2. Prehistoric
    3. Tribal:
  • Vektor Maximus: Purple, Orange
    1. Recolor -
    2. Construction
    3. Giant Clank
  • Karkarios - Deep Blue skinned Great White Shark: Default
    1. Recolor - A pale orange, striped Tiger shark: Free
    2. Goblin - A reddish Goblin face shark
    3. Prehistoric - A green prehistoric shark hybrid.
    4. Orca:
  • Despira: Original, Yellow, black and orange Bee.
    • Recolor -Blue, black and aqua: Free
    • Tarantula hawk
    • Locust
    • Firefly
  • Tortoidon:
    1. Recolor
    2. Snapper
    3. Shellfish
    4. Moving Fortress
  • Kingbra - Black scales, orange eyes w/h slit pupil, yellowish orange under belly and crimson red accented hood.
    1. Recolor : Free
    2. Diamondback
    3. Pit Viper
    4. Sea Serpent - breaths underwater
  • Skreave - Red fur
    1. Recolor - Purple squirrel
    2. Roadkill
    3. Shrew
    4. Lab Rat
  • Trizera - deep blue triceratops, indigo stripes, beige horns
    1. Recolor - forest green with pale yellow horns
    2. Styracosaurus
    3. Pachyrhinosaurus
    4. Nasutoceratops
  • Kyodai
  • Quinkan
    1. Recolor
    2. Warbound
  • MechaGigazaur
    1. Recolor
    2. Gold
    3. Rusty
    4. Prototype
  • MechaCongar
  • Cephablos - giant redish octopus with pale pink underside amber yellow eyes. (default)
    1. Recolor
    2. Barrie Reef
  • Debouse - dark grey skinned worm with a dirty orange underside, pinkish tongue
    1. Recolor - :
    2. Deathworm
    3. Moon Crater Beast
    4. Nightmarish
  • Nemeaus -
    1. Recolor - white Lion
    2. Sphinx
    3. Jade Statue
    4. Manticore
  • Tēcuani
    1. Recolor - Snow Leopard:
    2. Black Panther
    3. Cheetah
    4. Sabretooth Cat
  • Mokarrak - A beige Great Hammerhead shark :Default
    1. Recolor: Free
    2. Cyborg
    3. Battle Scared
  • Crocogator - bluish gray hue scales, pale tan underbelly.
    • Recolor: Free
    • Black Caiman
    • Sarcosuchus
    • Robo-Croc - Mechanized roar
  • Lightra - Luna moth/Butterfly hybrid (Default)
    1. Imperial (Recolor)
    2. Monarch
    3. Scarab
    4. Mothman
  • Togera - brown, beige underbelly. rusty gold spikes
    • Recolor
    • Mecha-Togera
    • Demon
    • Assassin
  • Jörmungand
    1. Recolor?
    2. Python
    3. Chinese Dragon
    4. Atlantean Leviathan
  • Titaniwoman - peach skin, ice blue eyes, red lipstick, straight long brown hair. (Default)
    1. Altostumec
    2. ???
    3. .
  • Lycaon
    1. Recolor - Artic Wolf
    2. Black
    3. Coyote
    4. Werewolf
  • Arborick (DLC)
    • Recolor - Autumn
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Broccoli
    • Haunted
  • Crustaceore
    1. Recolor - Blue Lobster
    2. Crayfish
    3. Cleaner
    4. Excavation
  • Quillchidna
    1. Recolor
    2. Sea Urchin
    3. Hedgehog
    4. Pricker Bush


In the War of the Monsters cinematic story campaigns, many monsters have divided into groups that have different goals ands styles of play and what they consider friend or foe.

Kaiju Guardians

A group of benevolent monsters formed by Gigazaur, Triczera, Pteradax and other monsters who were exposed to the anti serum. The faction's sole purpose is to protecting the Earth from outside invading forces or from more malicious mutant monsters who seek to disrupt the balance of the planet and promote the peace and coexistence between Human and Kaiju. They all reside on Kaiju Isle. The signature color is green Alignment: Good

  • Gigazaur - Founder/Leader
  • Pteradax - Founder/second-in-command
  • Trizera - Founder/third-in-command
  • Congar
  • Lightra
  • Tortoidon
  • Brontes-Mbembe (NPC)
  • Nemeaus
  • Tēcuani
  • Arborick
  • Jörmungand
  • Mammusk
  • Zhaotei
  • Barradillo
  • Crocogator
  • Phrogex
  • Sanpharos

