Walter Twins (mostly known as The Walter Twins) is a 2018 action adventure comedy horror computer animated independent film. It is based on the fictional horror stories known as Creepypastas,and is made by a team of ten people,responsible for most of the film's execution.



After the death of their father,the twins Carolina Walter and Carlos Walter,alongside their still living mother,go to the fictional city of "Autumnland",stay at the apartments "Black 'n Red" on the central flat alongside the Walter Twin's aunt,uncle and two younger cousins. Soon,Carolina recieves a odd book from her uncle,and everything goes downhill as the two experience disturbing nightmares and fights with bizzare beings that call themselves the "Creepypastas". And the only way to purge their influence out of the house,is with six amulets scattered around the town


The film begins with Carolina's voice narrating the simple beggining of her life and,as well,the life of Carlos,her twin brother. Carolina was always the wacky but adventurous girl,searching for a paranormal reason for everything,while Carlos was the kind of guy who is creative and laid-back on every situation of life. They did what siblings living in San Francisco would do together. At least...until the day where their father,Austin Walter,was brutally murdered and the two,alongside their mother Elizabeth Walter,had to hide.

Still narrating,Carolina told that,to escape from the emotional pain the house was dialy giving to her and her children,Elizabeth decided she and the twins had to move out of the town to re-start their lives. The three,then,moved out to a mysterious city of medium size called "Autumnland" (which Carolina reffers to as a "weird and fictional-like name"),in the central flat of the "Black 'n Red Apartments" where,as well,lives out the twin's overprotective aunt,eccentric but fun uncle,and "annoying" younger cousins.

One day,Caroline decided to "bother" her uncle to cease her boredom,and he gave to her a mysterious book,with solid black cover and the symbol of a X above an O,both in red coloring. Caroline's Uncle told to her about how he found the book behind a mysterious switch in the library,and tells to her to keep it's pages hidden from the others that aren't him,or her twin brother.



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