Wander of Wonder is an American fantasy comic book series that has been published by Moonlake Comics since April 7, 2005. The series is set in a fictional world based on Medieval England that is populated by anthropomorphic animals who take the place of humans. It follows the adventures of a young white mini satin rabbit called Nix, who becomes a squire in hopes of one day becoming the greatest knight in the world, encountering criminals of all kinds, creatures from mythology, and supernatural threats.


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Set in the fictional continent of Metazone, the story follows Nathaniel "Nix" Xavier, a white mini satin rabbit who becomes a squire on a quest to be the greatest knight in the land, accompanied by a firefly named Jayna along the way. On his adventures as a knight, Nix meets many people in the same profession as him, such as his idol General Maximus Atkinson, Atkinson's top men Sir Bartholomew McPhee and Sir Jack Hackett, Nix's best friend and fellow squire Rolf Gordon, and the Royal Family, consisting of King Desmond, Queen Roselyn, and Princess Charlotte.


Knights & Squires

  • Nathaniel "Nix" Xavier: The protagonist of the series who is a 12-year-old, wide-eyed satin rabbit that wants to be a great knight.
  • General Maximus Atkinson: The general of the king's army and Nix's hero who is a kind but tough Norwegian Forest cat.
  • Sir Bartholomew McPhee: One of Nix's teachers who is a bear that is known for his sense of humor and strength.
  • Sir Jack Hackett: Nix's other teachers who is a jackal that is cynical and infamous for his tough love.
  • Rolf Gordon: A fellow squire and friend of Nix's who is a Sulphur-crested cockatoo. He is similarly joyful but more mature than Nix.
  • Paula Atkinson: Another Norwegian forest cat and Maximus' daughter. She shows up a bit later into the series and becomes a squire to try and be a knight like her father. She is missing an ear and an eye due to an event as a baby. She and Nix are attracted to each other but refuse to admit it. She is also Nix's third love interest introduced in the series.
  • Sir Michael Steeds: Rolf's teacher who is a German Shepherd who appears a hand-full of times but seems more grizzled than the others.

Royal Family

  • King Desmond: A silverback gorilla king who is jovial and has great love for his family and people.
  • Queen Roselyn: Desmond's bride who is a sheep and is very proper spoken and acted.
  • Princess Charlotte: Desmond and Roselyn's daughter who is a sheep that gets embarrassed by her parents easily and has a dry wit. She is also Nix's first love interest in the series.
  • Maria Dunkley: The Royal Family's very old turtle maid and Charlotte's babysitter. A recurring gag is that she's a master swordswoman.
  • James Copleston: The Royal Family's macaw butler. He has a dry wit that he claims Charlotte got from him. It's implied he and Maria are dating.


  • Janya: Nix's travel companion and his best friend since he was a child. She is a firefly who is more mature than Nix and is thus is voice of reason.
  • Crystal Kaur: An Abyssinian cat who is a morally grey merchant and thief who is clearly mentally unstable.
  • Sheriff David Wright: A squirrel who begins the series as a wood cutter but later becomes the sheriff of his town, employed by King Desmond.
  • Jessica Wright: David's shy and emotional daughter who is also a squirrel. Later on in the series, she wishes to become more brave and becomes Nix's page. She has a crush on Nix and is his second love interest introduced in the series.


  • The Drakonamera: A large monster who laid waste to Metazone years ago. It is very powerful and is described as a "walking earthquake".
  • Duke Adrian Horner: A megalomaniacal elephant who has a very wide reach and rules an island called Hornswan.
    • Frederick: Horner's horse butler.
  • Mortimer Worthingham: A fox and self-proclaimed king of bandits who thinks he's a bigger threat than he really is.
    • Sidney: A mole and Mortimer's one and only henchman.
  • The Kings of Entropy: Three dark druids who want to reset the universe. They are recurring threats throughout the story but their names and origins remain unknown.
  • Jackson Bryce: A black satin rabbit who is made to be the opposite of Nix. After his first appearance, he quickly becomes Nix's archenemy.
  • Absolute Nothingness: An old god who no one worships anymore. It is the embodiment of nothingness and the god of the Kings of Entropy. It makes few appearances in the series but does serve as one of the final antagonists.
  • Jean-Paul Batteux: A octopus pirate captain who is overdramatic and obsessed with finding valuable items. Later in the series, it's revealed he is one of the "Five Pirate Kings".
  • Oliver Batts: An insane and not very bright sea bass and one of the Five Pirate Kings. He speaks in broken English.
  • Ian Wagner: A highly intelligent dolphin who knows how to push people's buttons and one of the Five Pirate Kings.
  • Reggie Wagner: Ian's adoptive brother who is a viscous and sadistic shark and a fellow member of the Five Pirate Kings.
  • Federico De Carlo: The orca whale leader of the Five Pirate Kings. He rarely speaks or emotes but is incredibly strong and durable.