Global Defense Alliance

A global scientific and military organization formed by the United Nations in wake of the War of the Monster. The GDA has built many mechs and fighting robots who are tasked specifically with protecting humanity from global monster and alien threats and assists the Kaiju Guardians as their allies. The signature color is blue. Alignment: Good

  • Atlas Avenger(Co-leader)
  • Ultra-V(Co-leader)
  • Kyodai
  • Vektor Maximus
  • Nova Meridian
  • Striker Paladin
  • Bravo Marine
  • Strider Fury

The Military

The United States military deploys semi automatic robots designed to capture and detain or destroy any monsters regardless of which side. Alignment: Neutral

  • Robo-47,
  • Colossus
  • Mechagigazaur
  • Mecha-Congar
  • Mecha-Preytor


Comprised of extraterrestrial monsters, they are led Emperor by Hydrask. After the fall of Cerebulon, Hydrask created the group to specifically combat the Kaiju Defenders. The faction’s primary goal is to conquer the earth and reshape it in Hydrask’s image. The signature color is red.

  • Emperor Hydrask - founder/leader
  • Xorvus
  • Raevesis
  • Quinkan
  • Trendrileech
  • ?
  • Shikagan
  • ?
  • Talbot
  • Mecha-Hydrask


Mutant have lust for power and thirst for blood who are destructive enough to destroy everything thing in their path. They intend to destroy all life of the planet. The signature color is orange. Alignment: Evil

  • Wrathir
  • Raptros
  • Kingbra
  • Preytor
  • Vegon Jr.
  • Kineticlops
  • Slogg
  • Despira
  • Amphibios
  • Crustaceore
  • Debouse
  • El Segador


A group of women who became athletic giantesses through scientific cellular enhancements that enhanced their feminine physiques. They have enhanced strength, speed, flexibility, agility, durability and resistance. The signature color is pinkish purple. Alignment: Good

  • Alicia Steele
  • Titaniwoman
  • Stratus
  • Ashlynn
  • Rowena
  • La Fuerza
  • Selene
  • Amaya
  • Sojourner


Characters that are not aligned with any of factions. It’s signature color is yellow

  • Ultiman (good)
  • Zorgulon
  • Magmo:
  • Agamo
  • Karkarios (evil)
  • Mokarrak (evil
  • Rachnon
  • Troguls
  • Valtoth


Mutant Invasion Seasonal Pass

Monsters - Mutant Invasion Pack

  • Arborick: Guardian of Life
    Bio: Once a dead oak tree in the middle of a burned forest when a fragment of Cerebulon's warship crashed in the vacinity of the tree. The wreckage then started leaking the radioactive fuel in to the ground where it's roots slowly absorbing it that brought the tree back to life.
  • Khepera,: The Egyptian Beast
  • Titaniwoman:
  • Nova Meridian:
    • Special Attack
  • Crustaceore: Mutant Lobster
  • Prizmasaur:
    • Special Attack: Prism Beam
  • Zhaotei


Wave 3-4 - Cerebulon's Revenge

  • Quinkan:
  • Brokk
  • Vrachos
  •  ???

Wave 5 - Project: Gantua

  • Talbot: Corrupt Businessman: The well-known CEO of Talbot Technologies and the arch enemy of Alpha Man.
  • Bellatrix(ε): Devious Femme Fatale .
    a devious secretary and assistant to Percival Talbot.
    Bellatrix gains the same feminine physique as Godiva but has fair skin, violet eyes, and medium-length slicked back maroon hair.
  • Richter
  • Ashlynn
  • ?
  • ?
  • Mechadroid

Waves 6-7 MonsterMania

  • Sanphros
  • Phrog
  • Krushator
  • Malganoth
  • Sigma-

Wave 8 - Destroyer of Worlds

  • Zastronimus: The Ultimate Destroyer. Based on the Mega-Kaiju rom Pacific Rim Uprising. He will be the largest playable monster.
  • Noxious
  • Thaloch

