The Wander Over Yonder Action Rhythm Game is a yet-to-be named action-rhythm app for Android and iOS based on the television series, Wander Over Yonder .


Story Mode

Story Mode is a mode where characters interact with each other or you

Action Mode

Action Mode is where you have to attack villains.

Rhythm Mode

Rhythm Mode is where you will play songs by characters and in gameplay, there are five stars you have to hit when the notes overlay them.


There are 2 attributes/genders for characters, Male and Female. And songs can have gender attributes too, depending on the character's gender. There are attributes for songs too, like ambiguous, in which a song is sung by a male and female, gender equal characters, etc., and Group, in which a song is sung by 3 or more people.



Characters will have their ages, birthdays, heights, weights, blood types, etc. revealed.

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