Wacky Races the movie

Wacky Races the movie is an upcoming animated / live action theatrical movie by Warner Bros animation group that'll be released on September 3rd 2021 the film will feature the the cast of the reboot and will have Tom Hiddleston as governor an evil director who kidnaps brick crashmen for a crappy sci-fi movie the racers must go on a mission to save their lovable announcer with the help of Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Kimmel to find brick and return to Florida Before it's too late
Rated pg logo who framed oh the boov


Diedrich bader as Peter perfect

Nicole Parker as Penelope Pitstop and car

Jill Talley is IQ

Tom Kenny as Bella

Billy West as tiny and Muttley

Peter Woodward as Dick Dastardly and bone daddy

Tom Hiddleston as stanley

Seth as Stanley

Melissa McCarthy as herself

Jimmy Kimmel as himself

Christopher Jude as brick

Quotes :

Melissa McCarthy : listen kid I know a lot more than you do

IQ :are you sure ?

Melissa McCarthy : um...... all right I'm dumb okay prove me what you know

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