Wave 9


Wave X



  • Betelguse V: The home planet of the Zorgulon race. This rocky, extraterrestrial map has purplish soil and a cosmic night sky with a clear view of the stars and galaxies. While seemingly outdoors, it is actually all housed within a transparent forcefield that locks in its atmosphere. Everything outside is barren and inhospitable, with craters and the ruins of alien cities littering the horizon. The dome is by no means small and contains multiple well-defended sections, a wasteland with rock formations and boulders, and jagged mountains holding secret passageways. Earth is nowhere in sight, though there are distant planets, stars and passing asteroids and comets.
  • Cuchilcán: A Mayan city in ruins with a huge step pyramid on it. Its filled with boulders, pillars and diggers used for archeological matters. The pyramid is big enough to be climb and can be destroyed by lots of melee attacks or dive bombs; doing so will reveal a huge chamber with sacrifice altars, statues that can be grabbled and a stone Mayan club big enough to be used as a special weapon.
  • The Ultra Hanger: A huge subterranean dark and cavernous place with letters written in Japanese. Remains of Robots similar to Ultra-V are there but rusted and off in capsule-like chambers They can be destroyed and used as weapons. At the end of the level there is a huge computer with a big screen that can be destroyed, also there are big futuristic weapons like laser canons or plasma guns, but they only can shoot once (but still can used as bludgeons).
  • ???
  • ShaoLong Mountains: Based on the Himalayan mountains a snowy, rocky and sheer mountainside, with a great abyss at the end of it, falling or sent flying into it will cause instant death. There is a Shaolin temple in the middle of the level with useful things like dragon statues, a great gong that can be used as a two hand boulder. The temple itself can be destroyed but should be done without a dive-bomb because doing that will cause an avalanche that cause instant death (flyers, borrowers and good jumpers can avoid it).
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • ???

Story Expansions

Mutant Invasion

After the supposed defeat of Cerebulon, more of the radioactive mutagen from falling debris of the advance ship has spread across the world, creating all sorts of new mutations and more new monsters emerge. The GDA continues to monitor the new wave of monsters for they have created newer kinds of upgraded mechs to repel them.

Cerebulon's Revenge

Project: Gargantua

Rise of the Elementals


The Kaiju Hunters


Destroyer of All Worlds


War of the Monsters retains most of the previous elements of the original PlayStation 2 title such as the players take the roles of large monsters in city environments and players are allowed to roam freely within the city area, which allows climbing of jumping from buildings and cliffs. The game plays as a fighting game yet works differently than the traditional online multiplayer one-on-one structured rounds. Instead, stages can include up to 10 players in a ten way fighting structure. The camera retains third-person perspective. It reboot also features many of the updated textures, visual effects, enhanced high definition graphics and performance improvements.

Monsters now have a status HUD on the lower left corner of the screen and features three gauge bars; health, rage and stamina. Like the standard fighting game formula, every time a monster takes damage, their overall Health bar drops until it is completely depleted, resulting in player defeat.

When the player picks up another monster, he can throw through buildings to see the inner structure of the buildings. There are objects and weapons in the game such as cars, plane, boats, trucks, Radio tower, gas tanks, debris, tanks can be found in any level split in 3 groups: Club, Spear, and throwable items. They're Weapons may be used to do extra damage to enemies, spears (Radio towers, broken pipe or bars) can stun enemies, but once they get it out they will throw it back at you. Clubs (Steel Beams, parts on buildings) can be used to do more damage from hitting other monsters, and can be thrown. Some may have a special effect, such as exploding and catching a monster on fire or a generator that can be used to shock a monster. Large throwable items like cruise ships, boulders and small buildings can be found on the map. Aircraft carriers will also be featured on aquatic areas as platforms or throwable weapons.

Monster have they're combos and special abilities and have new tricks while an opponent's in the air, the player can grab it and throws it towards the ground. And in most stages, they have hazardous areas like very tall buildings, deep water which, some monsters have the ability to swim in underwater areas. Rang attacks are now used with R1 button wile the Square button performs light melee attacks.

New Control Layouts

Name PS5 DualSense Action
Move Left stick Move the player character around.
Camera Right stick Move camera around
Jump/Wing Flap X button Jump, the longer jump is held, the higher the jump.

Wing Flap (for flying monsters, gliding while jump is help)

Light Melee Button Light Attack
Heavy Melee Button Heavy Attack
Grab/Throw/Cling O button Grab and throw objects and Monsters

Cling nearby structures (buildings, esc.) to climb.

