Note: Though the page mostly covers the fictional location Metazone, it will cover areas outside of it as well.

The Moonlake Comics series Wander of Wonder is mostly set in the fictional continent Metazone (a play on the word "Metazoa") which is heavily inspired by Medieval England but populated by anthropomorphic animals in place of people.


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Silver Gorilla Kingdom

The Silver Gorilla Kingdom is the kingdom of King Desmond, the silverback gorilla king, and his Royal Family. It is the largest out of all the kingdoms and the most visited in the series. According to the book The World of Wander, Desmond's kingdom is extremely old and has had so many kings that a lot of them have been forgotten to history. It is the second oldest kingdom in Metazone and has gone through a few name changes. Originally, it was entitled the "Bronze Panther Kingdom", then the "White Hawk Kingdom", due to it previously being ruled by a lineage of panthers and hawks, respectivley.

In the middle of the kingdom is Desmond's castle, which was specifically put there by the original owner so that he could be "close to all the people at the same time". The villages that are a part of the Silver Gorilla Kingdom include:

  • Stonework Village (Major Town)
    • Sheriff: Patrick McDougal (panther)
    • Population: 400
    • Known Locations: Blacksmith's, Woodworker's, Mine, Church of the Holy Mother, Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Stonework Jail, Pond of Love, Tavern
    • Trivia: Has a heart-shaped pond. Said to show one a reflection of their future beloved.
  • Metalwork Village (Major Town)
    • Sheriff: Michael Ambrose (cow)
    • Population: 400
    • Known Residence: Bartholomew McPhee, Jack Hackett
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Blacksmith's, Lookout, Farmer's Market, Marchant's Market, Metalwork Jail, Tavern
  • Woodwork Village (Major Town)
    • Sheriff: Stefan Cawley (monkey)
    • Population: 400
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Blacksmith's, Merchant's Market, Church of the Holy Mother, Woodwork Jail, Tavern
  • Claywork Village (Minor Town)
    • Sheriff: Oliver Curfman (fox)
    • Population: 100
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Woodcutter's, Tavern
  • Diamondwork Village (Minor Town)
    • Sheriff: David Wright
    • Population: 150
    • Known Residence: Jessica Wright
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Woodcutter's
  • Swordwork Village (Minor Town)
    • Sheriff: James Ferrier (bat)
    • Population: 100
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Woodcutter's, Tavern
    • Trivia: Mostly populated by nocturnal animals.
  • Goldwork Village (Minor Town)
    • Sheriff: Peter Durant (elephant)
    • Population: 200
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Woodcutter's
  • Obsidianwork Village (Minor Town)
    • Sheriff: Alexander Glasby
    • Population: 100
    • Known Locations: Sheriff's Department, Mail Service, Farm, Tavern
  • Kings:
    • Bronze Panther Dynasty: The Bronze Panther Dynasty was founded by Phillip The First and was made up of people from all over the world who had joined him to escape their tyrannical rulers. It ended with Timothy The Wise, whose queen and thus children were hawks.
      • Phillip The First
      • Anton The Handsome
      • Phillip II The Stoic
      • Alexander The Forgetful
      • Octavius The Cautious
      • Patrick The Black-Eyed
      • Peter The Egoistic
      • Timothy The Wise
    • White Hawk Dynasty: After Timothy The Wise had children with a hawk, the kingdom was renamed to reflect the species of its new ruler. Ulysses The Blind was the first king and the dynasty ended with Yorick II The Young, who gave up his kingship.
      • Ulysses The Blind
      • Phillip III The Formidable
      • Oliver The Great
      • Jacob The Silent
      • Alexander II The Agreeable
      • William The Brave
      • Allen The Determined
      • Dexter The Innocent
      • Clinton The Gentle
      • Elliot The Outrageous
      • Yorick The Mad
      • Yorick II The Young
    • Silver Gorilla Dynasty: Yorick II The Young gave up his throne and found his father's eldest illegitimate child and gave them their rightful spot on the throne. The dynasty began with Samson The True and is currently ongoing.
      • Samson The True
      • Lester The Dashing
      • Gabriel The Selfish
      • Jedediah The Thoughtful
      • Henry The Fierce
      • Desmond The Great & Terrible
  • Queens:
  • Princes:
  • Princesses:

Black Lion Kingdom

White Tiger Kingdom

Blue Falcon Kingdom

Orange Alpaca Kingdom

Isle of Hornswan

The Ruins

Uncharted Lands




Religions & Gods

Like many real world locations, Metazone believes in several gods and goddesses. The gods worshipped and what they represent are as follows:

  • The Holy Mother: The most widely worshipped and honored god out of them all. She is supposedly the mother of all the other gods and is thus indirectly responsible for the aspects of the universe. According to myths, she holds the mortal universe in one hand and the afterlife in the other. A common expression for characters to say is "by the Holy Mother", which is the equivalent of exclaiming "oh my god".
  • Valentine: The god of love and childbirth. According to legend, when the first baby was born he helped deliver it. He is one of the more popular gods in Metazone and, in the Wander of Wonder universe, is the person who "Valentin's Day" is named after. Couples often go to his churches and temples to pray for him to bless their love. Rumor has it, if it rains the next day after you pray to him, it means that your love isn't true.
  • Eon: The god of knowledge and wisdom. He has very few followers but most scholars, philosophers, and scientists at the very least have a bust of him. He is supposedly the person who gifted knowledge to the first people.
  • The Brothers Grim: The three gods of death, each representing a different aspect of death.
    • Grim, The Trickster: Death as an enemy. He is the version of death that you are able to challenge to regain your mortal soul or will trick immortals into finally dying.
    • Grim, The Inevitable: Death as a force of nature. He cannot be reasoned with and will come no matter what.
    • Grim, The Friend: Death as an old friend. He will help you come to terms with your death and convince you to come with him into the afterlife.


Monster Manual

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  • Royalty doesn't have last names.
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