  1. A Journey Begins - 4/7/2005 - Nix travels to the king's castle to try and become a knight, but discovers he has greatly downplayed how hard it would be.
  2. The Gift-Getter - 4/25/2005 - King Desmond and Queen Roselyn send Nix to pick up a birthday gift for their daughter, Princess Charlotte.
  3. Duel - 5/12/2005 - After getting into an argument with his mentor, Jack Hackett, Nix challenges him to a duel.
  4. Goldkeeper - 5/30/2005 - When it's discovered a village hasn't paid their taxes in months, Nix, Jack, and Bartholomew are sent to investigate, discovering someone is pretending to be a knight to get keep the gold for himself.
  5. Magic & Mayhem - 6/13/2005 - Maximus takes Nix and Rolf on a mission to investigate a supposedly magic forest, where they meet a group of fairies.
  6. Wish Master - 6/27/2005 - Nix's self-proclaimed archenemy, Mortimer Worthingham, gets his hands on a magic crystal that will grant his every wish.
  7. Hospitable to the Hostile - 7/14/2005 - The infamous Duke Adrian Horner is invited for dinner at Desmond's castle and they try their best to keep him happy.
  8. The Ballad of Saint Korik - 7/22/2005 - Nix decides to attend Queen Roselyn's public reading of The Ballad of Saint Korik, who, supposedly, founded Metazone.
  9. The Head Hunter - 8/13/2005 - When the infamous Head Hunter comes to collect King Desmond's head, it's up to Nix and his friends to stop him.
  10. Sir Michael - 8/26/2005 - Rolf and Nix try to cheer up Rolf's mentor, Sir Michael Steed, on his birthday, which he refuses to celebrate.
  11. Chivalry 101 - 9/15/2005 - When the Royal Family is dishonored by the infamous and egotistical Red Knight, Sir Bartholomew challenges him to a duel, which doesn't go well.
  12. The Bog of Woes - 9/26/2005 - When people begin going missing in the magical Bog of Woes, Nix, Bartholomew, and Jack are sent to rescue them.
  13. Bodyguarded - 10/12/2005 - Nix is entrusted with his first official solo mission when Princess Charlotte is repeatedly sent death threats and he is sent to protect her during a public appearance.
  14. Samhain - 10/28/2005 - Nix and Rolf team-up to save a young girl named Jessica Wright from a Dullahan that shows up to torment her town every Samhain.

Special Issues

  • Agents of Worlds - Released in 2015 as an issue of Agent Wolf, the comic follows Wolf and his partner Agent Owl as they are accidentally shot into Metazone, where they help Nix and company battle against a mysterious new threat out to conquer the land.

Other & Related Media


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At Comic Con 2017, Moonlake Comics released a teaser trailer for an animated series based on the comic that was in-production. Near the end of 2018, actual trailers for the series were released, revealing the voice actors and certain never before seen characters before the series was officially released on April 16, 2019. The series features an all-star cast of Will Friedle as Nix, Ashley Johnson as Jayna, Matthew Mercer as Maximus Atkinson, Khary Payton as Bartholomew McPhee, Mark Hamill as Jack Hackett, Josh Keaton as Rolf Gordon, J.K. Simmons as Sir Michael Steeds, John DiMaggio as King Desmond, Vanessa Marshall as Queen Roselyn, and Olivia Hack as Princess Charlotte. It features many more characters from the comic and new ones added exclusively for the show.


A novel written by the series creator entitled "The World of Wander" was released on June 18, 2010. The book covers a lot of the lore of Wander of Wonder as well as adding some lore that either was never seen in the book or took years to become relevant. It goes into the history of Metazone, several lineages of kings, and more.


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On November 7, 2010, the official Moonlake Comics Twitter account announced that a sci-fi spin-off of Wander of Wonder was in the works, sparking a lot of theorizing and debates in the community about what this meant. A few months later on May 13, 2011, a few teaser pages of the spin-off comic were released, revealing the title to be Wander of the Galaxy. A month later on June 18, the full issue of the comic was released.


  • There are fictional creatures that inhabit Metrazone that take the place of actual animals, both as food and as transportation. This is used as a way of explaining where the meat that carnivores eat comes from.
  • Unlike most other Moonlake Comics, Nix and his friends actually age as the series goes on. At the beginning of the series, he's 12, and by the end he's a fully grown 18-year-old adult.
    • In addition, a very subtle detail that isn't obvious until one looks back at previous issues is that Nix is progressively drawn taller to imply his aging.
  • Originally, David Wright was meant to become a chief of police but the writer was unsure if police chiefs or even police were around back then. Due to this, he became a sheriff instead. The creator still isn't sure if sheriffs were a thing back then, but believes him being called "sheriff" is more believable than a "chief".
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