??? R1 button
Block R2 button Block all forms of attack, but depletes stamina
Lock-On L1 button Tap and hold on
Rage Attack L2 button
Shove + Leftstick forward
Stun + Leftstick forward
Light Juggle Leftstick downward +
Strong Uppercut Leftstick downward +
Fast Combo + +
Heavy combo + +
Basic combo + +
Long combo + + + + + Performing a long combo
Counter Attack R2 +
Taunt Directional buttons Enable four different Taunt animations depending on the direction you press.

Note: taunting will leave you exposed to attack.

Special Attack + O
Crowd Control + X
X + O
Pinning O then or triangle or O + O While opponent is on the ground, repeatedly using the light or heavy attacks or grabbing
Dive Bomb X +
Submerge When in deeper water

New Mechanics ad Specific changes

  • New improved gameplay. The camera is updated and now more active, eliminating blind-spots and frustration. The lock-on feature is more advanced that allows players to handle multi-monster fights better. AI or CPU controlled monsters will also attack the nearest monster on the field rather than targeting the player, and will choose to attack the player rather than chase after power ups if their health or energy is above a certain threshold.
  • Free-For-All is now up to 10 monster capacity in the destructable environment.
  • New structures, vehicles and weapons. Certain buildings will create vision-obscuring clouds of smoke or dust when destroyed and toppled. These can be strategically targeted by players to blind enemies or make a quick escape.
  • Animations: Each character has four different taunts using the directional buttons.
  • Elemental damage. Monsters can inflict and can be weak/resistant to Six different elements: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Poison, Energy, or Wind
  • Environmental hazards and objects.
    • Power lines serve as a new environmental hazard, electrocuting any monster who touches them and dealing heavy damage. Unlike in WOTM1, they appear in numerous levels and can be destroyed (though a projectile is the only safe way). The downed poles can then be picked up as a new type of debris weapon: when swung, the live wires lash out like a whip and electrocute opponents. They lose their charge after one use but can still be thrown or used as bludgeons.
    • AI-controlled military vehicles now appear on some maps regardless of which Gameplay mode. This serves as an environmental hazard, but also allows players to pick up tanks and missile launchers and use them like guns as they did in WOTM1's Adventure Mode. Fighter jets as a new hostile military vehicle. They fly at extremely high speed and pass over monsters in groups, whittling away their health with guerilla warfare. Most monsters can't move fast enough or jump high enough to hit them directly, but they can be targeted and destroyed with any kind of projectile. If successfully grabbed, they can be used like machine guns. Submarines will appear in
    • Cement trucks are new grab-able vehicles. Like gas trucks, they will rupture when thrown, but instead of exploding they splatter cement on their target. Monsters hit by a cement truck will gradually slow down and turn gray for a few seconds. The status can be negated by water or being thrown by a heavy attack or explosion; if left unchecked the monster will fully harden and must struggle free.
    • Firetrucks are new/revamped grab-able vehicles. Like tanks and turrets, they can be picked up and used, spraying water at other monsters. Being sprayed by water can interrupt melee attacks, but not deal damage. In cooperative modes it can also be used to help allies who are on fire or covered in cement.
    • Radiation transport trucks are new grab-able vehicle. These tank-hauling vehicles are used by the military to suck up the leaked alien fuel and haul it away to safe locations to be process as the Alpha Serum. If thrown, they will burst and splatter the target with radioactive goo, instantly giving them full energy. Useful for cooperative modes, but don't throw it at an enemy by mistake.
  • Fires last much longer, produce clouds of smoke and can damage buildings, thus setting them a blaze, and objects can now be caught on fire as well. Picking up most flaming debris will harm the player, but longer items like girders and “spears” can be picked up safely. All objects cause extra damage when on fire.
  • New powerups include:
    • Weather effects: Certain power-ups can now be spawned that can change the level based on five different types of weather; downpour, thunderstorm, blizzard, heatwave, meteor shower.
    • Armor Cube: When collected, the player will become shiny chrome with glowing white eyes. Armored monsters move slower than normal, but take half the damage they normally would and cannot be dazed, pushed, juggled, or thrown. It's duration is the same as the Invisibility powerup.
  • In addition to the reboot, nearly all stages now have “day”, "dawn", "afternoon", "dusk", and “night” variations, which may change up the aspects of certain maps; while Adventure Mode’s levels have set modes for story purposes, in free-for-all matches, the time of day for the selected map can be chosen optionally, and in online matches, it is selected at random.
  • Certain stages have deep water (knee, waist or chest height for monsters), the water now has two depth types, shallow and deep. Shallow water shallow enough that it can be waded through (the same as it was in WOTM1), and deeper water which will impede the monster movement by half if waded through, and some have bodies of water deep enough to permit swimming and diving, which is controlled in a similar manner to flying except with buoyancy and varying swimming speeds. If a player submerges, a powder blue “Air” bar will appear under the health bar denoting how much air they have left before they start losing health and drown. Certain monsters are not slowed by wading or swimming and a few can even remain underwater indefinitely, without an Air bar, and/or enjoy boosted movement speed while swimming. You can fight while underwater also and jumping into oceans will cause a big splash
    • Ex: Gigazaur, Karkarios, Amphibious, Melkeor, Crocogator, Jörmungand, Mokarrak and Octophyte can move much faster and swim freely underwater indefinitely without an air bar.
  • Beatdown Attacks. If the player jumps, falls, or divebombs onto an enemy monster, they will damage and pin the enemy under them, rendering them immobile in the same manner as by grabbing them. They can then mash either the light or heavy attack buttons to repeatedly pummel them while they're down and/or pick them up after stepping off of them. Certain monsters which inflict contact damage will take normal damage, but also damage monsters that attempt to pin them. The opposing monster can also fight off the attack player

