Wander of the Galaxy is an American sci-fi comic book series published by Moonlake Comics since June 18, 2011, as a spin-off to their Wander of Wonder series. The comic is set in the distant future and follows the descendant of Wander of Wonder's protagonist Nix, who has the similar nickname of "Nox". In this future, Nox is a former scrapper turned space pirate who is out to help as many people as he can while also trying to stop an intergalactic war.


In the distant future, the universe is at war with the infamous Great Reptile Empire, who are making their way through the galaxy, conquering and destroying countless planets. Against them stands one boy, the 15-year-old scrapper Nox, who is declared an intergalactic criminal by the Empire and who makes it his life's goal to return the universe to peace. Along the way, he builds a spaceship dubbed Star Piercer and is accompanied by his crew, consisting of the repairman Simon Forsmith, the Reptile Empire rogue and pilot Mimi Oalth, the young doctor Tyler Potrike, and the chef Dalia Rollik.


Star Piercer Crew

  • Victor "Nox" Nox: A snarky but heroic 15-year-old rabbit scrapper turned space pirate who is out to liberate the universe.
  • Simon Forsmith: A bulldog repairman who is very jokey and not bright when it comes to things not related to repairs.
  • Mimi Oalth: A tomboyish 15-year-old coral snake and former member of the Great Reptile Empire as well as the pilot of Star Piercer.
  • Dr. Tyler Potrike: An eccentric but genius blue jay doctor who is able to perform almost every kind of surgery there is.
  • Dalia Rollik: a jovial and happy-go-lucky pig who is the chef of the Star Piercer. A recurring gag is her food looks terrible but tastes incredible.

Galactic Military



Great Reptile Empire

Other Villains


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  • The series has a notably darker tone than Wander of Wonder and is targeted towards a slightly older audience.
  • The writer claims that the series is canon to Wander of Wonder but that neither "Wander" series will affect the other due to their extremely large time gap.
  • The series is sometimes compared to Bucky O'Hare due to its surface-level similarities, but the creator claims that they are unintentional due to the fact they've never seen or read any Bucky O'Hare stories.
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