WILD AMERICAN Buffalo Bill Rangers‘ Christmas Spirit, is an Upcoming True Christmas American Live-Action/Animated Country film, that will take place in Tombstone Monument Ranch Town, and in Monument Valley, starring Coltrane John Mnich. It’s been distributed by Universal Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment.


‘‘Twas The night before Christmas, and all through the house in the West, and all the creatures who were sleeping, but all the animals in the Wild West who were dreaming, in the morning, the White Buffaloes and the Buffaloes who were all migrating north in Rocky Mountains Up north. But they had to watch out for a melanistic Grizzly Bear who was a demon, if it finds them, it will hunt them, with the Antelopes, and the Elks for food. So it’s up to Coltrane Buckaroo (Coltrane John Mnich), and the others, to save the White Buffaloes & the Buffaloes, and to save Christmas, before it’s too late. With a help of Fievel, Tanya, Mira, Willie, Lillie, and the gang, and the sleuth of Mexican Grizzly Bears who were sleeping, they will fight the demon Grizzly Bear in the fight.

Starring Coltrane John Mnich, Vince Vaughn, French Stewart, Clancy Brown, Danny Trejo, and Seth Rogan

Featuring Fievel Mousekewitz, Tanya Mousekewitz, Mira Mousekewitz, Willie Low-Mouse, Lillie Low-Mouse, Tiger, Miss Kitty, Sherrif Wylie Burp, Babe the Pig, Ferdinand the Duck, The Weasel Ferret Bandits, The Grizzly Bear, and many more.

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