Mimic Monsters

A mechanic similar to the Echo Fighters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, They are describe characters who are considered an almost complete clone of another character. sharing essentially most of the main attributes of the original character (such as speed, jumps, strength and weight), In addition, Mandrilla, Quinkan, Vectus Maximus and Zetius are Mimic Monsters of Gigazaur, Alpha Man, Congar, Magmo, Colossus. And Mimic Monsters only have three alternative skins instead of the original having five. Though they have similar animations, but their taunts, colored attacks and move sets are entirely different, as well as their special attacks.

  • Characters who are Mimic Monsters are denoted by the lower-case Epsilon (ε).

Weapons and Objects

Cars, trucks, transformers, airplanes, jets, boats, radio towers, debris,

Normal Objects

All of these actions are possible while holding an object. Many of these functions spill over into the other objects as well.

  • Pressing any attack with object in-hand will attack with the object inflicting more damage. Eventually the in-hand object will "break" and be destroyed, however.
  • Press block with an object in hand to let it absorb some or all damage. Again, eventually the object will be destroyed.
  • Press Circle to throw object. Note that this can be combined with target pinning to help the player aim, but even without target pinning the game will attempt to assist the player’s aim automatically to a lesser degree.


Club weapons follow the same format as the punches, including stun hits, shoves, uppercuts, etc... They vary in that they inflict more damage and have more range

  • Using the Club at the proper time a thrown object is coming at them will actually reflect the shot back to where it came from.
  • Club can take limited damage, so be wary during attack sequences of suddenly going from armed to unarm as the bat is destroyed.


Spear weapons feature all of the normal object and club functions with a modification on what occurs when thrown. They are radio towers, broken pipes and bars.

  • Unlike normal objects and club that are destroyed when thrown, spears will actually impale their targets, momentarily immobilizing them.
  • When Speared, the victim needs to mash on buttons to pull the spear free
  • Note: Spears can, to a very limited extent, be "re-used". Within the first throw or two, the spear can actually be pulled out and thrown by the victim at another opponent. After the first one or two throws, however, the spear will simply be destroyed on impact and no longer impale.
    • Spears cannot usually be blocked, but can be caught!
    • Some characters will be immune to spears such as Alpha-Man, Godiva, etc.


This covers elements such as power transformers, tanker trucks, airplanes, fuel tanks, etc.

  • These objects are used like any other normal objects except that upon their destruction they explode.
  • Power transformers release an electrical explosion when thrown.
  • Tanker trucks, fuel tanks, etc. explode with great force as well as light the victim on fire.
  • Airplanes and the like simply carry concussive force with no fire effect
  • When at close range, these objects will be used as a bludgeon automatically, just like any other object. This means that when they are destroyed in this fashion, the secondary effect will be unleashed. Beware of getting caught in the blast!


