In 1993, Garrett Fredrickson acquired the Danish movie War of the Birds for an English language release. Because of the movie's content, approximately 30 seconds were deleted. The dub's cast included Barbara Goodson, Cheryl Chase, Jonathan Winters, Mona Marshall, George C Scott, Frank Welker, Brad Kane, Jim Cummings and Charlie Adler. Among the 30 seconds of footage deleted, the movie's original score was replaced by a brand new score composed by William Finn and Bruce Broughton, and there were various differences between the original Danish script and the English language script. The film was eventually released in May of 1994 by indie film distributor October Films, where it was a flop at the box office and received polarized reception from critics, although the movie's art style was lauded by critics. Although it has seen a DVD and much later a Blu-Ray release from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, it's currently one of Fredrickson's more lesser known movies.


  • Babara Goodson as Oliver
  • Cheryl Chase as Olivia
  • Jonathan Winters as Walter
  • Mona Marshall as Betty
  • George C Scott as Fagin
  • Frank Welker as Fredrick and Ingolf
  • Robert Axelrod as Armstrong
    • Jim Cummings as Armstrong's singing voice
  • Catherine Disher as The Dove
  • Charlie Adler and Carl Andy as The Blackbirds

Home Video releases

  • 1994 Vidmark Entertainment VHS
  • 1999 Trimark Home Video DVD
  • 2005 Universal Studios Home Entertainment DVD (through the Focus Features Spotlight Series banner)
  • 2020 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-Ray
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