To be added

  •  ?

Weather Effects

  • Monsoon: The sky is darkened by thunderclouds, and massive torrential rain blankets the area. Any ground-floor parts of the map become covered in knee-high water, and deep-water levels become deep enough to dive and swim in. Fires extinguish a lot faster and fire-based attacks deal less damage; by contrast, Lightning attacks deal more damage and gain a greater range. While aquatic monsters benefit from this level, lightning strikes are also a prominent hazard, striking buildings, monsters, or the ground or water. Climbing and flying monsters in particular must gamble between the hazardous water and the risk of being hit by lightning, making maps under the effects Monsoons especially challenging. Ground vehicles and minions are destroyed in the flood.
  • Hurricane: Storm clouds roll in from the horizon, and strong winds start buffeting the entire map. Debris, items, vehicles, and minions that aren’t secured are blown away (power-ups and health/energy spheres aren’t affected), and may hit and damage monsters as if they were thrown. The direction of the wind changes randomly, and any monster that tries to move against the wind will be drastically slowed. Flyers and monsters that inflict Wind damage thrive in Hurricanes due to the high winds sharply increasing flight speed and jump distance as well as Wind attacks being drastically increased in range and power. By contrast, chemical and radioactive fumes are blown away by the wind, meaning Poison attacks and hazards deal less damage.
  • Acid Rain: The sky is covered by sickly dark-green clouds, and lime-green rain starts pouring over the map. This is similar to Monsoon sans lightning, but with one critical difference: the rain is toxic. Monsters that don’t take shelter before the rain falls will take gradual damage over time, and may lose a lot of health until they reach “safe zones” throughout the map. The ground floor of the level will also become covered with deadly acid that damages any monster that steps in it, and also generates a toxic fog that serves as a ground hazard. Poison-resistant monsters are immune to the effects of Acid Rain and gain a boost in power to their ranged and special attacks. By contrast, Wind-element monsters can’t stand inhaling the deadly fumes and take a steep penalty to their ranged and special attacks. As with the Monsoon, ground vehicles and minions are destroyed in the flood.
  • Drought: The clouds in the sky clear up and the sun begins to shine brightly and harshly upon the map. Shallow water quickly evaporates, and even deep water becomes shallow with the exception of the ocean. Fire attacks and hazards as well as explosions deal more damage, fires last much longer, and monsters that have been frozen can free themselves more quickly. Vehicles take no penalties, but minions have their attack speed and damage reduced. Ice-based attacks and hazards also deal less damage. This weather condition can only occur during the daytime.
  • Blizzard: Winter clouds overtake the sky and icy winds and snow begin to pummel the map. The random one-directional winds are similar to Hurricane, but while they don’t slow monsters’ movement speed as much, they reduce attack speed as well. Patches of snow may cover the ground, though monsters that trudge through them leave a trail of exposed ground as they go (unless they hover naturally and can float over them). However, patches of slippery ice may develop instead in some places, causing monsters that step on them to slip and fall over, slide around randomly without player-controlled movement, and in general find it more difficult to move. Ice-based attacks and freezing deal more damage with their status duration increased, while heat-based attacks deal slightly less damage. Electrical devices have a tendency to freeze up and fail in the cold, however, and Lightning-based attacks deal less damage and suffer a shorter range. Ground vehicles take a harsh penalty in terms of movement speed.


The reboot of War of the Monsters is developed by LightBox Interactive, Airship Syndicate and Insomniac Games. Though War of the Monsters is both a remake and reboot of the original PS2 video game, the team had both updated and enhanced the original characters models and reconstructed the cutscenes. The character designs and artwork were updated and provided by Patrick Brown.

Some monsters will retain their original elements of their physical appearance, for example; Congar will retain his bald patches on his body from the original game. Agamo and Preytor remain the same with few adjustments to their designs. Magmo will now have glowing eyes and veins around his body due to his volcanic nature.

The game will take advantage of the PlayStation Dualsense Controller.

Main Menu

Game Modes

Story Mode

A single or multiplayer player cinematic campaign that features a unique adventurous storyline and emphasize character development. The mode features a world map and a team system for the characters, with a limited choice of two characters in the beginning of the campaign. As the progesses

Each campaign level gives the player a choice of four characters or solo. The campaign can be played in single-player or cooperatively via online multiplayer and players and enter or leave any time.

It will feature


These are the nine bosses that will be encountered the War of the Monsters main story mode narrative.

  1. Goliath Prime
  2. Ant Queen
  3. Alien Cruiser
  4. Vegon:
  5. Goliath Prime M-2.0
  6. Sentou: An advanced anti-monster warship based on the Atragon
  7. Zorgulon Guardian
  8. Cerebulon: The leader of the invasion force who is the main antagonist of the first cinematic campaign and the final boss. For millennia Cerebulon exists to conquer the galaxy as he consumes the planets of their resources.
Mini Bosses
  • Troguls
  • Hydrask
  • Magmo and Agamo
  • Karkarios and Mokarrak
  • Zorgulon


  • Free-for-All - First decide and select on the number of AI controlled monsters in 10 way battle royal (up to 10) . For single or online multiplayer, with up to 10 monsters total in the environment.
  • Team Battle - Team Colors are Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Purple
  • Sudden Death
  • First # of wins
  • Unlimited Play
Monster Selection
Preytor Rachnon Slogg Congar Gigazaur Ultra-V Magmo Agamo Robo-47
Despira Kineticlops Vegon Jr. Pteradax Hydrask Trizera Alpha Man Godiva Valtoth
Nemeaus Colossus Xorvus Karkarios Atlas
Melkeor Xeron Raptros Bellatrix
Quinkan Mandrilla Dualag Tortoidon Vector
Tēcuani Debouse Kingbra Zorgulon
Rynokk Amphibios Zeitus Mammusk Barradillo El
Octophyte Skreaver Crocogator






This menu allows players to shop and spend points they have earned in the other game modes to purchase and unlocking new playable monsters, skins and arenas for Adventure and Versus Mode, gallery items, character models, stills and concept art.





Unlimited Energy, Invincibility, Unlimited Rage, Zero Gravity, Life Steal.

Original and the Reboot

In War of the Monsters, everything that was present from the original PS2 game has be remade from the ground-up in high definition textures and graphics, providing new sound effects, animations, and a new experience for longtime fans.

The monsters of the game have gone under a design overhaul to their character models and designs.

Production Credits

Voice Cast

Character Actor/Actress
Adam Clarke/Ultiman Michael O’Hearn
Felicia Steele/Godiva Alésia Glidewell
Titaniwoman Maggie Q


To be added.


Gigazaur, King of Kaiju concept art

  • Gigazaur serves as a replacement for Togera from from the original game and is very identical to his Kings of Tokyo counterpart as well as named after. Though Togera is a post launch downloadable content character.
  • Togera makes a cameo appearance but will not return as playan\ble or dlc.
  • The earth is noticeably bigger in War of the Monsters remake.
  • Ultiman and Alicia Steele are one of the only non-monster characters introduce in the remake. And they are the only characters that have free alternate costumes. They can be heard straining and struggling when picking up larger boulders or larger objects
    • Ultiman's origin is spoof of Captain America and He-Man. They both gain well-muscle physique through enhancements.
    • Gunfire Games modelled Ultiman's appearance and personality on bodybuilder Mike O'Hearn’s physique with He-Man's 200x overly-ripped musculature and O'Hearn's facial likeness with blonde hair.
    • Jenna Steele is a combination of the 50-foot Woman and She-Hulk from 1996 Incredible Hulk animated series. This speculates of due to Godiva has the body-type of She-Hulk. She is also has the facial likeness and resemblance of IFBB Bikini Pro, Sarah Leblanc; digital de-aging software was used to make her appear in her late 20s.
    • Stratigeas is based on WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus's real life last name; digital de-aging software was used to maker he appear in her early 30's.
  • Unlike genuine gorillas, Congar has many bald patches across his limbs as well as his face and body. Furthermore he has brown fur rather than black, reflecting that he's a chimpanzee rather than a gorilla.
  • The Other Giantess characters facial likes are based modelled after IFBB/NPC pros such as Danielle Carr, Lorena Spitzer, Ekaterina Rykova, Amanda Dear, Ivanna E. Fernandez, Nina DiTommaso, Sonia B. Lewis (skin), Breena Martinez, Marites Miller (skin), Crystal Leigh and Eva Budina.
    • Titaniwoman is similar to Wonder Woman.
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